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  1. Town Center North

    No CFA is already built on the other side of the office park (VB Blvd & Kellam).
  2. Town Center North

    From the Loopnet listing: COMING SOON: Chic-Fil-A and 137-room Hyatt Place Hotel
  3. Virginia Beach Development

    500,000 square-foot manufacturing facility that will produce electromechanical batteries and military components. https://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/planning/boards-commissions-committees/Documents/PC/2017/11 November/20171108-PLN-CUR-07-CVB Owls Creek.pdf
  4. Virginia Beach Development

    It's the empty lot immediately north of renaissance. I don't believe the Rally's lot is involved (although both are owned by the city).
  5. Virginia Beach Development

    Franklin Johnston will be building apartments next to the Renaissance Academy. Anybody remember when this went through Planning? I vaguely remember it but can't pinpoint it. Edit: Turns out it is headed to the PC (240 units proposed).
  6. Town Center North

    Everything on the site plan is owned by Pembroke Office LP, which is at least partially owned by Great Atlantic Property. They've been talking about building on this site for over 10 years… The remaining parcels are owned by variety of entities but nothing that stood out.
  7. Town Center North

    Sears does not own the land for Village Inn (at least not anymore). It's owned by a trust out of CA. I'm going to do a little more research into the rest of the parcels. I suspect this is a vision that would happen if the investors saw enough demand/return but that hasn't happened. The new CFA is a bad signal to me but I'm sure we'll see something happen eventually.
  8. Town Center North

    Unfortunately it is. I'm at that Chartway a couple times a month. It and the old pawn shop are the two buildings on the corner & CFA is right next to them (like the tower in the design). Assuming this is still happening, I'd focus on the NE portion as phase one since the building was demolished and the rest is surface parking.
  9. Town Center North

    Any updates on this? The building at Broad & Independence was torn down earlier this year & Chick Fla A has been built on the site of the tallest proposed building. I came across some additional renderings with more details but nothing firm. Pembroke Station masterplan Mixed-use revitalization project. 400 Residential units. 200 Hotel units. 3 Parking structures. 750,000 SF planned office space. 100,000 SF planned retail space. Multiple courtyards and plazas. Pedestrian areas for urban parks and pocket parks. https://archinect.com/saunderscrousearchitects/project/pembroke-station-masterplan
  10. Virginia Beach Development

    There was a Pilot article about it and it's on the Planning docket next month. But no specifics thus far as the city is applying for the rezoning.
  11. Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    There was an article about them leaving a month or so ago. They wanted to due service work there and wanted a longer lease to justify the investment. The city wasn't willing to give them it.
  12. Virginia Beach off-topic

    My mention of property taxes was specifically aimed at the outlet mall and the lack of cooperation on VB's side. VB's tax rate went up slightly to $1.0025 per $100 assessed with premiums if you're in a special service district. But ultimately the average property owner is going to pay more in property taxes in VB then say Chesapeake for a similar property because property values are higher in VB. I do wish it was per $100 financed though - that would save a lot of people a TON of money.
  13. Columbus Village at Town Center

    Honestly the condos east of Regal wouldn't be terrible. They're selling for under $150k and eyeball count of 45 units would be about $6.75 million. Obviously it wouldn't be that simple but AH spent a lot more buying the shopping centers. $8.8 million & 1.275 million shares for the north and 2 million shares for the south. Edit: My eyeball count was good but didn't take into account that there's units on each floor - so make it 90 units.
  14. Virginia Beach off-topic

    This touches on a lot of what I'm trying to talk about. The city (correct me if I'm wrong) had zero say so in the Walmart or Wegmans other than fine details with development and building codes. Land owners are free to do as they please so long as they stay within zoning. The city hall issue ultimately came down to who showed up. There's not the same level of passion with people on our side of the issue and the opposition is incredibly passionate. The biggest mistake this region ever made was incorporating Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Suffolk. Norfolk should have been allowed to continue annexing. It divided this region and has held it back. It's irreversible now though. I don't ever see a merger happening and talks of regionalism disappear once property tax dollars are at stake.