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  1. Raise you 10 against the Boring machine.
  2. It's a foggy memory but didn't Lyles say Charlotte will "always be a car city" during a campaign? If so, not having her with oversight could be a positive all on it's own.
  3. Kudos to Collins for going hard after this story. The responses in the section I listened to were by and large weak and evasive.
  4. Well as we know it's impossible to know what these guys really think. All they care about is the eyeballs. The sheep will swallow whatever crap they're sold.
  5. We sorely need this. I saw it's effects in Burlington which were very positive. It draws a lot of hate and discontent from developers including pointing out inevitable inconsistencies over time and between projects. I had to go through it once and I thought it was a great experience - we both left happy. Need people on the board who're able to compromise and not interested in politics.
  6. Do we want participation by people who can't be bothered to vote otherwise and likely have no insight into the issues though? It's a ying yang type of decision. The way things are now maybe it's be best to keep super partisan and low info voters away. For example, Sometimes I wish that to vote in a race dominated by global warming positions you have to take a short test to decide how much your vote is "worth". I can easily see all the potential pitfalls and it's not practical but am frustrated with people voting against their interests due to ignorance! How the hell could people like Greene and Boebert be elected if voters truly were educated on the issues?
  7. I'm not much of a football fan but agree. He really did a great job explaining strategy and mostly avoided the hype train. Is announcing a regular gig for him?
  8. Not sure what they're talking about. But in that situation there are no hard and fast rules - the pilot does what she thinks is right.
  9. Presumably then we could get funding to get more trains if required. Seems like this is an open question. I also wonder if there are investments possible to make any of the crossings such that the trains can go through faster? Or does that only work for commuter lines? I can't remember the technology it was so long ago but remember some discussion about that with the Denver airport commuter. I suppose if the trains went 30% faster we'd improve frequency. On the other hand it would kind of destroy the ambience of the trail? They could also go after money to make all the buses hybrid.
  10. Assuming it's possible to use the funds this way I think I'd rather work on increased frequency and specials. Probably should do both. To increase frequency do we have enough trains? Or is it a driver issue? Plus all the really slow sections must hurt?
  11. I'll pile on a little. Basically I've always had the feeling most here didn't want to hear about negative opinions on Charlotte (granted, I'm sure some were unartfully written). I think that attitude is all too common and amounts to a chip on the shoulder or insecurity with the area. Why not complain and then talk about ways to improve? What're you afraid of? Instead it's "yeah that's bullcrap, overstreet and epic are great and well... It's so clean! ". We have a lot going for us. but a very complacent attitude which won't lead to success is throttling the area. That all said, I've noticed quite a change in the last couple years where debate seems more welcome.
  12. And miss out on our share of a "once in a generation investment in transit"? I don't disagree as i don't think they'll do anything effective anyway but we need to keep in mind that this means Charlotte falls another step behind competitors who actually have their act together.
  13. No one there to get it dirty. :⁠-⁠) Seriously, this sure isn't the reaction I get. Look on the side of 277. It's a landfill.
  14. Exactly! I go way out of my way to take transit. But when my 9 yo grandkids say let's just drive so we don't have to leave the game 10 minutes early I quit! (Yes they're precocious and listen to gpas grumbling too carefully). And how fricking stupid is it they can't run specials when there are events?
  15. Do you know what it would take to change how we're governed? Is it yet another thing the state needs to approve and thus isn't possible unless the assembly flips? If so, don't see that happening anytime soon. I'm assuming that simply because it's change the GOP would be against it.
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