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  1. mr. bernham

    Plan Baton Rouge

    I just think it looks like an office tower. Not a civic building. The River Center looks pretty rough too. If the City Hall was just a normal office tower, it would be fine, hell, I'd probably even like it. But it doesn't work as a city hall. A city hall should be a grand public building that elevates the individual and makes them feel apart of something grand and greater than themselves. The current City Hall works just fine as an office building, but it doesn't achieve the purpose it's name bestows upon it.
  2. mr. bernham

    Plan Baton Rouge

    Yes I am. By out of place I mean they do not fit with the original (and beautiful) city court house, the old state capitol, and the new district court house tower. They also do not fit with the green space at Galvez Plaza. Their brutalist style is just not a great fit and is depressingly imposing on the site. All three buildings (library, city hall, and theater) are rather quite hideous buildings. The Shaw Center is a gorgeous building that gets modernism right. It's light and beautiful. It partakes in a lovely architectural dialogue with the Hilton Hotel, the beautifully detailed brick warehouse it sits partly on top of, and of course the old state capitol building. The only thing I would add/change would be to turn the empty lot in front of it into a beautifully landscaped park with a terrace and stairs that lead down to the river front and open up a vista that extends to the river. I'd also close the street in front of the Center's entrance to cars and make it a pedestrian only street.
  3. mr. bernham

    Plan Baton Rouge

    I agree. I just feel that with Galvez Plaza, and the NB Town Square, we were building a real civic center for Baton Rouge. The City Hall, the River Center Theater, and now the failed new library really are out of place, ugly, and just ruin that civic center. The structural failure of the new library just shows they should've gone with something better.
  4. mr. bernham

    Plan Baton Rouge

    I hope they stop building that hideous library and tear it down. Build something classical and beautiful in its place.
  5. mr. bernham

    Roundabouts/Traffic Circles?

    This roundabout makes sense. Would be really great placed here.
  6. mr. bernham

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development
  7. mr. bernham

    Rouzan TND

    Those are hideous buildings. I'm really getting tired of the plain, boring modernist architecture that doesn't fit the space or environment it's located in. A library in this area should reflect the historic architecture of South-downs.
  8. mr. bernham

    St. George City Incorporation News

    He will have won re-election or not won by the time the vote happens.
  9. mr. bernham

    Rouzan TND

    Probably is. Functional developers don't care about good design.
  10. mr. bernham

    St. George City Incorporation News

    I agree. I just hope that it becomes a city during a Republican governor. If a Dem is in office the new city council will be appointed by the governor, not the community. I think it's fair to say that such a move would be bad for the new city.
  11. mr. bernham

    St. George City Incorporation News

    Well as stupid as I think this is in some respects, because I've always considered parts of the proposed boundaries Baton Rouge proper, I think it'll be a success. It will be a vote on Broome, not on actual incorporation.
  12. mr. bernham

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Its been almost 3 months and I still can't get over how fantastic this post was. So absolutely true. Everything. I would've quoted it all, but that would be a lot to post.
  13. mr. bernham

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    New City/Parish website! Looks great, though I'm not a huge fan of the logo: I made my own logo a while back. I might send it to my City Councilman to see if they'll adopt it. Thoughts?
  14. mr. bernham

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    I always thought a sports park at Perkins Community Park would be best. Heart of the new medical district. Really promoting an active lifestyle. Build new gym, new natatorium, new flex stadium, and fields.
  15. mr. bernham

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    No. Not here. This is an awful location for a soccer stadium. Any soccer stadium constructed must be a flex stadium meaning it is flexible and has multiple uses. Think stadiums, high school games, etc. A soccer stadium here would fail for the same reason Cortana failed; it's too far from the disposable income inclined population center.