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  1. A friend that works at Amazon mentioned that they closed on the Northgate site earlier this month. And that is all they would tell me.
  2. Gather Workspaces leased 28,547 square feet of office space in the Divaris-leased and -managed Town Center Block 3 building located at 249 Central Park Ave. in the Town Center of Virginia Beach. The press release mentions that office space in Town Center is now 98% leased. Hopefully this provides some motivation to move forward with the new tower.
  3. I’m curious how 757 is any more recognizable than Hampton Roads? I would expect you would have to be familiar with the area to identify where an area code is from. And how much of a threat is the new area code that is projected to launch in two years to the long term recognition of the region as ‘The757’?
  4. Plan to redevelop area near Thalia Elementary met with resistance - WVEC Complete redevelopment of Willis Furniture site - surprised since they rebuilt the smaller space they’re in now a couple of years ago. First floor is retail/parking with 4 floors of apartments above. Of course there are the (literal) NIMBYs but I suspect the townhomes will be 3 stories and there’s a pretty significant gap provided by the parking lot and tree cover along the property line. It won’t impact them nearly as much as they think it will. Article states it will go before planning in January.
  5. VBDA PowerPoint The Development Authority had a busy morning. Aside from approving the Dome Site plan, they also approved incentive packages for growing businesses. -DOMA Technologies is expanding into a larger, existing facility and will add 300 new jobs. -Inmotion Hosting is consolidating into the soon to be former Stratford University building on Independence & will add 50 new jobs. -G2 Ops is expanding within their current location and will add 10 new job. -Briefed on sale of land within the Innovation/Bio Park to YNOT for their corporate offices, which were previously planned at the same intersection but adjacent to their restaurant. Plans appear to be consistent with the previous proposal.
  6. With Hampton’s quest to redevelop open land, the biggest challenge is getting to the starting gate - Daily Press The article summarizes redevelopment sites around the city. The WVS development in Downtown has been delayed due to an unexpected waterline but is planned to begin early next year with a $35 million, 215-unit multifamily project. There’s a 7-acre site near the Coliseum that the article states the city hoping will attract another hotel but it could be the site eyed for a future casino as its within the area described previously. The importance of site readiness is also discussed. The city is working to get potential economic development sites closer to tier 5/shovel ready status and is looking to potentially partner with other localities to share costs/revenue. This is an idea that I’ve heard with increasing frequency from leaders throughout the region for projects ranging from industrial parks to a new arena. Chesapeake even recently voted to join the Eastern Virginia Regional Industrial Facilty Authority, which is a vehicle for these types of regional investments. The Authority was formed late last year by Peninsula municipalities and has now been joined by Isle of Wight and Chesapeake. The first project is in the planning stages and is for a drone testing facility in York County.
  7. I-64′s new Norfolk toll lanes boosted rush-hour speeds, even in the free lanes, state study finds - VP HRTPO released a study that found travel speeds headed east at 5 PM in the FREE lanes increased from 36 to 62 mph although travel speeds at 3 PM decreased from 55 to 37 mph and speeds increased modestly overall. The parking lots at the shipyard are an interesting situation. The shipyard owns most of the lots there but there are quite a few privately owned lots and they make a killing. Huntington Ignalls has a ton a contracts right now between the two carrier deal and everything else, so there is guaranteed work for years to come. Surprised there hasn’t been a push to build more garages as there is no land out there for more surface lots. It’s a sea of asphalt. It beat out LA for worst parking ‘crater’ in this Internet bracket: Parking Madness 2015.
  8. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    I wonder if the proposed Rosie’s in Greenbrier Mall had anything to do with it. It would be directly across from where Game Works currently is. If you go there now it’s typically families that are in there. I imagine they will be shifting their focus as I wouldn’t expect a family-centered arcade would do very well Downtown.
  9. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    Formerly known as Jillian’s, which left Waterside to go to Greenbrier.
  10. By Tuesday night, each of the five cities working together on the fiber ring will have voted to establish the Southside Network Authority. This will be the vehicle used to develop and manage the ring.
  11. Empty buildings at Virginia Beach Oceanfront will become a brewery, store and restaurant -VP “This week, 17th Street Properties LLC began renovating the 19,000-square-foot space to turn it into a shopping center with a brewery, a national retailer and a restaurant. Some of the businesses could open by summer, Horan said.” This is the redevelopment behind 17th St Surf Shop. The article states American Brew will occupy one of the spaces.
  12. After all this settles, the charter needs to be amended. I respect the intent behind this section but a few thousand people in a city of over 200k shouldn’t be able to hold up anything the City Council approves because they are sore losers. This is a bad look for Norfolk and could threaten much more than just the casino. Prospective businesses are known to walk away when they see this kind of stuff happening with other proposals.
  13. I would expect more site work prior to concrete being poured. Based on the description & that there hasn’t been anything come through ARB or Council - it’s probably something to support the various events they hold throughout the year.
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