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  1. If they are not doing what is originally proposed give the land to ODU to expand. What was proposed was not anything astronomical. They need to build something there like Battery Atlanta there by the Braves stadium
  2. The board is full of too many bland old people. All they want is colonial stuff. If that’s all they want move to Williamsburg, there is tons of that there lol. We need some young blood in there. Most cities have varying size buildings are around each other. I swear people around here are stuck in the 1800s and hate any expansion of the city. The city and region run so many youth out of the region. We need to attract these young people here so there is a reason for high paying jobs to exist in this region. There is a reason we can’t get light rail moved forward around the region. Lots of ignorant people in this area. Too many old people getting a say on what the future of this region is
  3. Feds did have a part in it. Im sure there was more than that going on in the background. Maybe the feds were just the fall guy for not having the financials secured. GSA tried to use rules created after 9-11 to take the land even though there was Judges that had deposits on the condos. They waited till piles were being driven to try to stake claim on the land. I’m wondering if the financial entities didn’t think there was enough deposits and interest into justifying the financing of the tower. I guess we will never know
  4. Probably because the casino is either getting heavily watered down (usual Norfolk crap) or they don’t think it will be actually built
  5. This is a huge let down. Norfolk just can never get anything good here
  6. If they were smart they would build the casino in this development...light rail will eventually be extended to military circle
  7. Norva757

    New Arena

    Im not sure we will ever figure this out...the way this area is designed there will always be power struggles between the cities...we need the state to step in and help build one city surrounded by counties
  8. We need to be the change that the city needs...one or more of us need to step up and run this city right...get rid of these people that have bad taste and bad decisions
  9. majority of the funds are coming from federal and state grants...they will do study after study to release the funds to them
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