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  1. I really hope the new hotel has a bar and they name it "Climax". I also think "Dream" sounds rather generic and that they should name the hotel "Utopia" as a nod to the original.
  2. There is obviously a certain romanticism associated with trains and proximity to railroad tracks, but this pedestrian green space being so close to those tracks will have an unfortunate unintended consequence. As someone who parks daily in "the pit", AKA the parking lot behind Union Station and the Flying Saucer, I can attest firsthand to the awful racket and screeching noises that come from this rail yard. Even while standing as far away as by the doors on the backside first floor of Cummins Station, the noise from the tracks is occasionally almost uncomfortably loud. It's not constant enough to be a complete detriment to the excellent green space included in this development, but I'm certain it will reduce the overall use of the space.
  3. Considering how many of our recent buildings have 30%+ of their floors dedicated to parking, the downside of having no parking is that there will be 30%+ more finished space to fill before financiers will consider it viable. I love the idea of moving away from our dedication to gratuitous parking everywhere, but we need to be realistic in that it won't automatically result in taller buildings. If anything, it is more likely to yield the opposite.
  4. Vrtigo

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    ^ Don't forget the time factor as well. The city began shopping around the idea of redeveloping the 5+B site back in 2013 when land values were much lower. I know this is tertiary to your point that the city should expect demand market value for their property, but it's at least slightly more sensible with pre-2018 land values.
  5. I share the sentiments above from @BnaBreaker in that the viaduct provides a very poor pedestrian experience which undoubtedly has some generally discouraging effect on pedestrian traffic. However, as I sit in my office overlooking Demonbreun, I decided to observe for a few moments to get an idea of the actual volume of foot traffic over a given period of time. Over the past ten minutes, I have observed nearly 100 individuals crossing between the Gulch and Downtown without the use of an automobile; approximately 90 on foot, ten via bicycle, and one random skateboard. It seems like there's always at least one pedestrian somewhere along the span at any given time. While my observations are hardly scientific and obviously skewed by the fact that it is a sunny Summer Friday afternoon, it is hardly a no-man's land.
  6. Seriously. (Well, actually, this location makes a bit more sense than some because of the need for Bridgestone event parking. But still...) On a broader scale though, the whole anti-transit anti-traffic crowd should be up in arms about this kind of thing because the asinine insistence on adding parking everywhere is one of the single greatest contributors to the problem! Let me guess: Other people be damned, but things that contribute to the traffic problem are okay as long as it makes room for their car?
  7. But where would I park my four plus-sized SUVs!?
  8. Have you considered sharing editing permissions on your map with a select group of people? I can't commit to it, but I'm sure there are several trustworthy members here who would love to help you keep things up to date! Here's a Google help page that explains how to share a map.
  9. Vrtigo

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    ^ Nor was it supposed to. (Granted, for some inexplicable reason, those in charge of getting the message out implied pretty much the opposite.)
  10. Might be worth editing your previous post with a strikethrough or something to avoid potentially confusing the lurkers or passersby who happen upon this thread, but miss the update. EDIT: @markhollin
  11. Vrtigo

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    @smeagolsfree: Last time I was in NYC, I paid less for a random Summer weekend at a Hilton Garden Inn than I would have for the same hotel on the same days in Nashville. I think you'd be surprised at the prices up there.