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  1. Speaking of blocked-off sidewalks... Seriously, didn't we pass some requirement a few years ago that was supposed to require sidewalks to remain open? What's the deal?
  2. Not calling you out specifically, Mark, but I feel compelled to set the record straight since this name has been spelled 87 different ways by 34 different people in this thread over the past two weeks. Properly, the name is spelled Boscobel. Presumably after the Boscobel College for Young Ladies, which was founded in East Nashville in the late 1800s.
  3. What a treat indeed! Thanks for the quick trip back in time, m'lord. (A hat-tip to the castle talk in the other thread.) I think it would be such a neat experiment for someone to capture a "today" equivalent of all of these streetscape photos. While I have spent plenty of time on today's Church St. and surely have stood in just about every location pictured, I'm still having trouble remembering each location and what stands there now. These bygone times would seem much more real with some real-life experiences to back them up!
  4. I don't ordinarily post construction camera photos because I think doing so is kinda lame, but this from one of the Asurion campus cams was too good to leave in obscurity:
  5. Speaking of which, the Marriott out by the airport is getting a paint job, too! Any day we cover up puke yellow with slate grey is a good day.
  6. Parking tickets for exceeding the paid time at the meter are currently $11, and are definitely being enforced. Ask me how I know.
  7. Well, props to them for respecting good urban design and practicing what they preach! I'm a fan.
  8. ^ I think what this means is that the free market still thinks there is capacity to add more vehicles to our already congested streets. Until the traffic gets so bad that people finally yield to alternative forms of transportation (or stop coming to Nashville entirely), parking capacity will continue to be built. This mass transit lover hates it as much as anyone, but I can't argue with the basic economics of it. While I once was romantic enough to think otherwise, I'm now sort of ambivalent about the situation. In some strange way, I now almost encourage the building of parking structures because every parking space built brings us one vehicle closer to that critical mass where our streets simply can't support any more vehicles. Then, we'll finally reach that utopian promised land...
  9. Protip: You can often get a good idea of the final height of a building based on the height of the crane(s). The crane boom typically hangs about 30 feet above the finished height of the building, so you can eyeball the height by counting down two or three mast sections from the base of the cab.
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