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  1. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I know several people in 12South where the AIRBNB's cause real problems with parking, loud partying, trash, etc. On the other hand , I have one across from me in Green Hills and it causes no problems at all.
  2. Green Hills/Belle Meade Projects

    Couldn't agree more. there was no reason to allow them to not include windows. Even Macy's has windows on the Hillsboro Road side. The store is simply big with no personality and feels like you are inside a big box, which you are.
  3. Music City Center, 1.2 million sq. ft., $623 million

    I really like the whole MCC, and I do like the stone too.
  4. I would also add Whataburger to the over rated. Very hard to get excited over any chain, but agree it does offer a high profile name that lots of people do like. Give me local Pat Martin's Hugh Baby Burgers.
  5. Broadstone Gulch, 14-stories, 238 apts, 4,000 sq. ft. of retail

    But with the new technology that we heard about regarding the underground tunnel for our transit system, isn't it time to begin to push this? Also, if anyone saw the salaries of a LARGE number of NES employees in a recent Green Hills News article, trimming a few of those would go a long way toward starting moving lines underground. Also, how can Murfreesboro have so many underground and Nashville so few?
  6. Music City Center, 1.2 million sq. ft., $623 million

    I agree, I know that some felt that this would detract from the look but I was downtown last Saturday and passed the MCC and believe that they have done a good job and added some much requested options.
  7. For anyone who has had business operations in Atlanta, there are challenges for sure. The traffic is a constant excuse for employees coming and going at all kinds of hours, almost impossible to have employees on a set schedule. The use of MARTA has risen but is not looked at as a great way to commute, therefore the incredible grid lock at virtually any time of day. And while the metro area has a huge population, the traffic issues tend to force people to want or try to work as close to home as possible, which limits the employee pool. The immediate downtown area is deserted at night and has lots of crime. I'm also aware of a significant number of EEOC issues and lawsuits, it is a very litigious city in general. I am aware of a couple of large companies that placed major operations there and have regretted it and have slowly downsized to some extent. Due to the hurricane possibilities , I would rule out Florida and coastal cities. In my opinion for what its worth, look for Nashville to be in the mix with Charlotte, Austin, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and maybe Indy.
  8. I have to join the dissenting views and say I am OK with it. We have had a significant amount of out of town visitors this summer so far and most felt it was interesting and different. No one seemed to dislike it and I tend to agree. I like it better than the one on the Cumberland, the unfinished roller coaster, but you will never please everybody.
  9. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Maybe some of this can go to the Mobile site instead of here.
  10. W Hotel, 16 stories, 350 rooms

    Just saw that it is now bigger, but it is behind the pay wall and could not get details, anyone know?
  11. Green Hills/Belle Meade Projects

    They began the demolition of the old Dillard's today and made significant progress in one day. I don't know the date it is expected to be totally down however.
  12. The Gulch Projects

    There are several close by gas stations, and Exxon on Charlotte and the interstate, a Shell two blocks out West End. Several on Charlotte between the interstate and Centennial Park, one on Rosa Parks and Jefferson.......could go on.
  13. More Accolades for Nashville

    AMEN, would like for the rural legislators to attempt to understand where the economic engine of the state is...NASHVILLE!!!
  14. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I know I speak for many on here that I so appreciate the many contributions you make and realize it is time consuming on your part. Your comments are almost always reasonable, practical and knowledgeable. Thanks for keeping us informed about our amazing city.
  15. Had dinner with friends at Gray and Dudley's and it is a beautiful space with a very NY type vibe and look. We were disappointed in the food and menu however. It is fairly limited and one of the features are thin pork chops with bone and none of the three in our party were impressed or would order again. I had shrimp and rice grits and it was ok but nothing great. The drinks were good and they actually had $10 drinks but like way too many then add both sales tax and the liquor tax which means the printed menu price of $10 is more like $14. I wish our metro council would mandate truthful pricing and not these hidden charges, the Omni also does this.