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  1. Here is hoping that Southwest will see the potential in XNA, its truly amazing of the diversity that XNA has to offer. The flights we have today are... Atlanta 6 flights daily, one on mainline Chicago/O'hare 10 flights daily Dallas 7 flights daily, two on mainline Los Angeles 1 flight daily Houston 4 flights daily Charlotte 3 flights daily Detroit 1 flight daily Minneapolis 2 flights daily New York 2 flights daily Newark 1 flight daily Cincinnati 1 flight daily Denver 1 flight daily Las Vegas 2 flights weekly Orlando 2 flights weekly
  2. Virgin America said that they would start a mini-hub out Lovefield, we could be surprised, XNA could a flight to Dallas with virgin. My guess is that they will use an A319 carries about 120 people and have a few flights a week. That that could be a far fetched idea. If Southwest were to start it should be next late Spring, lets say mid-May right before the summer season begins and right before shareholders. Possible destinations should include Dallas/Lovefield Chicago/Midway Atlanta Houston/Hobby ...and a possible Baltimore flight.
  3. Southwest might have to bend a little, and add maybe 2-3 flights to Dallas, and possibly 2 to Chicago, those are the only destinations I could see most profitable. JetBlue could send an ERJ-190 (carries about 90 people) to XNA from JFK or Boston, and that could be like 6 weekly flights.
  4. Great news KJW. AA started flights with their A319 to XNA from DFW. As well as delta mainline started flights earlier this year with a plane that carries 110 people,and a few months later they changed to a plane that carries 150. In the upcoming months Delta will began two flights daily to Atlanta on mainline planes. American (us airways) started flight to LAX a week ago. Destinations such as MSP, CLT, LGA, and DEN are always full flights, I diffenantly could places like Phoenix, and SFO could start flights to XNA and do WELL. They could even resurrect Salt Lake City, Miami. Southwest airlines would make a great airport out of XNA, with all this increased of air trafic, and they amount of diversity, southwest would do more then just fine.
  5. Whats going up by the bentonville square? I thought it was a WM, but I dont know if that has changed or not?
  6. Yes!! Pei Wei! Can't wait! I went to Season 52 in Dallas the other day, it was pretty neat! I hope they come to the Pinnacle soon!
  7. Whats going up next to world gym on J street? I saw a huge crane, must be something big.
  8. Is that Twin Peaks going up in front of Target?
  9. I have seen a Cheesecake Factory in a strip mall before. Do you any of you think that would happen here?
  10. Any news on the Whataburger going in by Pleasant Grove?
  11. Thank you KJW. I can't wait to see what the Pauline Whitaker and the Pinnacle area look like in 20 years down the road. I can just picture, coming down the hill on the interstate (49) from the north, and seeing highrise buildings being built.
  12. There is a strip mall going between Chuckie Cheese and Taco Bell.
  13. Any new development happening. Seems pretty quiet.
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