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  1. Interesting video on how tower cranes are built.
  2. Facebook post from Aerial Innovations Southeast Aerial Innovations Nashville is 18 years old! It's amazing how much this city has changed through the years. There's no city like it!
  3. Image from We Love Nashville Facebook post and subcarrier communications.
  4. Two base jumpers leap from the top of Grand Hyatt Hotel. https://www.wsmv.com/news/two-base-jumpers-leap-from-the-top-of-grand-hyatt-downtown/article_94f09b66-4d07-11eb-85fe-43e24a59ec41.html
  5. I've been going there for years just for the view of downtown. It's definitely not well taken care of. They have sheep/goats fenced off in different sections to eat the grass and brush. They are not doing much better than just having someone mow it. The boardwalk had multiple holes in it. I actually went in the visitor's center yesterday and it's nice. Metro needs to take better care of the place.
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