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  1. JetBlue has updated its joke of a flight schedule.(Finally lol) Starting 11/5 they will finally RON a plane. Modified time leaves CLT at 0730. Early January it will leave at 0600. In summary. NOV schedule has flights departing CLT with the following time: 730am, 1052am, 306pm, 759pm, and 10pm. (Not a fan of the 10pm) Starting in early JAN the flight schedule has the following: 6am, 1043am, 1222pm, 458pm, and 8pm. Also to point out, I have found random days that show 6 flights on BOS-CLT. Not sure if thats a error or not. I do predict the route will see 6 daily at some point. Hopefully they can deter DL from starting CLT-BOS which seems inevitable once DL gets more room here.
  2. B6 BOS schedule after JFK ends. Its brutal.
  3. B6 has the following departure schedule from RDU: 6am, 7am, 848am, 1000am, 1147am, 3pm, 524pm, 626pm, 721pm, and 848pm. In summary, 6 BOS, 2 JFK, 2 FLL. All done out of one gate(C10). I'm not sure where you heard that they were "chomping at the bit" for more gates. Its far from that. CLT on the other hand has the following: 949am, 1058am, 405pm, 803pm, and 942pm. 3 BOS and 2 JFK. A22 sits empty from 5am-9am, 11-315, 410-7pm. Poorly utilized. Even after JFK ends in October, the flight schedule is a mess. Earliest flight is 9am. It amazes me how bad the schedule is even with 5 flights a day on ONE route. Heck, MSP might only have 3 flights on B6 but at least they have a 530am departure out of Minny.
  4. Indeed, and with them getting the A321 NEO LR soon, its definitely possible.
  5. I mean all things considered, CLT actually has a good amount of flights from them. For example, places like DFW/HOU have only 2, DTW/MSP/CLE have 3 etc etc. Anyways, jetBlue business plan in a nutshell is Northeast-South/International flying, key business markets out of Boston, and transccon from JFK/BOS. As of today jetBlue has 157 departures from BOS. jetBlue said they want to grow BOS to 200 flights a day. That leaves plenty of opportunity to pick up a 6th BOS flight in the short term.
  6. I myself agree with all except year round Barcelona and Amsterdam. From my understanding thats a highly summer seasonal market. I don't even think PHL has year round flights to Barcelona. As for Amsterdam, thats something I could see being added in the near future on an A332 imo. Hopefully we get Are Lingus year round to CLT before AA does lol.
  7. New jetBlue schedule is utter trash. They literally copied and pasted the JFK-CLT flight times over to BOS. Hopefully thats a temporary place holder until they actually make the proper schedule. Disgusting as of now. BOS-CLT arrival times 8:26, 10:17, 2:18, 7:10, 9:01 CLT-BOS departure times 9:02, 10:49, 2:57, 8:00, 9:39 Its like the JFK flight never left!
  8. E90 are way more comfortable than the A320. That's why I'm looking forward to getting the A220-300s in CLT. Best of both worlds, 2 X 3 configuration and more seats in the market.
  9. I shouldn’t say I’m glad to see the JFK route ending for B6. Its more bittersweet and exciting at the same time for me. jetBlue has been operating the CLT-JFK route since it started service July 12 of 2006. Believe it or not, US Airways didn’t even serve the route at the time lol. If memory serves, they started 2 months after with a CRJ 900 operated by Mesa. Despite this unfortunate news, I’m more hopeful/encouraged for B6 future in CLT than ever before. They can finally have an established/competitive schedule on CLT-BOS for once. Rather than just a pathetic token service between the JFK/BOS. Granted, CLT-BOS finally got an additional flight last October. Still isn’t good enough against 9 daily American flights. With DL going 4 daily 717 on CLT-JFK, AA already maintains 6-7 mainline flights a day, the heat was definitely turned up. Then you look at AA CLT-LGA which is 10 flights a day and DL operates about 8 a day to LGA. It was only a matter of time for them to pack up and move eggs all into CLT-BOS basket. For those who don’t follow B6 like I do. All hands are on deck for them in expanding BOS to 200 flights a day. With that, DL is breathing down there neck quickly in BOS. Fortunately, for B6 in BOS, DL simply can’t outgrow B6 due to the fact DL has 20 gates and B6 will soon have access to 30. Now the fun part, speculation. More specifically, potential flight schedule for CLT-BOS post JFK. BOS-CLT 7:45-10:10 flight 1245 (E90) 10:45-12:55 flight 1345 (E90) 1:10-3:20 flight 1445 (E90) 6:00-8:15 flight 1645 (E90) 9:55-12:15 flight 1745 (E90) CLT-BOS 6:00-8:20 flight 1746 (E90) 10:55-1:15 flight 1246 (E90) 1:40-3:55 flight 1346 (E90) 4:00-6:35 flight 1446 (E90) 9:00-11:35 flight 1646 (E90)
  10. Yeah, AA added the A319 to YYZ schedule shortly after AC announced intentions to upgrade to the E175. Which has since been pushed back to September I believe.
  11. Here’s a better insight of our new route: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlive.com/news/flint/2019/04/flint-bishop-airport-gets-new-american-airlines-service-to-charlotte-nc.html%3foutputType=amp
  12. I would assume Delta wouldn’t take over all 10 of those new gates, right? Maybe 7 of the 10. That would leave 3 gates for any current tenant who wants to expand or for a potential new airline to enter CLT.
  13. Hmmmm, that would be a very interesting idea. There's definitely room in that area for passenger seating. I'm inclined to know what the biggest plane you could park. That wouldn't impact a jetBlue E90 on A22 and a Delta CRJ9 on A1? The gate would be restricted for smaller regionals like ERJ145s/CRJ2, I imagine? Maybe Contour could utilize this proposed gate? This would help free up A29 for Spirit. This idea just popped into my mind. They could even just build a covered ramp up to the concourse. This way, you save space without having a jetway to dock with the aircraft.
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