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  1. ^ And without the pretty high-rise in the background.
  2. Vrtigo

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I'm surprised that Bonnaroo was able to find another weekend where that massive expanse of grassy fields was not already booked. [Sarcasm.]
  3. Vrtigo

    Soccer in Nashville

    I'm confused. Doesn't the Fair Board represent the interests of the fair participants? Then how did we get a unanimous vote in favor when there seem to be so many Fair People so staunchly opposed? I had interpreted that opposition to be a general consensus, but would be pleased to learn that they are actually a small but vocal minority. Otherwise, it seems very odd that the board would vote against their constituency.
  4. Vrtigo

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I sometimes wonder when we will see a politician run on a "telecommute / work from home" platform. Wouldn't that be the ultimate solution to our traffic woes? I imagine some pretty creative ideas would come about if we threw the same billions of dollars toward incentivizing businesses in that direction as we seem all too willing to spend on slabs of asphalt.
  5. Relax, guys. Tyvek wrap always looks ugly and seems to evoke some pretty visceral reactions in people, but rest assured that it is never reflective of the final product.
  6. Vrtigo

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    ^ Thank you! The color coding they chose was terrible for the chart type being used. Somebody needs to go back to PowerPoint school.
  7. Vrtigo

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    Last Friday from the Westin rooftop:
  8. Seems like only a very specific clientele will want to live there, given the rather polarizing set of establishments bounding it on all sides.
  9. Its called "no longer a box"; AKA their reaction to this board's box-haters. Instead, it's "a flat box on top of another box" which is the next level of the artform known among the architectural community as "box-pressionism".
  10. It seems like a real missed opportunity that so many of these developments don't bury the power lines while they have the sidewalks torn up. I'm sure it still isn't cheap, but it seems like it would be worth the cost.
  11. Yes! You can see the other new hotel on the right, complete with its "swoop" on the far right corner.
  12. I'm impressed by how much Reta(il) they are putting at a site that practically faces the interstate. Anyone know the orientation of that rendering above? I don't know the area very well, but wonder if the retail faces 44th instead of Alabama.
  13. Vrtigo

    Soccer in Nashville

    I think the soccer jersey sponsorships partially came out of necessity, given the precious few TV advertising breaks in the game. Ultimately, there has to be a source of ad revenue for a TV broadcast to be financially viable and if they can't make their money through commercials, they are going to get it through other means (e.g. ads on jerseys) or just find more lucrative programming.
  14. Just to clarify, the name is "HealthStream". Source: I work there.