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  1. I'm hoping the relief of this structure in the background will emphasize the existence of this curve to the frequent (drunk?) passersby who wreck the southside bollards on a seemingly weekly basis.
  2. ^ Yep! He's a really nice guy too and he's been here for a while. I sold him a computer once and we talked for twenty minutes about boots.
  3. I die inside a little bit more every time I see photos of a vibrant, interactive waterfront done right. I love so much about Nashville, but this is one of those things that just crushes me.
  4. ^ Breaking News: Blue Parrot to become Nashville's first rooftop bar that is... just a rooftop bar. A 50-foot high honky tonk paradise on brick stilts.
  5. I believe the curb strip requirement came out of a desire to increase neighborhood walkability and pedestrian safety. Your point about lawn equipment is valid, but I think this little strip adds an enormous amount of curb appeal and makes for a much more pleasant walking experience than the same width of sidewalk without.
  6. ^ The whole design of the thing is really terrible. Graffiti aside, the approach and angle heading away from the Gulch is such that any random lapse in attention as you crest the bridge will take you right into the bollards. I think they are replaced pretty regularly, but every other time I drive through they seem to have been freshly destroyed again by some inattentive (or worse) driver passing through.
  7. I heard today there were less than 100k flights today nationwide, compared to approximately 2.1 million this same day last year. A 95% drop in service...
  8. My first thought when seeing this shot was, "What the hell? That's not Nashville!" Very rarely have I been more glad to be wrong.
  9. ^ Seems likely! Probably intending to imply as much of a connection as can be inferred without paying massive licensing fees or getting sued into oblivion.
  10. The crime is posting the same thing in multiple threads.
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