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  1. Location of old Gallatin Pike tollbooth and info on a two story log cabin tavern.
  2. Soccer in Nashville

    Sorry, LP Field.
  3. I would rather have a Brooklyn Bowl than a House of Blues. I have only heard negative things about the other HoBs around the country.
  4. Soccer in Nashville

    Like nightranger36 said, it's coming. The stadium talk will begin within the next decade. Build a new stadium or the team moves. I am not a Titans fan but I know this city will not want to give up an NFL franchise. If we were smart we would figure out a way to get the MLS team to share the Titans stadium instead of building a separate stadium for them.
  5. Soccer in Nashville

    I say we skip this round of expansion, build a domed stadium next to Adelphia, and then have both the MLS team and the Titans play in our brand new domed stadium. Then Nashville can make a run at the SEC Championship Game as well.
  6. Why doesn't someone just open it back up as a bowling alley? Ever since the bowling alley closed near Broadmoor/Dickerson we haven't gone anywhere else as they're all way too far away. A bowling alley on the Eastside would kill. Also, if anyone gets a chance, drive over the Jefferson St bridge at night to catch a glimpse of Top Golf. It's really cool when it's lit up and I didn't realize how close it was.
  7. Eastland Kroger saying they will apply for permit to expand into Citi Trends location in the next few weeks. They predict completion in 2019.
  8. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    And yet we still dumb money into roads for low population areas but no one questions those maintenance costs.
  9. Soccer in Nashville

    I still say we hold out on PSC Metals moving and then build the stadium there. Or......if we can get the inheritance lady who owns the Titans to buy into the Nashville soccer team and then we can use Titans stadium and not have to spend additional money on another stadium!
  10. Microbrewery and pizza place, plus a Hampton Inn scheduled to build near Skyline Hospital
  11. The tear downs continue in North Inglewood. One on Malquin and another on Matthews. They also tore down an awful house on a corner lot at Virginia/Matthews that it looks like they are going to put multiple tall skinnys on. I looked at the property records and the site was already two separate parcels owned by the same person so not sure how many they're going to put there. I don't know whose idea it was but for some reason they shut down the James Robertson exit off of Ellington on Saturday when they were still allowing people to drive South down Main and under 24 to James Robertson bridge. Didn't make any sense.
  12. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Go Dawgs!
  13. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    1100 Inglewood would be great! That lot is vacant and they just park moving trucks there now.
  14. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    The house next to us sold and some yuppies with KY plates showed up and said it was their "investment property". I was scared for a couple weeks thinking it would be a full time Airbnb house but a For Rent sign went up a few days ago.
  15. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Really, you don't think it's the ones that moved in post flood? I will say, I have seen a major influx of high end luxury cars on the East Side the last few days. A little disconcerting, IMO.