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  1. I was looking at SP and MidTenn1 posted about Amazon bringing additional 5k jobs on top of the 5k that's already planned. Does anyone have more information about this? Here is the site they are referring to and a quote https://www.tnledger.com/editorial/Article.aspx?id=122710 "This is going to become even more critical and even higher priority when the headquarters for Asurion is completed in 2021. That will add 2,500 workers, and the headquarters for Amazon will add another 5,000 workers. And it's rumored that there'll be another 5,000 Amazon workers in short order. “And so, the challenges of downtown are real and need to be addressed, and it's going to become even more urgent in 2021 and 2022. MidTenn1 post... at http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=117104&page=181 There are too many hints at this news from several sources that can't be dismissed. So here it is (still not officially announced).It has been strongly suggested that Amazon is planning to bring in an additional 5,000 employees to Nashville in addition to it's original 5,000 employee committment. It is publicly reported that they have already reserved first options on space in two planned towers adjacent to the current two that are under construction. Here is a link to one of the sources...the money quote is about halfway down.
  2. Picture from Stacey Nickens, BNA Director Of Airport Customer Experience
  3. Facebook post from Clark Construction Group LLC The Clark/Bell team has topped out Grand Hyatt Nashville – the first project to come to life within the 17-acre Nashville Yards development! Since starting work on site in July 2018, the team has placed 2,700 tons of rebar, set 843 tons of steel, and poured 34,500 cubic yards of concrete to bring this world-class, 25-story hotel to full height. Thank you to the over 500 men and women on site for your hard work and dedication to safety. This project would not be where it is today without you! #ClarkBuildsNash Owner: SOUTHWEST VALUE PARTNERS JV Partner: Bell & Associates Construction, L.P. Architect: HKS Architects
  4. This just showed up in my news feed on Facebook. 505 Nashville Don’t mind us. Just living on cloud 9. Photo cred: Mark K. Stengel 11/19/18
  5. WW II Memorial at Bicentennial park Here's a video I found of it.
  6. I definitely recommend checking it out and all of Bicentennial park. I've never seen the water turned off on the globe before. It's normally rotating with water underneath it.
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