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  1. With the new Water Campus and Entergy site redevelopment on the horizon I think this are will become a lot more stable population wise and far more established. It will develop a true sense of place and being. Sacred Heart will also benefit greatly from it. Younger middle-class/upper-class families will mean some parish growth and improvement. Overall this area is looking up and up. Great news.
  2. It going in at Cortana could actually raise some economic development interest for the area.
  3. Wait...hold up...did we just get a new tower? 18 story's? That's great!
  4. I think this is the best possible replacement and with improved access it has the potential to be very popular, especially with residents that live closer.
  5. Damnit. I totally would have tried to go had I known ahead of time. I hope they do one soon. Richy, how do you get these notifications from the DDD?
  6. Alright, I pretty much agree with this. I made the suggested edits. Honestly, there is no reason and centrist/populist ambitious Republican could not win the Mayoralty. The problem is that too many old guard candidates that closely and strongly align with the beliefs of group D are in the race and end up garnering the most Republican support to make a run-off.
  7. Would love to see some high-rises in this area. Maybe a little something varried like what they have in Frankfurt. How cool would that be, driving towards a castle of skyscrapers on the interstate? Something varied like this:
  8. I think the problem is a lack of alternative. Not only are we divided along traditional American lines of race and liberalism/conservatism, but our leaders are simply incompetent. Me too. And if we could reach Atlanta's international level of importance I would be one happy man.
  9. The sonic downtown is open.
  10. In my opinion, a huge problem is that there is not a united political agenda even in the legislature. The LAGOP and the LADP are both treated like branches of the larger organizations and as such have no coherent policy on where to take the state. Maybe that's just my perspective, but I feel if our state political parties had genuine agenda's on how to solve our states problems we could maybe actually get stuff done. We need organization and we need to focus on the real issues, not the petty social issues that some Republicans use just to get out the vote (Democrats do it too, but I really thinking about Jeff Landry and his targeted fights on gay rights). Taking away tax breaks and pledging to reinvest that money in our states infrastructure would not only just make sense, but I sense it would be very politically palpable to literally everyone. Reinvestment in infrastructure without raising the public's taxes? Why the hell HAVEN'T we done this.
  11. you should go to the public meetings when they start. It would be awesome if you could explain this to people.
  12. This thing is going up pretty quick. I'm honestly impressed. They really want to get it open.
  13. It looks pretty rough...the 'Marriott' is also off centered and it kind of ruins it. It looks cleaner and everything, but at night it looks far less impressive than it did in the past.
  14. I made a rough map of where these groups are primarily located. Groups A and B overlap the most; A overlaps more northwards and B overlaps more southeastward. The person that unites three of the groups can win the election:
  15. perfect breakdown. I agree though that they all overlap. Group C and D overlap in that they want to maintain old political structures and only want development if it directly benefits them. They do not think on a regional scale and if they do not see things changing positively for them outside their window, then nothing is changing. Group A is growing largely contains the younger offspring of groups C and D. Uniting this group and group B would be the most realistic path to electoral victory, tacking on groups C or D would solidify your electoral margins. Groups A and B are so similar because at the end of the day they want regional development; group A takes a more 'New Urbanist' approach while group B takes a more traditional American suburb led growth approach. Essentially, group A wants the city to be the next Austin, group B wants the city to be the next Atlanta.