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  1. Whataburger began construction. Coming end of the summer. Has anyone heard what else is going by Burlington? Any speculations?
  2. There is a new business building going in by the HOG building.
  3. I saw some dirt work by Ashley's Furniture, and a Burlington coat factory coming soon sign. The sign said it will open in the fall.
  4. In the new strip mall there is Matress Firm, Super cuts, a nail salon, Snap Fitness, The Grove (a restaurant), Papa Murphy's, and Moes Southwest grill.
  5. In the new strip mall in between Taco Bell and Chuckie Cheese is Uncle Maddios Pizza Joint and Rouge nail salon, and a matress store.
  6. Fuzzy's Taco Shop is going in by the Pinnacle somewhere.
  7. Went past the new strip mall in between Taco Bell and Chuckie Cheese, and I saw a sign on the building that said "Uncle Maddios Pizza Joint". Has anyone heard of that before?
  8. The building going up across from Arbys is a Dentist.
  9. The old Pizza Hut building is going to be a Med Express... (sigh)
  10. They have tested those flights out randomly whithin the last year or so, they never actually publicly announce when they will test, which seems odd to me. The only I know this because I have close relations with XNA.
  11. The concorse B expansion will not happen for another 10 years or so, because of the number of flights at XNA. Concorse A still has empty gates that no airline is using, so until all gates are occupied in A there is no need for the west side to be the as the east... All though it would be nice. Allegiant has been testing flights from XNA to Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa for a while to see if there is demand for that flight, which there is. But they have not decided whether or not if they should want if should be a seasonal route or year round. With all this tremendous growth happening, I would not be surprised at all if a new airline annocuned its highly awaited arrival to XNA.
  12. That plane must of been a sports charter or a diversion, memphis would never get an american plane that big. Not now, and not ever. But nonetheless, thats still pretty cool you got to see the plane!
  13. Yes TRB. Obviously those are good numbers. It won't be long at all when we are going to big(ger) planes at XNA. Rather than puddle jumpers.
  14. American Airlines is going through a change right now with their aircraft. All old planes are being replaced, and the new planes aren't coming as fast as expected. So american is trying to take as many big(ger) planes as they got, to the larger cities. Since XNA is one of the smallest market used by mainline, it was slotted as one the first airports to lose those mainline services for a while. Give it 2-3 months before american will put the mainline back into service with XNA. The numbers I have been seeing, with the people traveling in and out of XNA is incredible, it won't be long at all before we see new airlines and aircrafts.
  15. Nope. They haven't started anything yet. The new strip mall is just about to be completed.
  16. Just once, would I like to see a strip mall be built without a nail salon going in it.
  17. Groves Bar and Grill will be going into the new strip mall on pleasant grove.
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