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  1. Would seem to make the most sense to just buy them out. I'd be curious though to know how much noise is considered enough of a nuisance to mandate action and who the regulator or arbiter is. That departure method at Orange sounds like a blast! I'm sure more can be done here along those lines but what's the most cost effective solution? My hometown airport, BTV, got a national guard wing and had to purchase a lot of homes. It was a long drawn out fight it memory serves.
  2. If they really do all the possible abatement, including maybe more approach routes, especially VFR routes that go over less populated areas then yeah that's all that can be done. Just because someone put up a microphone doesn't mean they're unreasonable about the noise level that is reported. I wonder what Db they are set at and if that is included in the "auto complaint". People new to the area may not realize what areas are noisy. Additionally ,flight paths have changed. Also, the airport is a LOT busier. than it was. So I think that comment is a bit unfair. It's' funny to me how everyone immediately takes the side of the airport and don't seem to consider that people may have legitimate issues. That's a problem. I for one would like to see the data over time and how it relates to a sample of the complainants before I made a judgement.
  3. Because their property values haven't kept up with rest of charlotte so they can't afford it?? Who wants to live in a flight path? I sure don't. I wonder if charlotte is using all possible noise mitigating measures? Many of them aren't liked by the airlines if I remember correctly due to slower or higher fuel issues? Given our bias towards companies over people in nc I kind of doubt they are pushing for things AA doesn't like. Some of you pilots must know?
  4. Boo. Pox on Dodgers. Good place to get beaten up walking through a huge parking lot and/or watch a team purchase a championship. As a former Rockies fan I'm required to hate the Dodgers! (Arenado trade made me convert back to my childhood team the Mets)
  5. I really like PNC also but Coors wins hands down. You just cant beat that view of the Rockies. Plus you can bring in your own food and drink (non alchohol).
  6. I get it @KJHburg and those are fair points. The point I'm making is it's ass backwards compared to other new successful parks. I would only have supported it in conjunction with a transit overhaul that allows city residents to easily get out there. It fits right in with GA's other policies towards minorities though doesn't it? Anyhow, time will tell and given how Atlanta expands like spilled oil it could be more in the city a decade from now. Totally agree you cannot engineer an entertainment district. These fake districts, like epic, seem to keep poping up in the south then dying. Couldn't say why. In any case we need to locate uptown at all costs then let things happen (with some helpful zoning).
  7. Yep. BTW, Based on your recommendation our first post vaccine dinner out is going to be at 73 Main.
  8. Funny you think the braves have one of the best parks. I would rank it near the bottom and I've been to a ton of parks. It's especially poor from an urbanists perspective. Not just me, It's been widely panned. No transit. Middle of nowhere unless you're driving. Etc.. I'm curious, have you visited any urban parks like Coors field? Although it's an old park it's mostly reviewed as one of the best. Walkable to downtown. Great transit options. Not a fake little city as is common in the south for some reason. Etc.. And the fans are the worse. The whole tomahawk thing is insultingly insufferable. Just my 2 cents. I still go there since it's the closest drive.
  9. Have you been to the string bean? I've only been once but really liked it. Appeals to my hippie tastes!
  10. You always do the same thing. Someone takes the time to make specific points and you refuse to address them. Doesn't make for much of a conversation. Often you don't seem to have even read or comprehended what was said. You exhibited the same behavior in the corona thread. Waste of time, moving on.
  11. ↑What're you trying to say? My comments about a mileage tax evidently went right over your head. Do you care to rebut any points I made or just (as usual) toss out meaningless comments such as this?
  12. Amazing how republicans are against it before even reading it. How can we get anything done???
  13. Sounds good to me EXCEPT > Tax=BAD. This is the simplistic mantra of 1/2 our congress. So, i don't see this happening. Plus there are state gas taxes to deal with as well. No way can we expect red state legislatures to do something this logical. In a perfect world we would tear up the existing methods and invent a new best method : (same issues with red states and congress apply though) The gas tax is quite regressive as it takes a lot higher percentage of a poor persons income to drive. and we need to fix that. Think there needs to be some graduated fee which is based on the persons gross income. For example 0-40K no tax, 41K to 100K fee multiplier of 0. Above 100 multiplier of 2. etc.. The new user fee should take into account both CO2 pollution and how much is stresses the road (weight). That would lead us to a yearly tax of X miles * income multiplier * Co2 multiplier * possibly a weight value. Seems simple and I suspect if we looked at Europe we would find a similar approach we can just copy. That would make the republican come back of how this will destroy all mankind tougher since it's working in other places. Although they seem to be able to avoid that argument with gun laws so who knows. If you're being bribed by lobbies it's tough to predict behavior. Now, I realize this would mean an EV pays nothing and neither do the poor (the CO2 multiplier or income multiplier is 0) beyond a base registration fee. That is what taxes are in part for - To get people to behave in a manner that is good for society. It also reflects the huge penalty gas powered vehicles should have incurred over the past century and that should be paid back until ICE cars are dead. One more thing - If you don't register a car public transit should be free.
  14. Unfortunately we have turned over a good chunk of our military to private firms such as the infamous Halivburton
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