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  1. 23320

    Norfolk Gateway

    NS owns their building.
  2. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    They already have one small tenant on one floor. I expect they will either try to lease it themselves and sell it once it’s leased up or sell it cheaply to some one that will do the same. I doubt Buddy Gadams will convert this one into more apartments.
  3. 23320

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    I attended the joint Centerville/Kempsville Town Hall last night that was held by Councilmembers Wooten and Abbott with an appearance by Mayor Dyer. Dyer came off as very pro business & development but with an emphasis on diversity and equality. Issues that were brought included the Pharrell Williams proposal, the Atlantic Avenue culdesac, the Amazon pitch, Economic Development, transparency, and typical small issue (trash collection/street lights). The festival seemed to have a positive reception amongst the attendees and coucilmembers but it didn’t sound like it was close to happening. Wooten got an earful for voting in favor of the culdesac but she felt that the city had already committed to the project with two previous votes. The release of details of the city’s pitch to Amazon was criticized due to the inclusion of light rail & involvement of Armada Hoffler. Dyer explained that the EDA typically arranges deals prior to seeking Council approval and that light rail was a ‘dead puppy.’ He seemed to anticipate that autonomous vehicles would replace the need for a major mass transportation expansion. Transparency, which was the major issue on his platform, was addressed throughout the meeting. EDA meetings are going to be on Facebook Live, like Council and Planning meetings already are, beginning in February. The event was held at the Kempsville Rec Center and that place was slammed with people using the facility. There was not a single room that was not in use. As a Chesapeake resident, I was incredibly envious. We can’t have nice things in Chesapeake. Edit: Facebook Live Link Another issue discussed was turning the Norfolk Southern rail line into a multiuse trail and a pedestrian bridge over 264 to connect Mt Trashmore to Town Center. I think the latter should be part of any construction on the Independence interchange.
  4. 23320

    Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    Dollar Tree moves into headquarters as sales numbers continue upward - Inside Business The article states 210 employees will be moving from the Family Dollar HQ & 700 new positions will be filled locally.
  5. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Realigning the interchange is definitely doable especially with the amount of land there already owned by the city however I don’t see it as likely in the near term with the amount of projects already on the table, the cost that would be associated with the project, and that minimal improvement it would have on improving traffic flow. The problem there isn’t getting in/out of Downtown but simply getting through the tunnel. Also not a lot of demand for more space to build Downtown right now. I also wanted to note that only a small portion of the 64/264 interchange is under construction (64W exit to 264E) and the rest of the project is focused on the Newtown & Witchduck exits for 264E. The remainder of the interchange is being studied as Phase 3 of the current project but no details have been released thus far.
  6. 23320

    719 Ocean View

    THE BREEDEN COMPANY ANNOUNCES LAND PURCHASE IN NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - Press Release Pinewell Station is expected to begin construction next month. It will be 145-units and 4-stories (although the rendering shows 5).
  7. 23320

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    MacArthur Center's Pottery Barn will close by the end of January - The Virginian-Pilot The other expected article…
  8. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Hanbury Intern Project Hanbury, the architecture firm behind the Wave proposal in Virginia Beach, had their summer interns work on a project that proposed the redevelopment of Tidewater Gardens & the areas around Harbor Park. The major components of the project included a redesigned interchange, a canal to provide drainage for Tidewater Gardens, a ‘boomerang’ waterfront, and the extension of downtown to Harbor Park & Tidewater Gardens. Although not a true proposal, it’s worth a quick look.
  9. 23320

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    I find this very surprising. I attended the tHRive event on regionalism mentioned on the previous page of this thread. Bryan Stephens opened the discussion and I recall him saying that the region should stick with the Hampton Roads brand and encourage everyone else to unify behind it. I even remember cringing when VWU president Scott Miller immediately followed by calling the region Coastal Virginia. The region’s branding was a major topic of the discussion with at least two of the four panelists firmly against rebranding. I am curious as to what caused the complete 180 by Stephens & the Chamber. And the rest of the article is about the importantance of our area’s waterways to the regional economy. What better way to honor that significance than sticking with a brand inspired by our critically important harbor?
  10. 23320

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    MacArthur Center's Williams-Sonoma to close next month - The Virginian-Pilot Not surprising and we should expect another article about Pottery Barn closing as well. And then Nordstrom early next year…
  11. 23320

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Councilmembers Moss and Abbott have requested a vote to direct Dave Hansen to NOT reconfigure Atlantic Ave. The vote is on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.
  12. 23320


    There’s some movement on this. There were pre-submittal meetings for NxtVn & PointOne Datacenters filed a couple of days ago.
  13. 23320

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    The Lawson Co. is proposing a 164-unit mixed income apartment complex at Tidewater and Brambleton - just outside of SPQ. The 2, 4-story buildings will have street frontage. https://www.norfolk.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/4582?fileID=9170
  14. 23320

    American Cigar Company Garden Apartments

    SL Nusbaum is proposing 118-unit, income restricted apartment complex on the site of the American Cigar Factory. Three, 3-story buildings fronting E. Princess Anne Road and Courtney Avenue. https://www.norfolk.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/4582?fileID=9176
  15. 23320

    New ODU Stadium

    Day 1 of demolition: