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  1. To be continued yet again…both at planning and ARB.
  2. Ripely Heatwole posted a ton a pictures of the building inside and out on their Facebook. Here’s a few but there’s a bunch:
  3. Chase opening two Norfolk branches Chase is planning to open branches in Ghent (former Suntrust at Colley/21st) & Downtown (Dominion Enterprises Building). Two more branches in Williamsburg as well. Hopefully more to come as all the closed bank branches are being demoed for car washes and fast food.
  4. Love the WAVY archives! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen this one. Also the first time I’ve seen that intersection without a Taco Bell!
  5. $$$$ - closest mall to the largest concentration of high earning households in the region.
  6. Luce opened this week and another restaurant was announced. “We are thrilled to announce that neat bird has leased 4,000 square feet at 565 Belaire Avenue. The restaurant is the next creative platform for Chef Eric Nelson of crudo nudo in Norfolk.”
  7. The Latest on the Railyards at Lambert’s Point - Norfolk Currents Work reportedly will start this spring with completion in summer 2023.
  8. The planning department should have a higher standard for what is included in these packages. I’m sure Bonaventure can provide something better than a B&W copy.
  9. Agree. This isn’t anything special. It’s big & will create lots of jobs/taxes but every region is getting one or two of these. Only place VB would have competed against for this is Chesapeake. As for Taco Bell - owner could sell it and it won’t change anything. Only thing owning it gets you is a check in the mail every month. Taco Bell probably controls that site for another 50 years by ground lease.
  10. HRVA

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I believe the project next to IKEA was rejected due to lack of a tree buffer along the lake. I don’t think it’s ever come back up. The Poplar Hall project did demo recently. Not sure if that means construction will start soon. Lake Taylor Pointe was approved by planning - full rezoning with council approval. Very suburban project. Any news on the Barry Robinson project? I believe it was continued? Planning Commission seemed to be pushing for more density with potential for light rail along Kempsville.
  11. Last I saw, the hotel was a future phase. I drove by a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a giant big box shopping center. I’m sure it’ll be nice but my expectation is the Norfolk casino will be the premier casino in the state.
  12. Yep. You can see the old Beacon building in the background. 12 years ago… https://www.pilotonline.com/news/article_294733c0-dec7-5eb8-a5a7-26af37286237.html
  13. A couple of pictures of the Metropolis project:
  14. HRVA

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Yea Las Palmas has been in the old Ruby Tuesday for a few years I believe. Unos was still empty when I last went to the mall around Christmas.
  15. HRVA

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    My guess is Lynnhaven Mall. Is the old Unos still empty?
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