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  1. Drove by the site yesterday. There was too much activity to stop and take pictures but there has to be at least a dozen pile drivers going at the same time.
  2. Divaris quote from Virginia Business article “Virginia Beach-based Divaris Real Estate Inc., which has big-box retail clients, says it hasn’t been seeing as much of a short-term impact as other commercial real estate firms. “Quite frankly, we are still involved in a bunch of new leases with national retailers who don’t look at a next-month situation,” says Divaris CEO and Chairman Gerald Divaris. “I certainly believe there will still be a lot of business going on.” He doesn’t address any projects specifically but I view his comments as encouraging.
  3. HREDA Press Release HREDA reveals the anticipated total impact of the Amazon centers. “Amazon plans to create a total of 1,500 direct jobs which will add 1,650 additional indirect jobs, resulting in an estimated $549.6 million impact on Hampton Roads’ Gross Regional Product (GRP).” Total capital investment of $250 million.
  4. New hotel pitched for Virginia Beach Town Center wants to use public parking The project received some coverage from the Pilot and of course the social media protesters are going nuts about using the existing garages. At least this proposal uses what’s already there and not an additional garage. Bad news though: tomorrow’s meeting has been postponed due to the pandemic and there’s no timeline for when it will be heard.
  5. Something in the Water canceled I am sure most of us saw this coming but were hoping it wasn’t going to happen. This week has been the craziest week I’ve ever experienced.
  6. All of the pre-development permits for Two Constitution have been filed. Should see groundbreaking very soon.
  7. MEAC semi and final rounds will be played with no fans in attendance.
  8. Any chance is was approved back when they had Gateway Bank (?) as the anchor? Are there any time requirements on the approvals?
  9. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The Ford site has been chopped up. A logistics/trucking company purchased the main building along Indian River and everything else was demolished. The waterfront portion was sold to a local company last year. Article provides a good summary
  10. Absolutely not. Congressional primaries are held in June and the winners of those would be on the same ballot in November.
  11. Governor Northam Announces Amazon to Build Two State-of-the-Art Operations Facilities in Hampton Roads, Hiring 1,500 New Employees Governor’s press release. Total of 1,500 jobs - 1,000 in Suffolk & 500 in Chesapeake. Should be interesting to see what the indirect impact will be as there is plenty of space in Northgate if a company wants to be close to Amazon.
  12. Amazon announces strategy, jobs This is for the Suffolk fulfillment center. “The new facility checks in at an immodest 822,833-square-feet, and at 95 feet and four-and-a-half stories high, it would have an overall square footage of more than 3.8 million.” “A July Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance report stated that the alliance, city officials, the Port of Virginia and the Hampton Roads Workforce Council met with company representatives who were looking into a site in Suffolk for a fulfillment center that would employ about 1,000 workers.”
  13. Ehh, the governor shows up for far less than this. My expectations are $300+ million in capital investment and well over 1,000 jobs.
  14. Governor Northam to make important economic development announcement for Hampton Roads with Amazon Announcement is tomorrow morning.
  15. Amazon, fresh off buying land in Suffolk, appears to be keen on property in Chesapeake This article all but confirms what has been discussed about these two projects. Thalhimer is saying the centers will be 3.2 million SF (Suffolk) and 2.1 million SF (Chesapeake), which would seem to be approximately 4 floors each based on the sizes stated in site plans. Based on West’s comments at the state of the city, the official announcement should be coming this week or next.
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