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  1. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    You need a high skilled workforce that can do at least basic programming. Baton Rouge doesn't have that kind of population and it's because of our schools.
  2. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Yeah, Dallas is booming rn. Harvey will only make things better for Dallas.
  3. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    So now our governor is thoroughly incompetent too. He just lost reelection.
  4. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Eventually, all victims of oppression become active players in their own oppression.
  5. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Really interesting article on NOLA. I agree with it...I'm already making plans to leave this state. It's just...too gone.
  6. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    God...why can't these developments build a angel love street grid that doesn't lead to huge traffic jams. One entrance/exit?
  7. Pointe-Marie TND Development

    It's connected to a larger park/trail element. I think the goal is to make the area more dynamic and energetic. The small businesses in the development will see more business if you have groups of tourists coming in and staying. This development honestly makes me think someone decided to take Seaside and put it in BR.
  8. Pointe-Marie TND Development

    I'm most excited about the fact that it looks like the whole thing connects well to both Nicholson and River Road...and it looks like they designed it so that it could connect to any future development in the area.
  9. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    I've noticed that our little BR sub-forum is more active than other places on this site. It's a little sad, but it's also kinda cool.
  10. Baton Rouge Transportation

    This is a map I made a while back. It needs more stops in North BR, but I don't know NBR well enough to know where good stops for the buses would be. Basically. the map is what I think a good bus route system for the city could look like. I'll also add a Louisiana passenger rail system proposal map I made some time ago. It's pretty self-explanatory:
  11. Baton Rouge Transportation

    Something tells me he's planning on running again...hmmm....
  12. Baton Rouge Transportation

    While I would love to see that kind of public transportation in Baton Rouge, at this point in time it would be a waste of money. In order for public transportation to make money, public transportation has to make sense. At this point in time a tram line doesn't make sense. They should wait another five years for the Water Campus to grow out and the Nicholson Gateway project to complete.
  13. New Hotels

    It's not difficult if the would be invaders take out our satellite and technologically blast us back to pre-WWII. The first strike would be to take out US Satellite's then to hack into American databases to offset GPS and other technological tools. Our communication networks would be down and our ships/planes would be severely impaired if GPS systems are offset. Concurrently, as you are destroying the communication networks of the nation you would (presuming Cuba is an anti-US collaborator) launch air strikes on the gulf coast, destroy the Panama Canal, take out US bases in the South East (or try to) and on the west coast launch target strikes against the American ghost fleets in the Bay Area. Invade Hawaii. Within 48 hours you wouldn't just cripple the US' ability for an intimidate retaliation, but you would cripple the US' ability to strike back for at least two years. The speech the President would give would literally be a Dunkirk speech if he opted not to go for a quick peace talks.
  14. New Hotels

    Yeah, we have a fudgeton of oil and a deepwater port on the most important river in the nation. In a mass invasion we'd be attacked.
  15. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    We wouldn't need a zoo. I wish ALIVE had happened. I wasn't here when it happened, but I've found some articles and documents online about it and it seems like it would've really added some life to downtown north and the city as a whole.