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  1. This plan provides a timeline for the next phases of the development. The next two blocks (in red) are planned to be built back to back following the current phase.
  2. The Pilot’s building has officially hit the market for $10 million (rounded) which is about $50/SF. I expect it to follow the trend of older office properties being converted to apartments. This coupled with the Pilot leasing new space elsewhere will push office vacancies down a bit. Colliers Listing - Flyer and floorplans Price tag for Virginian-Pilot building in downtown Norfolk set at $9.8 million - Virginian Pilot
  3. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    It’s owned by the McLeskeys & they are notoriously slow. The property is briefly mentioned in this article although it’s just a passing mention but it gives an idea of their willingness to wait. MarketSquare Redevelopment  - Virginian Pilot
  4. 23320

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Aldi Edit: posted this right as you responded to yourself.
  5. The apartments/retail on the east side of the parking garage have started going vertical. Foundation work is ongoing on the other side of the garage and for the office building along Volvo. It has been a very active site over the past couple of weeks.
  6. The Tru hotel by the Outlets is under construction. The site has shifted to behind the existing hotels with a Mission BBQ slated for the original location.
  7. In case any one was wondering, the lot to the north is owned by Sentara while the lot to the south (with the hotel mock up above) is owned by NRHA (the city). We should definitely expect to see a higher quality development here…eventually.
  8. It is a BB&T Office. It’s supposed to be 3-stories and similar to the building Wheeler proposed there previously. I’ll try to find some images of it. Edit: Pilot article regarding the sale
  9. 23320

    New Arena

    While Military Circle was probably a long shot as a site for the new arena, Norfolk has put the former JC Penney up for sale. 824 Midtown Sale Flyer
  10. I can’t remember which city it was but there was a presentation that mentioned population growth in the region had more to do with longevity than people moving here. They didn’t cite it but it undoubtedly plays a big part.
  11. I recalled seeing it as well. Just went back and it was discussed in August & October in the Norfolk Developments 2 thread.
  12. The Crofton cranes parcel is the Breeden proposal that was announced last year. Fort Norfolk has been "the last frontier" for waterfront development. Where's it headed now? - Virginian Pilot The phase 2 portion of the Roebuck has new parking lot on it.
  13. Pile driving has taken place around the two sides of the parking garage where the apartments/retail are going to be built and is now ongoing at the office building site.
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