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  1. Thanks for the update on Krystal/CVS. Can we start a gofundme to buy Shalimar/and alterations shop and then sell to CVS /s Also hearing the Krystal in Belle Meade and the bank next door will be a Chick-Fil-a and a Starbucks, should help traffic at the split.
  2. Anyone have an update on the CVS/Krystal's two step?
  3. Wouldn't go as far as saying it is a disaster, plus some of the restaurants are great, Honeyfire BBQ is one. Every time I have been there both Honeyfire and Desanos have been full. Once Home 2 Suites finally gets open that will help the restaurants also. The Ford Ice facility also brings in a large amount of traffic all day long plenty of hockey folks eating. The rinks will stay busy as it is one of the nicest hockey facilities in the southeast and that hotel will stay booked with all the hockey tournaments. I do agree with you on the the layout, it is terrible. Case study on how to try to make a walk friendly design the least walk friendly and horrible use of space.
  4. From permits looks like Burger Fi is opening a spot in the GH Mall near Chopt and Cava
  5. 85% office space has to be wrong, with only up to 1200 employees that will be cubicles for each worker the size of a house. I imagine they meant it will be 85% warehouse
  6. They just took down all the trees in front of Hillsboro High school today. They were the last of the mature tress on Hillsboro Road, really changes the look of the area now for the worse. The area is going to be a MTA bus transfers station and Uber/Lyft drop off area, should help traffic Before , There were about 6 to 7 trees, much worse than the riverfront cherry trees IMHO e
  7. Video tour of Bellevue rink, Grand Opening 10/12 https://www.nhl.com/predators/news/video-take-a-tour-of-ford-ice-center-bellevue/c-308580152
  8. Yes, ML Rose food went downhill a couple of years after it opened, when it was new it was great. It is interesting that the Chick Fil A on 8th is the newer concept with no dining room, just outdoor seating and drive through.
  9. And this is the exact problem on the operations side as well. These concepts are not experienced in the demands of serving in the airport. They are going to have to use an expereinced third party like Delaware North etc. for operations and at that point there are too many middle men for the smaller local concepts to be profitable.
  10. Bellevue Ford Ice coming along. https://twitter.com/PREDSident/status/1125848762574884865
  11. Don't get too excited with all the new local restaurants that were announced, hearing a lot of them are pulling out of the planned "new" concourses due operation costs. Especially true for the smaller ones.
  12. Thank , great info. Glad it is 2L/20R due to it being on the correct side of the terminal. The taxi from 2R/20R makes me feel like in landed in DFW.
  13. Vanderbilt endowment is $6.4 Billion. $7MM is peanuts to them. The endowment made close to $600MM in 2018. Football revenue is not a part of the pie in any way. University of Alabama's and UT's endowments are a little less than a one billion. UA football revenue much larger piece of the pie for them, 175MM last year. Say the university put a ton of money to try to compete in facilities and play on the field in the SEC, the top storied and winning programs (taxes, Ohio State) only pull in around $200M a year at best. Doesn't look like that great of an ROI. Universities and Colleges are more like investment banks today. Especially in the top 25 level like Vandy.
  14. Wouldn't that have the same problem and take out some of Johnston and Murphy if it crossed M'Boro road as stated. J&M would certainly have a front row view of the runway
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