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  1. To my knowledge, they have been doing a lot of ground familiarization with the 777. They had it on a couple B/D gates a few weeks ago. I got some really nice pictures of it on D12/D10 and one when it was going down 5/23. It also did some laps on RWY 5/23 about two weeks ago. It appears the 772 is having a splendid time before it resumes service in a few months lol.
  2. CLT-DUB saw a lot of substitutions last summer. Regardless, it was operated on the -200 for the majority of the season. Same goes for MAD/CDG/FRA/MUC. All saw the -300 from time to time as well.
  3. No problem, sorry for the late response. I've been caught up with final exams. Pretty neat though, I've seen a lot of NEOs sneak in since I got back to Charlotte. Saw 400AN come in today and it looks to be operating LAX-CLT-LAX for the next few days. Hope this trend continues post COVID.
  4. Actually, the A321 NEO has been flying here quite frequently for the past month. I’ve seen it come in from the following cities: LAX/SAN/DEN/PHX/SEA/SLC.
  5. Little late to posting this but if anyone is curious. Heres a picture of the 772 parked over by the hangar area. Not the greatest perspective but the best I could do.
  6. Thanks! I stopped by this morning but didn't bring my camera. I'll go out later and get a picture of it.
  7. A 777-200 slipped in yesterday. Looks to be parked in the hangar area. I wonder if this is an indication of things to come in regards to what aircraft is going to operate CLT-LHR. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N761AJ
  8. I don't know the logistics for LH long haul network but one could imagine the negative impacts of losing 17 long haul aircraft could have. I would go off a limb and say that May 18th date isn't going to happen with the A346s being parked. One could speculate that LH could move some A330s back to MUC which would suit the MUC-CLT a lot better. According to wiki LH still has 27 A359s that are scheduled for delivery through 2027. Theres also those 20 789 order that is to be split between Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss. Keep in mind that those 20 789s are TBD on how many each of the 3 airlines are getting. We will see how strong LH/BMW ties are to the Charlotte area and any other German connections between the 2 cities.
  9. Actually, LH website had the A359 coming back at the end of OCT. Obviously, things are a lot different now.
  10. Welp, looks like the A346s are out of the picture. Yikes. https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2020/04/16/lufthansa-to-decommission-all-a340-600s/
  11. It appears the new date is now May 18th for LH( A346). Hope it sticks
  12. We should be very thankful for the level of service AA is providing in these harsh times. Quite frankly, CLT/DFW are the best hubs to keep operating to an extent due to the myriad of destinations the combined hubs cover. Keeping my fingers crossed LH comes in on May 4th to get some pictures!
  13. I've been back home in Charlotte for about a week now. Made a few trips to the airport to watch and take pictures of some planes. What weird times we live in with all that is happening around the world. Sad to see how much COVID-19 has impacted CLT and all airports/airlines around the world. When I left for Grand Forks in January, I never thought I would be back on these terms and see such a desolate airport. Stay safe everyone!
  14. JetBlue has updated its joke of a flight schedule.(Finally lol) Starting 11/5 they will finally RON a plane. Modified time leaves CLT at 0730. Early January it will leave at 0600. In summary. NOV schedule has flights departing CLT with the following time: 730am, 1052am, 306pm, 759pm, and 10pm. (Not a fan of the 10pm) Starting in early JAN the flight schedule has the following: 6am, 1043am, 1222pm, 458pm, and 8pm. Also to point out, I have found random days that show 6 flights on BOS-CLT. Not sure if thats a error or not. I do predict the route will see 6 daily at some point. Hopefully they can deter DL from starting CLT-BOS which seems inevitable once DL gets more room here.
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