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  1. CVS is coming along across the street from (you guessed it) Walgreens on Walnut
  2. A restaurant called "IDK Cafe" is going into where Backyard Burger used to be.
  3. CVS is going where the former EZ Mart on Walnut across the street from Walgreens
  4. Correction. The new double daily flights with LAX starts on January 6th
  5. You're correct. American is beginning a second flight on March 3rd. The new flight lands and at XNA 12:15pm so it would takeoff from LAX at 7:10am.
  6. The company I was talking about is called ERC based out of Fort Smith, the Citywire did an article about it. I also don't think that this would worthy of a tall be building as well but time will tell.
  7. Hopefully. There's a new company moving its headquaters here soon, so there might good sized building to expect.
  8. Yep. It looks like Delta is adding a flight to LaGuardia on April 1st. Kinda surprised they haven't resume Salt Lake City yet. On another note United has been upgrading their aircraft to XNA.
  9. Not that I've heard of, they probably won't come anytime soon.
  10. Whataburger on Pleasant Grove looks like it could open any day now.
  11. I'm feeling very similar about it as well. I know SFO is one of the top final destination for travelers at XNA. Number one being Boston. I wouldn't be surprised at all if SLC resumes flights sooner rather than later, along with Miami. Time will tell.
  12. Wow that's exciting! It looks like the flight will depart early in the morning and come in late at night.
  13. Lowell would be about the only location I could see a new Harps going to, before running out places to put a new store.
  14. Jo Ann's look like its finishing up construction. Does anyone know what's going in next to it?
  15. Yes, the Pleasant Grove Whataburger is going up.
  16. Surprised that it's not going to Bentonville on Moberly.
  17. I went by the Volkswagon dealership today, and it wasn't there. Does anyone know if it's moving location or if it's gone for good??
  18. I'm having a hard time figuring out where any new car dealerships could go. The last spot to put anything just got taken by Dodge (I think) behind Buick GMC.
  19. Wouldn't be surprised if we get a Lexus or Land Rover soon, or even a Porshe.
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