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  1. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    WeldenField-Rowe recently purchased the Spectrum at Willoughby Point land and is planning to 333 condominiums. But VDOT wants the land as part of the HRBT expansion. Here comes another eminent domain lawsuit… http://www.virginiabusiness.com/news/article/developer-buys-land-state-wants-for-hampton-roads-bridge-tunnel-expansion
  2. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    Update on this proposal. The property is currently listed for sale, including the development plans, for $7.5 million. Not necessarily dead, but not looking good... LoopNet Link for 225 W. Olney Road
  3. 23320

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    A preliminary concept plan has been filed with the city for the “Renovation/Redevelopment of the Barnes & Noble Bookstore.” Additionally, the leasing plan shows there are LOIs for 2 of the 4 spaces that are being carved out of B&N. That parking lot is going to be lots of fun during construction & beyond…
  4. 23320

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Any idea of how big it will be? It seems like it will have a lot more games than the one currently under construction in Ghent. I’ve heard it being discussed but do you have any more info?
  5. 23320

    Oceanfront Hyatt's Progress

    That’s what they could build by right. They’re proposing to build the 15 floor residential that’s posted a few posts above.
  6. There have been a number of restaurant closures around Lynnhaven Mall recently, including Applebee’s, UNOs, Ruby Tuesday, and Cheeseburger in Paradise. At least three of these chains have reported financial issues company wide (not sure about UNOs) so hopefully this isn’t a statement about Lynnhaven’s restaurant market. With that said, Panera is planning on relocating and opening a drive-thru behind BOA, similar to two other locations in VB (Hilltop & Kemp’s River).
  7. 23320

    Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    Dollar Tree headquarters in Chesapeake is about to grow by 700 people - The Virginian-Pilot DT is moving 700 employees from the former Family Dollar HQ in Matthews by Fall 2019. The DT HQ will employ 1,900 once fully staffed.
  8. 23320

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Here’s how much Bruce Thompson sold two Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotels - Southside Daily Gold Key sold the 31st Street Hilton & affiliated properties for $53.7 million & the Hilton Garden Inn for $34.4 million.
  9. 23320

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Bruce Thompson Sells the 31st Street Hilton Prices haven’t been disclosed but Thompson has sold the 31st St Hilton and the Garden Inn on 33rd. He has also purchased the Days Inn at 24th St for future redevelopment. There are also rumors that he is selling the Main.
  10. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    NS has been moving employees from the HQ for years. The best we can hope for is that they keep some offices here and not completely move out. Edit: I believe this will leave us with 2 Fortune 500s (Dollar Tree & Huntington Ingalls).
  11. 23320

    Norfolk Development 2

    Wasn’t it continued to next month? I’m sure it’ll get approved though. I went to one of them in the video when I visited NYC and it was a cool concept and pretty much what the Waterside food court is. Much less risk for an entrepreneur just starting out so hopefully there will be some exciting new concepts
  12. 23320

    New Bonney Road Development

    It is that site. The GPIN/tax ID on the application is for that piece of property.
  13. 23320

    Front Street Flats

    The Roebuck will be having an open house on Sunday September 23.
  14. 23320

    New Bonney Road Development

    If you click a little further you’ll see Olympia mentioned as the developer & it’s the site mentioned in this thread. This application is absolutely for the threads development.