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  1. I would not worry too much about a virtual color. You'll probably be dead before it is built unless you're a teenager. Hope i am wrong.
  2. My guess is it's a prime place to take a pee.
  3. elrodvt

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Actually we spent a fair amount of time there since it was close. There are a lot of non chain places if you look. But I agree with your general sentiment and would instead look at lower Larimer / Blake area when they're closed to traffic. very nice. But there are a many areas that are nice and we could learn from. Many aren't on the LRT either. Bike lanes makes a big difference there. ummmm yeah it is. Denying it is why we can't fix it. Not sure what an aquarium does for bland. Bland = chains / tourist spots to me and it's not like I would go to an aquarium very much. Still that and a zoo are a major city check mark.
  4. elrodvt

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    ^That pays no taxes on prime land.
  5. elrodvt

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I sometimes wish they just had standing room. At over 6' it would be more comfortable. Until I fell.
  6. elrodvt

    The Good News Report

    ^What i got out of it is that people with lower levels of skill need to live in lower cost areas and it is hard for them to move. Not that "people really want to move here". I sure would not want to move to the other cities at the top of the location based list...
  7. elrodvt

    The Good News Report

    I think you just tortured this data.
  8. elrodvt

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    That'd make a very nice homeless shelter.
  9. elrodvt

    Good New Restaurants

    Hah, guess i was too excited! thanks.
  10. elrodvt

    Good New Restaurants

  11. elrodvt

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    ^What crap. I'd rather go back to the old turbo props. Or my 210 before it got totaled. ;-(
  12. elrodvt

    The Bad News Report

    How about this. I agree and she's obviously one of the horde of people out there who don't believe in and/or understand science. She is not nearly as bad as our representatives in congress who deny the science which is affecting our future (probably for selfish gain and not out of ignorance in many cases). Maybe it's the larger the job not the larger the city. ;-) Anyhow, If she just shuts up about it from now on no one will remember.
  13. I want the CMPD to get to use all their paramilitary gear. They must be so sad when it sits idle for months. This is a joke. Other than how over the top some cities are in their gear they have purchased. Denver was terrible in that respect.
  14. elrodvt

    Good New Restaurants

    ^Not by me!
  15. elrodvt

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Sure be nice to get the new zoning out there.