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  1. BJCC Expansion plans

    Seriously. I mean, is it TOTALLY against the laws of Earth to build the dome later? Cause, why not just go ahead and expand the stuff that money is ALREADY appropriated for, and if there's enough support and money for a dome in the future, BUILD IT! I just don't think they think about the future much.
  2. Railroad Park

    I think this could lead to a major downtown business explosion if managed properly. It'll spur more development in condos, filling the ones that are currently being built and already built, fills offices, corporations will be more encouraged to remain in town/downtown. This could actually reverse the current outflow of population if it works as well as we all hope. This is something major that could change the whole face, and maybe eventually the skyline of Bimingham.
  3. Railroad Park

    Thanx, the place looks like it's gonna be awesome.
  4. Tennessee Valley Talk

  5. East Tennessee Picture of the Day

    Dang, I really need to get back up to Tennessee. Maybe once football season slows down I'll be able to make some road trips. Always happy to return to my home state!
  6. Tennessee Valley Talk

    So, I've been seeing these comercials on TV about HSV getting these flights from U.S. Airways. I'm confused, did they just as a boat load of flights or what?
  7. Decatur Developments

  8. Railroad Park

    Do they have a rough map yet?
  9. Railroad Park

    I like the way that sounds. But, where are they going to find room to put in a lake??
  10. Southern Photos of the Day

    Decatur, AL
  11. Railroad Park

    I'm glad this is finally going through, maybe they'll get most if not all of it done by the time I plan to move to town. It'll be great.
  12. BJCC Expansion plans

    That's a good idea. Cause, if you think about it, the Arena expansion is more of a sure thing. So, money made from the arena can be put towards Legion Field.
  13. Decatur Developments

    It's astounding how long it took to get this approved, even with the Pentagon's support. It will do well for our future. It's weird how all of these jobs are suddenly flooding into the region as of lately.
  14. BJCC Expansion plans

    I read that. But, something about putting some kinda heavy covering on that old stadium scares me to death.
  15. Decatur Developments

    ULA just got approval!!!!!!!!!! 200 new jobs are coming to Decatur.