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  1. Expect an economic development announcement from Northam at some point today. VBDA is scheduled to vote on ‘Project Pinnacle’ tomorrow and states it will be announced by Northam today. No indication on who/what or if it’s related to the Breeden proposal. Edit: ASGN will also invest $7.4 million to expand its operations in Virginia, adding 147 new jobs in the City of Virginia Beach - Press Release Expansion of an existing business. 700 new jobs across the state.
  2. Video update for the new parking garage.
  3. The previous meeting it was automatically continued due to a tie vote. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the additional no votes were only to move the application forward - it wouldn’t be the first time. Economic development has indicated support and its consistent with the ongoing study to utilize surface parking for future development. I’ll be surprised and disappointed if Council denies it.
  4. A couple more companies are in the early stages of locating at the Bio Park. Asturian, a construction firm, has filed plans for what is described as a corporate HQ at the entrance to Virginia Beach National. Acoustical Sheetmetal has also filed preliminary plans.
  5. A preliminary concept plan has been filed for the former Farm Fresh at the Oceanfront. The development is called the Pinnacle and the developer is Breeden.
  6. Portsmouth Council approves casino agreement City Council approved the agreement, which must be approved by the Lottery Board before the referendum is officially placed on the ballot in November. The developer launched a website but it is still light on details: Rivers Casino Portsmouth Website. Site plan from the website:
  7. YNOT building increased to 135k SF. Presentation starts on page 22. YNOT wants a larger site to accommodate the increased size of their proposal. Edit: They’re actually planning 6, 45k SF buildings in phases for a total of 270k SF.
  8. The Development Authority discussed the project this week. The presentation starts on page 13. The comments indicate the site plans and building plans are waiting for approval of parking and easements by city council before they can be finalized and approved by planning.
  9. This one is going up now. Looks like the hotel isn’t part of the project anymore but otherwise appears the same as proposed a couple of years ago.
  10. Norfolk announces EDA purchase of former Doubletree. “The Norfolk Economic Development Authority (EDA) purchases the former DoubleTree Hotel at Military Circle Mall, located on North Military Highway. This acquisition gives the EDA the site control required to reposition the entire Military Circle Mall property.“
  11. Can you share where the quote came from?
  12. Not officially. They are pushing for denser development along Dominion (future I-87) to conserve agricultural land south of the bridges. There is also a study underway to find ways to encourage development on existing surface parking rather than raw land. The biggest limit currently is utilities as water & sewer aren’t available in much of the rural parts of the city.
  13. Norfolk just announced an agreement to purchase Military Circle for $11 million. They have also agreed to purchase the hotel, which will give them control of the entire mall site. Hopefully this will move the anchor office conversions forward.
  14. Noticed this in the Richmond thread: Stony Point Fashion Park has new owner after mall's previous owner defaulted on its loan. The previous owner was Starwood and they purchased it with MacArthur and other malls. Two loans were used and MacArthur is part of the other loan. Could be a sign of things to come.
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