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  1. Brexit was a lame attempt at a joke. Seriously though, I do think their role will diminish some but it'll be a long time and depends on how bad the breakup goes. But then it's not my area of expertise and ”opinions are like assholes” at this point in the process.
  2. But London is 'brexiting” global finance. ;-) Maybe to Brussels or Zurich instead.
  3. I'm waiting for space X air. Go up to 100k or so then back down. The economics are ridiculous though.
  4. Wishing for Lane discipline won't make it happen. We have no driver ed. Once you get South of Md and east of the Mississippi it simply doesn't exist. I assume you don't think 18 wheelers should go 100? And I'm not sure how the junk cars are on the road but they are. Expecting 80 yr old to drive 90 or stay in the correct lane is not happening. Also, as a past 911 driver I know what it's like to be going 100 and have some move into your lane going 70. Terrifying. It's very hard to judge how fast someone coming from behind is going. I'll give you that in CO (West in general) on smooth wide open roads and lane discipline 90 makes some sense to me and that's usually were I sit. To my wallets detriment. :-) Btw, Ironically, the police are chronic traffic law offenders, playing on their computers, speeding for no reason and never signaling. And so on. Does that drive anyone else nuts? So, how can we turn on the red light cameras? Fortunately (unfortunately?) most times of day speed isn't a real issue on the highways. Too many cars clogging it up. Bigger issue is people bored to tears and texting.
  5. Because people have crappy old cars, huge suv and aren't competent at that speed. Some are many not. The most dangerous situation is large variance in speed. This will never happen so let's stick to how to enforce. I am not sure about radar cameras myself. But I strongly feel we need red light cameras in congested areas. I watch rush hour in downtown and it's the wild west and the police who are there, usually in large numbers, evidently aren't tasked with traffic violations. I was ticketed in NZ for 5 over and complained to the cop. Her reply was it's a limit not a guide. If your over you get a ticket. I wasn't planning on going back but my wife made me pay the fine.
  6. I like the idea of higher limits on separated toll lanes. I don't think there's been an improvement in education. I think it's worse. I'm curious, do you think the highway back then was better maintained than now? There's so much deferred maintenance in some areas.
  7. If people drive electric I would agree to a higher limit. The limit was reduced to improve mpg. People driving huge suv, maybe half of Charlotte, with 1 passenger should have their limit reduced if anything. That's not practical though as large deltas in speed are dangerous. Then there's all the trucks and crumbling roads. Also, congestion is much too high in the east and the South East, in particular, has a huge number of people not competent to drive the current limit. Out West 90 felt perfectly safe. It'd be terrifying here. I drive electric and 85 though. ;-0
  8. They need to be accurate of course. It's not rocket science. I agree that calming measures would be very beneficial but our city seems very invested in being a racetrack course to South Carolina. I don't see it happening.
  9. I'm planning on getting one of the radpower models. They appear to have a nice range from the utility up. Could you let us know what you end up with and why?
  10. Don't take this personally but you, along with most posters here, seem to want uncontrolled growth with huge business tax rebates but not to pay for the necessary road and transit improvements. That's been bugging me for a while now. ;-) Maybe I misunderstood all the good news posts though? Can we, and the country in total, afford another 20 years of crumbling infrastructure? The consequences will be huge single year increases in the future. The state can't print money. Now personally I disagree with the premise that new jobs or company moves always go into good news. Many are in fact bad news. There let the progressive hate begin. Lol.
  11. That seems like a failure of very basic governance. I wish then they'd put up radar cameras and stop light ones. It's the wild west even in downtown.
  12. That's ridiculous though. 15 year or so old tech??? I don't think I can tolerate that either! What else haven't they figured out? Do they have two factor authentication? I should just go back to the one in Denver if I can. I never go in person anyway. Plus they had partnerships with several others it you really needed to. PSCU (public service).
  13. Which CU do you use? Denver had a ton of strong ones to choose from. There one we picked had free atm at 7-11's.
  14. Point of reference from an outsider to the business. I'll never do business with them again. Not trustworthy and plenty of other choices. Although my preference is credit unions which are sort of deficient here.
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