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  1. Upgrade Airline Hwy. and Seigan/expand it for a first loop.
  2. Call me old fashioned, but I'm not supportive of the entire expansion scheme. I'd rather see political will and capital go into the construction of a loop and new bridge than simply over-expanding the existing interstate. So many new businesses and neighborhoods have grown up around the existing interstate and I'd hate to see them demolished or their business impaired by an expansion that will not, in the long run, alleviate traffic issues. By the time the expansion is over, traffic will be just as a bad as it is now. DOTD's are dependent on induced demand to survive, but as a result, it kills our cities.
  3. It's a solid addition. Good project.
  4. Odds are...yes. There's still plenty of time for the final boundaries to be worked out and I have a feeling that when all is said and done, Pecue Lane/Highland Rd. will become the main dividing line between the two cities. The biggest question is how our Parish government changes after this. Frankly, I think BR reformers should try and push for a New York Borough like form of government.
  5. Hearing Republicans will support this in the next legislative session. Watch out folks, Baton Rouge Republicans focused on economic growth are about to start governing our state. Expect some changes.
  6. mr. bernham


    I love this plan. Would be beautiful.
  7. I am all for a new airport on I-12. It would make since for Louisiana to have two major airports in the south-east, one on I-12 and one on I-10. Would aid development.
  8. It was a huge waste of public funds and time.
  9. Map I made a while back for a potential redevelopment plan of the overpass area once the interstate ramp is removed: I believe I intended the pink to be public parking garages and new shops/restaurant/office space on ground level. Green obviously park space, white is building (existing and new), dark grey is parking lot.
  10. mr. bernham

    Mid City

    Rumor I'm hearing is that the plan is being scaled back and isn't going to really be a diet anymore. I'm hearing just new turning lanes and new sidewalks, nothing more.
  11. This. This a billion times. As a current LSU Student, we are craving new leadership. LSU admin is incompetent and fails both current students, alumni, and the state as a whole. When Alexander is gone, depending on the replacement, things will be better. Much needed also is a sea change in student leadership which often serves as a mouth-piece for Alexander. They're also insufferable.
  12. There are genuine safety risks associated with the cell towers. 5G waves are smaller and carry more information meaning they're more dangerous if you're standing too close. Also, smart city policies are actually very very helpful for cities and city growth.
  13. New Rouzan masterplan map was posted to their website: Original Plan for reference to the changes:
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