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  1. Is the 36 story Fairmont the Sverdling project?
  2. I had snobbishly turned my nose up to ever going to Dollywood, but my niece and nephew live in Knoxville and wanted me to go with them. I reluctantly agreed and was very pleasantly surprised how nice it was. It is very well done, food was pretty good and there are lots of rides, some shows and landscaped beautifully. I would certainly recommend it. The only sort of odd thing is the MASSIVE amount of parking for handicap, not anything negative or being critical, just an unusually huge amount of cars in handicap parking. I didn't particularly notice lots of people in the park that were in wheel chairs or crutches, again glad they can accommodate but just a general observation.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree but be consistent. I open a thread many many times and see silly banter, inside jokes, and God help us more mundane lake palmer comments than I care to think about. Just my two cents, let's move on.
  4. No, I'm saying that for years until recently the liquor tax was included in the menu price. A change a couple of years ago, now allows them to add the liquor tax to the price on the menu. For example, J. Alexanders, Char, True Food Kitchen to name a few include the liquor tax in the menu price. A $12 glass of wine only adds the 9.25% sales tax. Others, including most of the downtown hotel bars, Bricktops, Urban Grub, etc. add 15.25% to a $12 glass of wine and then the normal sales tax. All pay the tax, it just differs from those that are including it and those that don't. On a $40 bottle of wine, it would cost you $49.80 at Bricktops and $43.70 at J. Alexanders.
  5. A sample of the menu from the Colorado location indicates ridiculously high prices. I love eating out but our prices are literally approaching and in many cases surpassing New York and other major cities, ESPECIALLY those restaurants/bars that add the 15.25% liquor tax to the menu price added to the sales tax of 9.25% for a whopping 24.5% tax on the price of liquor/wine. For anyone interested, I'm keeping a list of the restaurants that only add the sales tax to the price on the menu.
  6. I thought everything here is "amazing".....probably now the most used word beside "like" in the USA.
  7. I've traveled to quite a few cities/rural areas in Germany and did find service in restaurants to be cold and indifferent for the most part, but not rude. Stockholm Sweden actually had the nicest people in virtually every service job I had contact with. They seem happy, friendly, educated and professional in most service jobs. I'll never forget meeting a customer service rep in the subway in Stockholm, beautiful blonde, professionally dressed, perfect English (no accent), smiling, knowledgeable....think what we typically see here for a similar job.
  8. I went to the STK restaurant in the ICON, took Prima's place, and had the $10 burger for lunch. It is a great burger and the room is beautiful, but understand it becomes more of a bar with a DJ at night. Also, a new favorite of mine is in the Gulch, The Chef and I, great food and service and they offer a five and seven course tasting menu. You sit at high tops at the chef's bar seeing them cook or they have long narrow tables to be able to sit with your guests/family. Must have reservations and it is worth it.
  9. A group of us had a very pleasant evening in the Gulch, eating at The Chef and I (highly recommend), then drinks on the roof of the Marriott Fairfield Inn across on Division. The view is great of downtown and the drinks are reasonable, under $10. The scooters were everywhere and saw several with two on them. Thankfully the Pour House near Frugals is closed, the worst excuse for a makeover ever. I hear it is going to be a diner now.
  10. I just returned from Spain, including Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. I have too many pictures so will try and get a few of the highlights on here soon. One of the things the Spanish do well is maintain the unique architecture, they will not allow historical buildings to be torn down, they do allow them the be "reforma" which means they must keep the exterior façade but can basically build an entirely new building behind the façade. (similar to our one like the Dream Hotel) They also cover the entire structure in netting with the netting showing exactly how the building will look when completed. They do not close sidewalks or roads anywhere for construction and all three of these cities, the three largest in Spain, have fantastic subways, busses and bike lanes. You rarely saw traffic issues. We also took the train between the three cities and like virtually every other European country, the trains are great, on time, quiet, comfortable, affordable and super fast. All three are great to visit and Barcelona, in my opinion, compares with the best I have been to in Europe....Paris, Vienna, Rome, London and Stockholm.
  11. I still think this is the ugliest building that is even worse with the sun on it. They have done such a great job with the new dorms, but failed miserably with this.
  12. Any word about an office building on the Exxon site on Broadway??? Heard from a VERY reliable source that it is at least being discussed, unless there was some confusion and it is the Firestone site.????
  13. I agree with Smeagolsfree for the most part but also think that there are a significant number who are getting concerned the Titans are going to soon demand a new stadium. I have been a day one season ticket holder and was on the Yes Committee to bring the Titans here but I am so tired of these billionaire owners holding cities hostage for these billion dollar stadiums or threaten to move the team. Jerry Jones basically bankrupted Arlington, TX for his grand stadium and similar with Arthur Blank in Atlanta. The trees are sort of a point where people are saying to the NFL, enough of your bullying for billionaires. The secrecy around it was also an issue as it seemed to be a sort of an attempt to be extravagant for no real reason. There is no reason to have to have such a large stage for a single guy to walk over to the commissioner and hole up his jersey and hat.
  14. Another issue at the Westin is that they add the liquor tax of 15.25% to the price on the menu of wine/cocktails plus the standard sales tax of 9.25% for a total of 24.5% so your very average $15 martini is really $18.68. This is becoming a more standard practice as I'd say around 30% of bars and restaurants are doing this which I feel is misleading and unethical. I've been eating out and having drinks in Nashville for 35 years or more and when the menu said the price was $15 or whatever you knew that sales tax and tip would be added but never did they pass on the liquor tax to the customers. I'm compiling a list of those who do and those who don't and want to make the issue known. If they are going to do this they should note it on their menu
  15. Most of the time, the jazz on Wednesday is performed by Stephanie Adlington who is outstanding. The issue however is that too many large groups go who are not interested in listening to her fantastic music and talk loudly and party. I'm not sure why the Westin doesn't encourage them to go to the lobby bar to party and/or move the jazz to the lobby bar so you can actually hear the music.
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