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  1. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    No, I'm a fan of typing OTOH incorrectly. That show sounds dreadful.
  2. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    No, but his son OTH.
  3. Crescent Stonewall Station

    I don't think so. They would instead compete with all the mediocre chains now in uptown. I think we can support 7th street, Tompkins and a Union station vibe at Crescent. They would all become destinations. Blue line gastro stops.
  4. Crescent Stonewall Station

    ^Do you think the rent at Union Station is cheap? We settle for mediocrity so easily.
  5. Crescent Stonewall Station

    How about something like this instead of chain fast food? I'm speaking of a mix of small locally owned restaurants and pubs not the awesome space. https://unionstationindenver.com/
  6. Crescent Stonewall Station

    ^KJH, I get the impression you will not rest until every block in Charlotte has a deep fryer. Did your parents only let you eat boiled veggies or something?
  7. ^That's obviously how to rebuild our nations infrastructure.
  8. Learning from Other Places

    I used to wait in line at the first B&J which had a stand in an old service station if memory serves. They have a plaque there now. ;-) Burlington, and Vermont in general, is a welcoming area to minorities but anecdotally the weather is a barrier. Really miss our condo at the foot of main street facing Lake Champlain. But that walk back from DT in January was brutal! There were a few times we used our snow shoes to get back during big storms. Besides the pedestrian mall we could also learn from the artsy / hippy farmers market every Saturday in city hall park. That would be fantastic in Romare Bearden. It's a big draw.
  9. Learning from Other Places

    That would be cool but only if we closed Tryon for a block in each direction at the intersection. The problem is we need to start with a good seed to generate quick success and Trade isn't great right now.
  10. Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    Understand but it would be nice if we moved towards being valued primarily for something other than being cheaper. Personal preference but I don't want to be cheapest and would happily cede that ground to Birmingham or whatever. I want to be in the middle ground and would happily pay for a nicer airport design or a zoo or parks or a decent downtown etc... I wouldn't put Boise in your list BTW. That is an interesting place to live with decent downtown and the great outdoors. Like a mini Denver. Regarding the airport I love all the directs but being a hub leads to high prices. It would be a lot better if we had more of a mix. No idea how to get there though. Maybe our leaders think price isn't that critical when (i assume) it is primarily used for business embarks?
  11. Learning from Other Places

    How did Burlington get there? Despite considerable pressure from the business community, and numerous other naysayers , who claimed Burlington could not close a major artery such as church street the city pushed through a plan to do just that. It was transformational. The rest is history. Tryon street....
  12. Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    Exactly. We should adopt our logo to recognize the value engineered nature of the city and airport. New slogan: "Charlotte is Cheap". I'm no architect but I think of all the extra elevator banks for one thing. Major cost and can't be added later.
  13. Learning from Other Places

    Go to 7th street market. Burlington vermont is a much more vibrant city than CLT (downtown/uptown) but has no McD or other fast food chains. Doesn't hurt a thing. Totally agree. Those carts are great options. Close a section of Tryon and let the carts multiply!
  14. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    With two pairs of every animal?
  15. Learning from Other Places

    What is wrong with you people?