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  1. I just spent a week in Washington DC and while they have a height limitation in the downtown core, they have some outstanding architecture. If I were wanting to build a 25-50 story building and wanted more than a glass box, I'd send my architect there to study a large number of ideas to break up a glass box. I know that added granite panels, steel grating, or even pressed concrete adds cost but even adding some of the details and materials I saw there would create a more balanced and beautiful building.
  2. I understand from a member of the Metro Arts Commission that the A T & T building will have a mural that will incorporate an historical view of the area. I have not seen the proposal but understand from this member that she is very excited and feels will be well received instead of the plain red exterior that was there.
  3. Looks like a prison with a few balconies....what were they thinking???
  4. With the MASSIVE amount of new apartments, two homes built on what was one all over the city, it is impossible to believe we lost population. I do understand that a huge amount of investment firms have bought any and everything they can to rent as short term but still seems hard to imagine a loss and not a reasonable gain.
  5. Very likely for his daughter who teaches at Vanderbilt, or after last nights embarrassing loss maybe he knows something about his status at KY.
  6. The Listening Room is a great place for live music, well designed and great acoustics in my opinion.
  7. Toronto's international gates are well done and easy to use compared to the nightmares in Atlanta or Kennedy. You will be pleased, the only easier option, believe it or not, for a European connection is Detroit. Its small and very nice overall. Of course, the connections are limited.
  8. Flew back into BNA from Denver last night and the passenger pick up remains a disaster. With so many of us on this flight having skis, trying to maneuver to waiting cars, it is truly a clusterf__k. Again, little presence of security to make cars move when there is no one coming out is mind blowing. Don't park in cell just pull up to the area outside baggage claim and wait, 15, 20 30 minutes no one seems to care except the people who actually are there waiting to be picked up.
  9. Well, my two cents says many of those coming here are not impressed with our backward state legislature, especially the recent session to stop mask and vaccine mandates, basically threatening our medical board if they discipline doctors who provide lies and total incorrect information, our schools are so far behind these states many of you feel are not worthy to be included with the likes of us, Alabama and Mississippi. among others. I could go on but prefer we not have to come on here and read a Faux news report. Please take down these political posts including mine. I thought this was about construction projects etc. Apparently not!!!
  10. Ive been to most of the downtown roof top bars and the W is one of if not the best. It is large, great vantage points in all directions and large areas both inside and out.
  11. I was at the Buffalo and KC games and I would estimate that Buffalo had about 20,000 to maybe 25,000 of the 69,000 but Kansas City had to be at least half the crowd and wouldn't be surprised if it was over half. Everyone from opposing teams that sits around us always say that as soon as they see the Titans on the schedule, they start immediately planning it as the away game to travel to......, great downtown atmosphere, tickets more reasonable than most cities, Southwest Airlines, Titans fans are not as hostile or unwelcoming as most places, etc....
  12. I flew back in from California last Friday night and the pickup area outside baggage claim was a mess. There were at least six cars parked for at over20 minutes as I was waiting for my pickup and there was no security to make these a holes move. Those that were following the rules had to stop in the middle and far lanes to pick up people since those six cars were blocking the normal process which in turn backed up the incoming cars past the covered pick up area. It burns me up when people feel so privileged and special that they won't follow the rules, but makes me more mad that the one security guard I saw did nothing!!!
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