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  1. ^ Yeah, it's kind of an of juxtaposition with the original street frontage next door. I had always hoped those would one day spark their neighbors to again construct a whole block of similar structures, but alas. I'm sure the CH will grow on me.
  2. In addition to the aforementioned letter, the city should mandate a per-ride surcharge dedicated solely to funding the city's sidewalk fund. In my opinion, riders use the sidewalks because they feel unsafe on the streets. So, use the sidewalk fund to build and improve upon the sidewalk and bike lane infrastructure such that people feel safe using them. A dollar per ride and thousands of rides per day will get you somewhere, right?
  3. I thought this was a nice move by Lyft. There's still a lot of work to be done, but you can't say they are completely ignorant to the problem. (Spotted on Saturday at 3rd & Demonbreun)
  4. ^ But the cherry trees...!
  5. But what about the cherry trees?! /sarcasm
  6. Agreed, @smeagolsfree. Sidewalks would go a long way toward reducing the "second class" status of bus riding here in Nashville. Especially for someone like myself; I would happily ride the bus every day if I was headed downtown and the schedule made sense, since the last-mile walk is properly equipped for pedestrians. Unfortunately, anything outside of the core results in walking a half mile or more along a soggy ditch adjacent to a four lane highway. Nobody with any other option is going to willingly choose that.
  7. ^ Fair point. I didn't mean any negative connotation with my choice of words, but I can see why it would come across that way. I only meant to emphasize the illusion built into the appearance of the structure.
  8. Right; I remember hearing that as well, but last I remember hearing it was several years ago. Anyway, I'd be thrilled if it is still true. I'm just surprised, given the numerous hotels that have recently opened, or are recently under construction.
  9. Good guess! I think the crane must be there for some other purpose, though. I spent several years in live audio and event production and have seen that those structures have little motors built into them. The roof can actually climb itself up those vertical trusses and be raised and lowered as needed, without a crane or any other external assistance.
  10. The towers are built with a sort of visual tomfoolery such that they appear to extend back for a significant distance as a complete castle when viewed directly from the front, but that facade quickly disappears when you walk around a bit, leaving the towers to look rather lonely. I hope the new addition finally fills out the place a bit.
  11. I'd like to see that research, please. I mean, really. I'd love to believe that the elevator just keeps going up! But it gets as little harder to believe with every new project that gets underway.
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