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  1. Yeah, AA added the A319 to YYZ schedule shortly after AC announced intentions to upgrade to the E175. Which has since been pushed back to September I believe.
  2. Here’s a better insight of our new route: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlive.com/news/flint/2019/04/flint-bishop-airport-gets-new-american-airlines-service-to-charlotte-nc.html%3foutputType=amp
  3. I would assume Delta wouldn’t take over all 10 of those new gates, right? Maybe 7 of the 10. That would leave 3 gates for any current tenant who wants to expand or for a potential new airline to enter CLT.
  4. Hmmmm, that would be a very interesting idea. There's definitely room in that area for passenger seating. I'm inclined to know what the biggest plane you could park. That wouldn't impact a jetBlue E90 on A22 and a Delta CRJ9 on A1? The gate would be restricted for smaller regionals like ERJ145s/CRJ2, I imagine? Maybe Contour could utilize this proposed gate? This would help free up A29 for Spirit. This idea just popped into my mind. They could even just build a covered ramp up to the concourse. This way, you save space without having a jetway to dock with the aircraft.
  5. A22 is available until JetBlues first arrival at 8:45am. Before A North opened, WN always used JetBlues A4 gate for its morning flights. I don't the logistics but I don't see why anyone couldn't use A22 in the morning. Its JetBlues gate, but they don't overnight any flights at the moment. I've also seen Contour use A2 recently, as well. I think this will change in the future with JetBlues continued expansion out of Boston. I've actually seen JetBlue on A22, A24, A29 all at the same time lol.
  6. https://news.flyfrontier.com/frontier-airlines-announces-non-stop-service-from-mcccarran-international-airport-to-charlotte-douglas-international-airport/ Here's the official announcement. Departs CLT at 8:35am Arrives from LAS at 9:29pm Daily flight on an A320 Starts July 10th(Seasonal)
  7. Looks like Frontier is going double daily on some days for CLT-DEN this August and beyond. Double A320. Also, Frontier is adding CLT-LAS this July.....**according to the almighty, reliable airliners.net LOL** I kid, it looks legit haha. If true, they seem to have jumped the gun on Spirit with the LAS route!
  8. AA is quite restricted until they get the 7 renovated gates on A early next year. Besides connecting more dots domestically, cough cough, ICT. If we are talking international footprint. I could see a summer seasonal AMS or VCE at some point. A 3rd LHR and year round MAD has already been rumored. Maybe BA finally makes its entrance?
  9. I recently used A North when coming back from North Dakota for spring break. I usually fly Delta exclusively since there the only legacy that operates out of Grand Forks. This trip I used United out of Fargo for cost reasons. What a pleasure it was using the new concourse! It gives off such a nice vibe from the moment you get off the plane. Nothing noteworthy or "new" news in this post considering it opened last July. I was just impressed how relaxing it was compared to the current A concourse where Delta parks. Granted, A is being renovated currently. I walked through A north over thanksgiving but it was cool flying into it lol.
  10. Correct, I want to say they started in mid Feb. I feel like I saw them fly in Saturday of the NBA All star weekend. Could be wrong. Below is a picture of Viva from last night.
  11. Haha, sorry! Figured I'd jump the gun for once on something, lol
  12. Here we go! New airline coming to town. Spirit Airlines! Routes to the following cities: EWR, BWI, MCO, FLL. Service begins June 20th.
  13. I'm really excited to see the development of the potential 3rd LHR flight from CLT. Something that I've been predicting myself that could happen at some point in the future. Its really impressive thinking that we might have 3 flights a day to London... crazy to me!! I wonder if this opens up the door for BA to finally make an entrance back to the Charlotte market? Regardless of who serves it, very impressive for Charlotte if this comes to fruition. That would be 11 flights a day to Europe including Lufthansa!! Lastly, really hope we see year round CLT-MAD. Long over due in my opinion. Does anyone know what our O/D numbers are to LHR/FRA or MUC? I read some where way back FRA was our largest O/D Euro city....maybe 75 some people a day. Again, that was a while ago so that number might not be right. Was just curious if anyone on here was sophisticated enough to find that data because I sure can't lol.
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