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  1. I am no expert on transit funding but my understanding of the bill is that it will have some affect on Charlotte transit funding. The major funding from the bill will go to section 5307 (750,000,000) and 5311 (100,000,000) programs. These are programs that fund mass transit in large urban areas and non-urban areas. These new funds seem to be allocated on the same formula as before, including population, density and the size of the transit system. Some of the things the funds may be used for include capital improvements, expansion of service, fare reduction and information for commuters.
  2. Yeah employees cannot have guests while working, nor can they make members accept people as their guests. It is amazing how people think they are attempting to outsmart the rule. The regulation seems to shutdown the majority of loopholes a person can come up with. If ALE wanted to enforce the membership rule they could fine the majority of "private clubs" in the state. Did anyone go to Alive after 5 to see how epicentre affected the crowd?
  3. I cannot explain the regulation (this is an ABC Commision regulation), but I can give a little bit more depth to it. The regulations on alcoholic beverages are designed to only allow certain types of businesses to sell alcohol. I assume at one point the state desired businesses to only sell alcohol on premises as a part of some other legitimate business (restaurant, golf course, grocery store
  4. That is actually a temporary, touring art exhibit http://gotellmama.org/. It is not run by the campaign.
  5. If this is based on the article in the paper, the judge did not throw out the lawsuit; rather he refused to issue a temporary restraining order. Restraining orders are only issued when there is a need for immediate relief. In this case, the county argued there are no immediate plans for construction so no immediate relief is needed. So this decision did not have much to do with the actual merits of the case. The lawsuit will continue unless there has been some other activity today. Hope that clarifies!
  6. Yeah probably should have clarified, Women's team. A lot of the women
  7. I think a couple factor's play into the perception. February 1st is "wear red day," which is information about women's heart health. In addition, lots of basketball teams are doing breast cancer awareness activities this month for the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund. I know that State will be wearing pink uniforms for the event Sunday.
  8. The XXI store in Crabtree does carry men
  9. The reason they lost their races was because Smith moved the date to his new track in Texas. The other race was given to New Hampshire's owner who was his partner in purchasing the track. Smith was responsible for closing this track. I believe this was the same thing that happened at Rockingham thanks to Smith.
  10. I was also wondering this when the topic first came up. If you look at the deeds and condo agreements they explicitly state that the speedway is under no obligation to hold races at the track. This makes sense, the speedway could never guarantee that races would go on forever. Hope this clarifies things, but I guess it appears to be a moot point now.
  11. I was thinking I was crazy, but if you search past news articles it was in the Observer the 31st of October 1998. His wife filled for divorce days before the election citing marital misconduct, it was a big issue running up to the election. Either way, thankfully he is gone! Voyager, I think you have reason to be upset, especially after the snub HRC got from the mayor. I really am shocked that CCCP does not include this in their calender. Hopefully someone will eventually make them answer your questions.
  12. I do not think classifying the city in cut and dry terms is fair, however, the suburbs do tend to be more conservative. If I recall correctly, Joel Carter lost a close election following the revelation that he had an affair. This is all history, the current make up of the board seems to show the current situation better. Bill James, a former member of the "Gang of 5," and Karen Bentley, who received a warning from MeckPac, represent the most suburban districts. On the other hand, the head of the commission was one of the most outspoken against revoking art funding. As for
  13. I could see a developer paying well over $40 million for this site. The property values on Lake Wheeler across the street from Dix are assessed at 120,000-130,000 for an acre. For comparison, the city
  14. Metro, I am not clear why you think the UNC-Charlotte study is biased. It provides clear comparisons with other cities both larger and similar in size. The study is clear in presenting sources and shows data instead of providing opinions. If the author
  15. I have a couple observations. The argument over which schools can afford or not afford football can be settled by looking at the Indy Star's financial report database. It shows that UNC-Charlotte is profitable, while ECU, NCSU, WCU and ASU are all not profitable. Overall college football programs are not profitable. Yes, there are exceptions such as UNC; however, this is not the norm. The debate of UNC-Charlotte's focus on research should probably be in a different topic; however, the school is a Doctoral Research University according to Carnegie. ECU is the only other school in the state
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