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  1. majority of the funds are coming from federal and state grants...they will do study after study to release the funds to them
  2. Light Rail extension will take 10 plus years to even get the construction started...they really need to get the next phase worked up now so it will not take as long. HRT is really not qualified to handle these things. They barely handle the bus and there is not many people there that truly understand how a rail road actually works. They pay very low and people that are qualified to run it are severely underpaid and turn it down. Light rail should be run by another company. A huge amount of incompetence in the management and operations of the alignment here politics also are a big factor on this as well. This isn't just a private company that is doing this. It takes a lot of funding and approval from Feds and State level support
  3. People here are tired of being shown these grand projects just to be watered down so bad. Everyone here is a dreamer and want this area to strive but history keeps repeating itself here. After awhile you get worn down to a point where you are doubtful to any of these developments
  4. thats where the old haunted house was out...most people wont know what i'm talking about
  5. good thing about Norfolks casino its right next to Amtrak and light rail...if it gets busy enough there might be more interest in expanding to Vabeach (being hopeful)
  6. that nawfuk is that really old people...i grew up in norfolk (norfuk)
  7. Do we even know the amount of business they have been getting at MacArthur mall? It could be that they are not getting the business that they think they should are underperforming to corporate standards
  8. I've been waiting years and nothing has really changed. I was optimistic just like you. The older I get the more I see it's the same things over and over again. You watch what even smaller metros are doing and wonder why that can't be done here. We truly have the poorest leadership around.
  9. Most people give up on this area and leave. This area is really a joke for a metro. No real leaders and local politicians are more worried about getting their pockets lined. This isn't even a left or right issue either. Norfolk is pretty much all left and they can't even get anything done. Our leaders don't care about us and the state could care less about us. The only reason the feds care at all is because of the military. I'm starting not care about this area anymore. I personally think he is wasting his time on this area. Everytime we get a project with any hope it always comes up short and watered down. I've been ignoring the writing on the wall for far too long
  10. They could if they built an economy that is not solely dependant on the military....if we diversify our economy here it is very feasible. I know we are not like other metros but others have weathered through losing the military and ended up coming out better
  11. having being a former employee, they stated that ATL airport was a major reasoning for their move because of direct flights. I also believe that at the time most of the people running the show were from the ATL region and wanted it there. Also the stocks jumped after hearing about the move. They also stated that the talent pool was higher in ATL with the major schools in the region as well
  12. per Pusha T it looks like something in the water is moving to DC....way to go Vabeach....they screw up everything. They want all this business here like the Amazon HQ2 but shoot down the things that bring those businesses here like the light rail. We need a new city council
  13. It would cost a bunch of money to remove them
  14. I wouldn't expect much....what ever was being projected will either be shot down or watered down
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