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  1. Dollar Tree Tower Progress

  2. Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    At Chesapeake's State of the City Address, DT CEO Bob Sasser announced the name of their mixed use development will be called Summit Pointe. Video below. Total investment is $300 million. Phase 2 starting this fall will include 600+ units of luxury apartments, 100k sq ft of retail, 100k sq ft office, and a boutique hotel. There are a bunch of renderings included in the video.
  3. Norfolk Pictures

    Unique photo found on the Norfolk Reddit page.
  4. Princess Anne Commons Growth

    The City is moving forward with the proposal to build 2 hotels in front of TCC with the filing of a Conditional Change of Zoning. We should see this coming up in the Planning Commission agenda soon.
  5. Virginia Beach Development

    There was a preliminary concept plan last year titled "Floor & Decor Development", which I suspect is the name of the store that will at least partially occupy the space. https://www.flooranddecor.com/ I believe what you are thinking about is the article about the Buffalo Wild Wing opening and the landlord there speculating (the Pilot should not have printed that IMO). https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/virginia-beach-is-getting-a-buffalo-wild-wings-near-town/article_c259a187-3d29-59bd-aff9-d7a65cf151f2.html The Kmart shopping center is owned by B V Associates out of Greensboro, NC, since 1985.
  6. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    I attended the Planning Meeting at the Convention Center tonight and there was a huge turnout and everyone seemed very receptive. It was broken into two parts - presentation by the city and Venture and an input portion. The presentation outlined the six uses proposed: the surf park, theater, retail, residential, office, and parking. The surf park would be open year round and cost $45/hr. They compared the proposed theater to the Anthem that just opened in DC (supposed to have flexible seating arrangements) and estimated 250+ events a year. Retail components mentioned as possibilities were 'destination' shops (Lego & National Geographic were examples), a botique bowling alley, smaller movie theater (iPic as an example), and unique restaurants. Residential could be apartments or condos but IMO are certain to be apartments. No hotel in the proposal.
  7. EVMS Education Building Progress

    I drove by on Hampton Blvd today and it looked like the parking lot was fenced off.
  8. JANAF Mixed Use Development

    Jon Wheeler terminated as Chairman and CEO. Wonder if this is related to or impacts the JANAF acquisition and plans https://www.reuters.com/article/brief-wheeler-real-estate-investment-tru/brief-wheeler-real-estate-investment-trust-terminates-jon-wheeler-as-chairman-and-ceo-idUSASB0C2Z7
  9. Town Center Marketing Divaris has a LOI for 19k SF of Barnes & Noble. Probably not a good indicator for the redevelopment of Columbus Village happening anytime soon.
  10. The Icon at CityWalk Progress

    Icon loses basement commercial tenant. Lawsuit aside, it'll be interesting to see how they market this space.
  11. YMCA opening in former Town Center Fitness http://mailchi.mp/divaris/ymcaannouncesnewlocationintown-center?e=27504c1019
  12. Hickman House Relocation has begun.
  13. Town Center North

    If they stick to the siteplan then hopefully they're prepping the area for a garage wrapped in apartments with bottom floor retail and keeping the hotel on the corner.