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  1. 23320

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    The Veil, a popular Richmond brewery, is rumored to be considering the former Norfolk Chop House location on Colonial for its next location. https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_3c9b8268-a170-11e8-b2e9-87d8a589c3ad.html
  2. 23320

    Neon District

    Tronc is considering selling the Pilots HQ and there is already a lot of interest. https://pilotonline.com/business/real-estate/article_d925a91c-9fe8-11e8-8953-a725799239cb.html
  3. 23320

    Virginia Beach Development

    That’s where the Greenwich overpass is going through. Obviously the empty field to the east is where Topgolf is now.
  4. 23320

    Virginia Beach Development

    I was looking at their site map recently and I noticed it looked like they moved everyone out of the space behind the old Jason’s space. Figured something was coming soon but haven’t seen anything. Is the Sears exit a positive or a negative? I have to believe it’s a positive but hopefully you can clarify the mall’s thinking. I know Greenbrier Mall took the ‘new opportunity’ stance in the article in the Pilot - which I agree with. Hoping CBL & Seritage can work out a JV there like they have elsewhere.
  5. 23320

    New Realm Brewery

    Not a firm date but New Realm is aiming to open by the end of the month and has events planned throughout September. Farmhouse Brewing has been hinting at opening soon but doesn’t have any events until October. And finally Big Ugly opened their new location in Chesapeake last weekend.
  6. 23320

    Chesapeake Development

    “Under new Ownership, Chesapeake Square is undergoing a major redevelopment offering everything a retailer is looking for – high traffic counts, superb demographics, high-density residential and a regional draw.” LoopNet listing
  7. 23320

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    There’s talk of an Indian tribe doing it but they’d still need state approval since they’re proposing it on land they own but not historic tribal land. They have a billionaire backing their efforts but it’s still years away even if everything went perfectly for them. Louise Lucas is always proposing something in the General Assembly (normally with language that will allow Portsmouth but not other localities) but it never goes anywhere. The General Assembly did allow for betting on historical races with the intent of getting Colonial Downs reopened. Charity poker has been brought up a few times. It passed the Senate in 2017 but the House didn’t vote on it. There were a couple of bills again this year but none were voted on. There are “games of skill” in bars throughout the area that were approved by the ABC board. They’re glorified slot machines but legal as of now. There are also the sweepstakes places that have been shut down over and over again now masquerading as vape shops in Chesapeake & Portsmouth (& probably more).
  8. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    Agreed but that hotel isn’t going anywhere. There will probably be another opportunity to redo/redevelop Waterside before anything other than renovations happen to the Sheraton.
  9. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    Views are important to Class A office tenants too. And if you’re going to complain about low rises on the waterfront you should start with Waterside. At least there was an opportunity to redevelop it at one point.
  10. 23320

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    Shake Shack slams the door on any major development at that corner for decades. There’s likely miltiple 5-year options (I’d guess at least 4) built into the lease agreement. It gives Town Center another Taco Bell situation. I’ve been pessimistic about the pace of building out Columbus Village but I still felt 10-15 years was feasible. Not anymore…
  11. 23320

    Premier Apartments Progress

    Looks like the restaurant is Cantina Laredo. They describe themselves as modern Mexican and have about three dozen locations around the country.
  12. 23320

    Norfolk Pictures

  13. 23320

    Bike Share in Norfolk?

    Pace launched this year and is dockless. Virginian-Pilot: 10,000 Rides in 7 Weeks
  14. 23320

    Virginia Beach Development

    Davenport hinted at some news related to this coming in 30 days on his FB page.
  15. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    NATO to expand Norfolk presence. Specifics are still a few months away but some details here: https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/norfolk-to-get-nato-expansion/1298843007