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  1. I rate RTD in Denver, when I lived there, much higher fwiw. Used it all the time. Busses were better also.
  2. Nice. I know it costs a lot more but I still think all stadiums in the south should have sun cover.
  3. Just a wild guess whether it matters in this case but does SD also have a law saying you have to take the lowest bid?
  4. Probably just someone wearing a MAGA hat.
  5. I read another one, don't remember the author, who said Charlotte could rise to the top of AAC list if their criteria emphasizes media market size. Along with UAB.
  6. Given the current direction of the GOP I think we're best with the current composition. I'd agree though if they stopped being the anti-intellectual party. I keep thinking the madness will end soon but I think it'll remain a vote getter through '24.
  7. Has anyone tried to receive a nextgen 4k broadcast yet? Charlotte seems to be ahead of the curve: https://tvnewscheck.com/tech/article/five-charlotte-n-c-stations-debut-nextgen-tv/ If you're using it: Do you have a source for seeing what shows are presently available or planned in 4k? What kind of a bitrates do you see? The streaming 4k sources are heavily compressed. Are most shows in hdr or dolby vision?
  8. If we're trying to serve the poor who can't afford a car then it should be Publix.
  9. We cut down one of two massive old oaks (I think someone told me that. Didn't get that merit badge I guess) when a test showed it was rotting from the inside out and had become a danger. If it fell it might very well have hit my grandsons bedroom. No question as to the right decision in these cases although I'm sure some neighbors thought we were dumb. It made us very sad.
  10. Not sure I'm up for dinner at the epicenter for mask free Carolina. ;-)
  11. https://myfox8.com/news/north-carolina/interactive-map-whats-the-average-salary-in-north-carolina-by-county/ More unflattering numbers.
  12. Sounds good other than VCU. Can't imagine them moving down from A10. I think A10 is the last decent conference without football as the focus. Are there others? I've always been surprised they haven't moved up - not having fb limits your options unfortuunfortunately. In that vein it'd be nice to be paired with Davidson.
  13. Would it really help with travel though? I'm hoping we don't end up in a bus league. Even with that alignment almost all away games would require air travel right? It's brutal on the kids and can't help with recruiting.
  14. Asked this in another thread but no takers. Someone must have insight though. Given the big 12 and Power conference recent announcements does anyone have thoughts on the possibility of Charlotte moving up from the crappy (basketball stmt) Conference USA?
  15. The huge roundabouts (I believe it was the A1?) around London freaked me out the first time I encountered them in the 80's. Ended up loving the challenge.
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