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  1. Well, my two cents says many of those coming here are not impressed with our backward state legislature, especially the recent session to stop mask and vaccine mandates, basically threatening our medical board if they discipline doctors who provide lies and total incorrect information, our schools are so far behind these states many of you feel are not worthy to be included with the likes of us, Alabama and Mississippi. among others. I could go on but prefer we not have to come on here and read a Faux news report. Please take down these political posts including mine. I thought this was about construction projects etc. Apparently not!!!
  2. Ive been to most of the downtown roof top bars and the W is one of if not the best. It is large, great vantage points in all directions and large areas both inside and out.
  3. I was at the Buffalo and KC games and I would estimate that Buffalo had about 20,000 to maybe 25,000 of the 69,000 but Kansas City had to be at least half the crowd and wouldn't be surprised if it was over half. Everyone from opposing teams that sits around us always say that as soon as they see the Titans on the schedule, they start immediately planning it as the away game to travel to......, great downtown atmosphere, tickets more reasonable than most cities, Southwest Airlines, Titans fans are not as hostile or unwelcoming as most places, etc....
  4. I flew back in from California last Friday night and the pickup area outside baggage claim was a mess. There were at least six cars parked for at over20 minutes as I was waiting for my pickup and there was no security to make these a holes move. Those that were following the rules had to stop in the middle and far lanes to pick up people since those six cars were blocking the normal process which in turn backed up the incoming cars past the covered pick up area. It burns me up when people feel so privileged and special that they won't follow the rules, but makes me more mad that the one security guard I saw did nothing!!!
  5. I read that the In God We Trust is optional. In my opinion it should not be on one unless someone chooses it. Separation of Church and State is still critical to me.
  6. If the floors are also made of wood everyone except the people on the top floor will hear noise and sounds constantly from those above. Wood makes noise travel easily.
  7. Why would they pave right up to the doors and windows of this place? I could have been a decent replacement of the dry cleaners, but asphalt is not appealing or appetizing in my opinion.
  8. A close family member who works for a major mid state steel fabricator told me this weekend that orders for normal steel for their projects may be January '22 before they can get their orders. They do many of the school projects and did the Graduate Hotel as well. The back order is due to shortage and the incredible amount of steel that is going to Amazon for their warehouses throughout the country. He says that the companies are in a bind in that they have to give Amazon first priority due to the amount of orders but it is at the expense of long term customers who are now suffering.
  9. The owners are rebuilding the PLAY dance floor where Tribe was and Suzy Wongs is now the new remodeled Tribe with an outdoor bar/patio and roof top area. Only the dance floor of PLAY was in the Reed territory. Once the dance floor area is complete, both PLAY and Tribe will not have any portion that is in the Reed property and they do have long term leases for them.
  10. Drove downtown today and this is already very imposing coming from West End toward downtown. The entire West End corridor from Vanderbilt on in to downtown is beginning to really feel like a much larger city, and with so much more to come. I did confirm with owners that the dance bar PLAY is moving the dance portion out of the area that is part of the Reed property. They could not be assured how long they would have the lease on that portion only and they are speculating that either Hines or a new owner may be imminent.
  11. I have several close friends in the immediate area and they are livid about this. It is so out of scope for the neighborhood and have it on good authority that they are going to assign neighbors to picket this and hopefully deter buyers. Anyone who buys will be a pariah in the neighborhood. They have repeatedly tried to get the builder to agree to no more as this is now a done deal but the very vocal and active neighborhood is not going to go quietly on this. There are signs that Richland Builders are not welcome in the area and they are all over.
  12. This was a Saturday and the big Baptist convention was in town. Actually had guests again last night who wanted to go and it was manageable but very busy. The live music in the Food Hall was good, but the volume was excessively loud, in this older man's opinion. Sixty Vines is huge but had a near capacity crowd last night at around 6:00 pm. Good news is that Blanco's, Sixty Vines, The Twelve Thirty club all take reservations.
  13. That was what he said, nothing definite, but they are getting more interest for a hotel project than the office and with Circle South, One22One, the new Pinnacle etc. they feel hotel may be a better option for now. But again, nothing is definite according to him. He seemed to think the residential was definitely a go soon.
  14. I did hear from a local Highwoods employee that the office portion will start only when they sign a significant tenant, but apparently are having a number of feelers about a hotel. This did sound to that person somewhat surprising given the number under construction and announced. He did not mention anything about the apartment and I was not in a position to ask him questions.
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