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  1. Imagine: mayor Megan Barry of New York City moving the ball drop from Times Square to Yankee Stadium .... for safety concerns
  2. I was hoping for a 5-story office building. Maybe a Mellow Mushroom
  3. What is this? We are creating new categories to be #1 in? That's swell
  4. I think Spring Hill has added about 15,000 since 2010
  5. Sadly, they started painting over this beautiful traditional brick wall early this morning. I'm all for art and murals, but this one is just destruction of our heritage
  6. Get out of there!! You are too young to be there!!!!
  7. Traffic would be much better if Broadway was closed (and leave the numbered streets open)
  8. The internet comes out of the ground there. It would be a wise decision to leave that building alone .........
  9. Sky Spire replacing stix???? Can I get a hell yeah!!!!
  10. Rookzie can probably clarify the details: Brentwood had a stop on the bus route in Brentwood (I think on Maryland Farms) until the city council decided last year to stop funding it, because of very low ridership. I believe this was an attempt to regain a bus stop on this route, but this time it would be on Concord Rd. The numbers are about the same 40k+ for the stop. Was averaging 7-8 riders per day before. Honestly, I think it's hard to say either way anything good or bad about this - so it is not appropriate to ridicule the council members. I think we would all like to see it as an alternative solution to driving; but the numbers don't add up. Unfortunately, some of the previous riders had disabilities and other reasons that made the stop invaluable; but that is lost on Concord Rd.
  11. The current Verizon call center was an outlet mall before closing 10+ years ago
  12. Let's hope not. It would be a significant loss if the Asurion building were to be gone someday
  13. Currently, only the crosswind runway 13/31 can support the A380. 2L/20R would also be able to support the A380 if/when the extension is completed. As for spacing, dual landings, etc. as pointed out above, all 3 parallel runways can and are used in a stagger pattern, but 2C gets a lot of flights landing from the north while dual landings come from the south. That has been an asset to BNA Even with 3x the current volume, adding another runway is just a ridiculous waste of money. And, as I mentioned before, airlines will REFUSE to use it due to the distance from the terminal. Also, BNA is currently upgrading/replacing the boarding bridges, but no gates will be configured to support double-deckers BNA just can't handle any (serious) international flights until baggage claim and terminal changes are complete. And those are 2 HUGE challenges for the BNA terminal layout. And no plans for any serious upgrades have surfaced publicly that will address either of these needs
  14. Other notes: 1) Runway extension 2L/20R vs. #5 (4th parallel) runway - the issue with #5 is the distance to the terminal. That's a lot of time and gas to burn on taxiways and the airlines will refuse to use #5. The extension to 2L/20R should be the higher priority because that runway has already been upgraded to support heavy planes, but it desperately needs the extension or else all heavy craft will be forced to the crosswind runway. But heavy planes and air traffic will remain a fantasy for BNA, at this rate ... 2) 2L/20R extension - the impact on the area will be minor because the airport authority has been purchasing those properties for years, when they became available. The J&M factory, metro offices will be the only real impact. It would be cool to have a tunnel in town (even if it is on Murf. Pk). New tourist attraction for some!!! 3) terminal expansion - I have heard so many rumors and proposals over the last X years ... most likely for short-term is extending concourse A and then reopen concourse D. Long-term, who knows. the terminal was built too close to 2C/20C, which eliminates expansion to B (and C). One proposal is to place Donelson Pike in a tunnel (like Murf. Rd will be in the future) and build a remote terminal E and/or F where av services are 4) On-site hotel. Think Westin. Needed 5 years ago. And shopping options 5) Need people-movers. Need people-movers. Need people-movers 6) kudos to BNA for making the airport feel like Music City USA
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