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  1. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Really, you don't think it's the ones that moved in post flood? I will say, I have seen a major influx of high end luxury cars on the East Side the last few days. A little disconcerting, IMO.
  2. Yep, agree with you on that. I actually gave them another chance and bought a tallboy of their Nashville Lager at the Four Way Market today and it wasn't bad but I still have my reservations about them. Do you have a source on their outside funding? Not trying to discredit you, generally curious.
  3. Tailgate Brewery opening a location in EN in the under renovation tire shop next to Nashville Biscuit House. [Article behind paywall] How do these guys have so much money? This will be their, what, third location? Not even Yazoo has done that and you'd think they would have the most money out of all the Nashville breweries. This is on top of Tailgate moving here from San Diego a few years ago.
  4. Recreational Marijuana

    High Times reporting on a prediction from a financial firm that specializes in cannabis financing saying that all states will have medical or full rec mj by 2021. It's coming.
  5. Recreational Marijuana

    Why do you two hate freedom? It really doesn't matter what you think. Recreational Marijuana is coming. There is nothing you can do to stop it.
  6. Recreational Marijuana

    It will be great when we can fully fund TDOT, education, and empty out the corporate prisons once rec MJ is legalized in Tennessee. It's not a question of if but when. Freedom will reign supreme.
  7. Recreational Marijuana

    I think we can all agree that marijuana should NOT be Schedule 1. This makes it (basically) impossible for anyone to research it, legally. Someone mentioned tourism earlier, how great would it be if TN swooped in and was the first of the Southern states to legalize rec, and we become one of the mecca's for MJ? Outside of the PNW, we would be one of the best places to grow the plant. Think of all the cool strain names we could come up with. Nashville could become and even greater tourist destination.
  8. Recreational Marijuana

    Would this state ever allow a referendum? Who proposes that? The governor? State Senate? I would say I am guilty of throwing around the "tax the hell out of it" line but I believe a regular sales tax would be plenty to fix several issues in this state. Let alone the jobs benefit it would have.
  9. Recreational Marijuana

    Do we have a shot at being the first state in the south? I always figured NC would but after the last year or so it might be KY. It would really be a boost for agricultural jobs, I don't know how that isn't something that is talked about much. Then why did you enter AND post in a thread titled "Recreational Marijuana? Unemployment is super low, they're giving money back to the people and they're on track to collect more taxes than they projected. I'd say they're doing pretty good!
  10. Recreational Marijuana

    When will Tennessee join the ranks of the free states?
  11. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    And they have them. Now it's time to put money towards mass transit that actually helps the people that need it.
  12. Nashville Statement Aftermath?

    Another industry us Millennial's are killing......religion. muahahahaha
  13. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Didn't we use to have a line that ran to Miami or Chicago?
  14. Former Inglewood Piggly Wiggly site sold for $1.5 million. California buyers plan coffee shop, juice bar, and yoga studio. Madison Library renovation, this is text from Councilwoman Nancy VanReee's Sept '17 newsletter: Madison Library Renovation Interior Plan "We will close the branch at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 30. Most staff will remain in the branch for two weeks after closing to handle materials and prepare for packing the collection and office materials for movers to take offsite for storage. Staff will be reassigned to other NPL locations on October 16. We expect demolition to begin about November 1. This is going to be an exciting, transformative project." Larry Price, Assistant Director for Branch Services (Click on image to see PDF of Plan) Highlights: Multipurpose Room moved to the front of the building, Children's area moved to the right and a cafe space added as well as adult seating and more access to the outdoor patio. Shout out to former Councilwoman Bennett for securing the funding for this project nearly 3 years ago. I am very proud to move this forward into a completed project and am pleased with the community feedback on crafting this design.
  15. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    If we really want to be fiscally responsible we should stop spending money on roads and bridges in the counties that have very little population and/or contribute nothing to the TDOT fund.