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  1. Looks like they just painted a crosswalk at the Michigan and Grand intersection, hopefully this is a sign that the road diet is starting soon.
  2. Is it common for most biotech accelerator/ innovation hub to be close to city centers? I would imagine a lot of them are on the outskirts of major cities in campus like developments.
  3. A lot of administrative staff live in Grand Rapids neighborhoods close to downtown. This will be a big transition for them.
  4. I think the amount of traffic on Michigan Street is going to be a big incentive to keep staff off-site and shuttling in. The area can not support more cars, the new parking structure is needed for patients not staff.
  5. I can assure you all SH employees are out and about for lunch. The ones that stay in the hospitals are more likely on the clinical side and on a time crunch. The jobs moving to Leffingwell are higher up and come with a level of flexibility. It will be a big adjustment for employees at Brassworks, Bridgwater and anyone else in located close to downtown.
  6. This is actually a bigger issue than people think, and has definitely been talked about by people I know that will have to make the move.
  7. Wish they tried to find some land downtown for this new building. But it seems SH is on a big cost cutting mission.
  8. The last I heard was that Bombay was moving into the East West Brewing space and serving food for the brewery (weird mix) The old Bombay area is available.
  9. As it is a lot of admin space is being consolidated and medical serives are expanding into those sites. Idk how much say the city has but im intrigued to know their side. Definitely interesting if this is true.
  10. Off topic but I play in a neighborhood soccer league and our midtown team is called FC Brickyaat.
  11. A pedestrian crosswalk at Grand is needed and will definitely do well to slow down the traffic. The traffic from cars going west on Michigan turning north on College backs up to Union on a regular basis. I wonder what impact a road diet will have on this.
  12. I've always hoped that they would add cycle lanes to Michigan Street, and this seems like the perfect time. I did realize that there is no line painted along most of this stretch of road and most people drive in the middle anyways right now.
  13. Yep! It's pretty much like a futsal ball, I just didn't know if anyone else would understand that reference. I'm excited to play it again, it was always a lot of fun. I do wonder if they really need 2 of them though.
  14. I've played it only a handful of times, the ball's used were heavier and definitely less bouncy compares to a regular soccer ball.
  15. I was always under the impression that they were going to continue the 3rd lane so it doesn't cause the bottleneck after the Ottawa exit.
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