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  1. It's be nice if they cracked down on late busses and trains!
  2. Japan's Nikki Coffey whiskey will improve your mood. Close Tryon and make it a ped mall. Overstreet is seedy and I can't picture how they could make it really nice plus enlarge it.
  3. Charlotte lacks the density I believe but the car2go program in denver was a favorite of mine.
  4. Lighten up. If you read my posts I am not bashing Charlotte without purpose. I'm trying to make the point we should pick 1 or two projects every cycle that will inspire awe... You evidently don't like that concept? I use the LRT all the time. It took forever to get electronic payments right. We still don't know when trains will arrive. Trains are always late. We planned obsolescence with the max 3 train lengths and platform designs. I totally agree it's a great achievement in this environment but I don't see what that has to do with whether the result is world class or not. Do we have to grade on a southern curve or something? The product itself is not great, it's middle of the road. Now, maybe it was a good call on that project or it never would have been built. I think we should also do 1-2 mediocre projects each cycle. Im curious, do you ride the train every day? Doesn't the low speed and inconsistent timing bother you too? Evidently no one wishes to discuss this so moving on. I personally would love me some MLB but there are a lot of things working against it happening anytime soon. Tampa was a slight possibility but they appear headed for Montreal. I don't expect the league to expand. The southeast is also not a great place to watch a game without an expensive dome due to the humidity and heat which is only going to get worse. Only ATL has had continued success in this environment. And that's cause they won a lot and established a rabid (and extremely annoying!!) fan base. It would be tough to replicate that and if the investment would not be successful without winning early on I sure would not put my money into it. That said, the owners seem to come out on top in that scenario anyway by just moving on and sticking it to the city that built them their shiny new park. It's not the same draw but I think a combination of MLR and MLS would be fantastic and is much more doable. I love the purpose built facilities they built in Denver for both sports (although the mls location stinks) and the games are very fun. Given how football nuts people here are MLR seems like a no brainer.
  5. I went to the one in Barcelona last year and thought it was a lot nicer than atl.
  6. The light rail falls in the get 'er done mediocre class for me. At least they got if running (somewhat) though!
  7. @jednc, my thought is this. They should prioritize 4-5 projects per cycle. Of those 1 or 2 should be put on the "these are high visibility, let's be iconic" path. Those should be done in a world class fashion. I see nothing, zip, nada being done world class here. I could point to projects all over the country that made their communities proud and were in the direction of "we're going to be great at x or y". Look at Union station in Denver for one example. It's so obvious to me. We're great at nothing. Mediocrity rules. I would like to see that changed. Perhaps others prefer the more projects even if mediocre approach. I don't. Do you? Comments? My perception is our leaders are floating along without any long term strategy. I think I've said this all before and I hope this dispels your idea I'm making lazy comments. It's frustrating and I, for one, have no idea how to change the culture. Why do they benchmark against other cities then do nothing? They don't needed to invent anything. Just copy BoB.
  8. And I think that not talking about how how we could improve much more quickly is lazy and jaded. I'll admit to being a tad abrasive about it. Sometimes it just becomes too much to take. The public transit thread seems to be the rare one where people can complain and suggest improvement is needed without others getting all upset. Wonder why. There are things I like about Charlotte, such as hitting above it's weight regarding business development, and things that drive me nuts. Such as a constant can't do attitude about developing leading infrastructure. Instead taking half measures. Perhaps it's inevitable given the states purple status but I thought Charlotte would be a lot more progressive when I moved here. Btw, I don't particularly want to hang with someone who whines about their commute from lake Norman either. See how that goes? In person I relish those discussions. You don't. Ok just move on. I suspect if we hung out we'd probably find a lot in common. If you want to take this personally I'm not sure you should read forums. I can't imagine what Reddit would do to you. (•‿•)
  9. BTW, I hear you on Jordan but isn't that just rumor? I know he made draft decisions at the wizards but who actually knows of his actions at the hornets? I don't deny it, just don't know. Another likely rumor is Charlotte as a city is not attractive to live 6+ months in vs. la, NYC, Boston etc. Obviously there are counterpoints. Never been impressed by San Antonio for example.
  10. In typical Charlotte fashion though we hope a cheap, imho crappy, solution of a football stadium for mls is the answer. Dream small!
  11. Nagasaki has a nice but very old system. It feels like it was part of the rebuild after the bomb.
  12. Not defending Lewis but I wonder if maintenance funding is an issue. It would be interesting to compare to a like sized system. If it is a maintenance issue it should have been communicated long ago.
  13. I agree with the sentiment but not the facts. Our taxes are high because businesses don't pay their fair share. Denver taxes, especially property, were much lower and services far better. It's not like they're smarter (well not that much anyway) they just have other sources of revenue.
  14. They could go to one of those lovely cigar bars.
  15. Denver has good local options.
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