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  1. 23320

    Hampton Development

    Based on the descriptions in the article, these are the properties in question. The Goodyear site owned by the HRHA is immediately north of of Carousel Park.
  2. 23320

    Premier Apartments Progress

    I spoke with a person at Divaris & they said they were trying to attract a Latin themed restaurant but that was months ago.
  3. 23320

    Hampton Development

    The City of Hampton is considering selling land in Downtown Hampton to developers. http://www.dailypress.com/news/hampton/dp-nws-hampton-downtown-property-sales-20180611-story.html
  4. 23320

    Hyatt Place at Pembroke Park Progress

    Demo of office building (#3?) & site work update.
  5. 23320

    Premier Apartments Progress

    Lifted these from the engineer's FB page.
  6. 23320

    Oceanfront Hyatt's Progress

    There is some action on phase 2. On mobile so I can't get the link to work but the developer has applied for an alternative compliance: "PROPOSED APARTMENTS WILL FEATURE GROUND LEVEL RETAIL ALONG ATLANTIC AVE AND A RESTAURANT WITH THE VIEWS OF THE OCEAN"
  7. 23320

    River Tower

    This would seem to be the obvious answer. The Pilot's article last year said it was a $100 million tower, and now the new article has the shorter tower as being a $120 million project. Although a Virginia Business article published two days after the Pilot article last year said the original tower was to be a $165 million project. Either way, construction costs are the likely culprit and are keeping other potential developments from even being announced. More people need to tell their kids to consider a trade school when they start looking at colleges. Harbor’s Edge Norfolk retirement community to add another tower - Virginia Business article (shared earlier in the thread)
  8. 23320

    Front Street Flats

    https://m.facebook.com/theroebucklofts/ Here is Roebuck's FB page. They are looking to open by the end of June.
  9. 23320

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    There's at least four different developers that aren't Armada Hoffler that have projects in the works around Town Center - with two in the construction phase. AH controls most of the available land in TC proper. There are pushes to diversify the economy with some small success so far but we could be doing much better. The port is doing well and there's an effort to attract significant warehouse development by marketing Virginia collectively rather than by city or region. Defense spending is anticipated to increase with more ships expected to be built. The biggest problem with new development is construction costs and rent rates. Market lease rates aren't high enough for developers to cover costs and turn a profit. I keep hearing there are players that are ready to act once market conditions are right.
  10. 23320

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Why buy something you can get for free? I doubt developers are kicking down the door to build there and will likely have to be incentivized with some level of city funding. Selling the land would also give the city less control over what & how its all built. And I believe the former Granby Tower site is federal, where it will sit as a park for generations until they finally build a new courthouse (or never).
  11. 23320

    Virginia Beach Development

    It's at the end of a neighborhood street directly under Oceana's flight path. It's zoned commercial but the developer is a home builder. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  12. 23320

    Block 2 Tower

    First floor retail 2-6 parking 7-16 office
  13. 23320

    Virginia Beach Development

    Only identified as 21st Street Offices - Virginia Beach. Maybe a third Towne Bank building at the Oceanfront? My best guess would be 21st & Cypress where there are still two single family houses.
  14. 23320

    Block 2 Tower

    Divaris Real Estate's Hampton Roads Office Completes Six Transactions "With this latest lease, 4525 Main Street will be 95 percent occupied with only one 9,600-square-foot space, less than half of the eleventh floor, still available. With only a few large blocks of office space available throughout Town Center, the project is now approximately 95 percent occupied throughout. The demand for space in the city’s Central Business District has precipitated the planning of a new building in the final remaining area for development in Town Center, at Block 2, on Virginia Beach Boulevard immediately west of the Armada Hoffler Tower." I have never seen them get so specific on these press releases. It's normally just location,tenant, sq footage, and agents. Hopefully this means they're moving quickly to construction.
  15. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Are you saying you won't be able to see it because they're making the glass transparent? I feel like I might be misinterpreting this.