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  1. Are there suppose to be apartments all over that area?
  2. Watch it become a nail salon, a Subway, and a UPS store.
  3. Does anyone know whats going into the stripmall next to taco bell?
  4. Man, I was hoping Raising Canes would come to Rogers first.
  5. Jo-Anns fabrics is going in next to Shoe Carnival.
  6. I saw a SOLD sign for the lot on the corner of Walnut and Promenade boulevard today. Anyone know what might go there?
  7. I was wandering the same thing nupe. Also whats going on by the new cracker barrel, the land right off the interstate?
  8. Twin Peaks is suppossed to open by next week.
  9. I don't know if Frontier could work at XNA because, XNA only has one flight a day to DEN on a plane that carries only 50 people. The smallest airplane Frontier has is an A319 which carries about 130 people. I don't think we could do that aircraft daily, maybe 2-3 times a week though.
  10. Only a matter of time before a new low-cost carrier comes to XNA.
  11. Would not be surprised if Whataburger opens a location by Chuys.
  12. Does anyone know whats going in the strip mall in between Taco Bell and Chuckie Cheese?
  13. I guess people love to hate forzen yogurt restaurants.
  14. I could name 30 restaurants that are missing on a great opportunity at the Pinnacle. Its been almost a year since the anouncment of 5 new buisnesses coming by the Pinnacle, so far only Pei Wei has been announced. Anybody know the other buisnesses are?
  15. My guess a frozen yogurt eatery will be the second restaurant.
  16. That sounds awful! I knew there was a church there because, thats where I go to church actually. My pastor told me that they could only stay til January then another tenant will take over. But he didn't know what that tenant was.
  17. What is the new building next the Post office? Its been a long while since I have been over there.
  18. I heard that a big name tenant is supposed to go into the food court this January. Does anyone know what that tenant might be?
  19. I don't mean to change the subject, but where is the PeiWei restaurant going to be built at?
  20. I agree with you TRB, apparently there is not enough travelers for year-round. I have been noticing that Newarks flights have been empty, probably because of an late evening departure and an early morning arrival.
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