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  1. jonrapley

    Heritage Hill / Cherry Hill / Wealthy Street Updates

    I thought Bosna Express was mentioned some time back as the replacement.
  2. jonrapley


    Leave Stella's alone!!!
  3. jonrapley

    Suburban Projects

    This outlet mall is interesting because it's almost designed to feel like you are walking downtown in a city full of stores, whereas the reality couldn't be further from the truth.
  4. jonrapley

    Predictions for the coming year

    I'm looking forward to the Laker Line to begin construction and to see what improvements it brings to our bus system. Obviously excited for all the major developments too downtown.
  5. jonrapley

    New projects on the West Side

    Yeah without balconies I can see it looking like the newer Third Coast Building on Michigan in-between Benson and Grand. My God that thing is ugly.
  6. jonrapley

    New projects on the West Side

    It's so much taller than I anticipated.
  7. jonrapley

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I am just excited to have more options in my neighborhood. The fact that it's walking distance from my house is always a plus.
  8. The big issue i see isn't parking, it's traffic congestion. If the city was to add more spaces downtown it would encourage even more people to drive, rather than find an alternative mode of transport. I do like what the city has done with dash lot and new dash bus system, but it needs to be improved on. From the cities point of view, I can see how encouraging turnover is key to success.
  9. I have heard a lot.of concern from business in the Monroe north neighborhood. The taking away of the parking lot, for movies in the park, and all the road closures due to construction has really hurt that area. The article states they are looking at encouraging people to park in ramps rather than meters for long term parking, but to my knowledge there is no ramp close by to that area. I am all for acting like GR is a big city when it comes to parking, but big cities also have a much better public transit system.
  10. jonrapley

    New projects in Monroe North

    That's crazy, that's my blue team! I was the keeper you were shooting on in that pic!
  11. jonrapley

    New projects in Monroe North

    I played Broomball last year in that league. The game is a lot of fun, but yes the ball kept on going through the railings.
  12. jonrapley

    New projects in Monroe North

    On Downtown Grand Rapids Inc Facebook page they had mentioned the possibility of having broomball, hockey and other activities on the Monroe north ice rink.
  13. jonrapley

    Hey, what's that?

    It will be visible to everyone in the Amway opposite lol but a taller building is a taller building
  14. jonrapley

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    I don't want to be negative but with so many projects in GR falling through or being downscaled it's hard to get excited about something that isn't scheduled to even start being developed for another few years.
  15. jonrapley

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I think the downtown core needs to grow before we can support a commuter train. I have to imagine the majority of people that live in this 196 corridor that work in GR do not work close to where the train will end.