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  1. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    I always thought a sports park at Perkins Community Park would be best. Heart of the new medical district. Really promoting an active lifestyle. Build new gym, new natatorium, new flex stadium, and fields.
  2. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    No. Not here. This is an awful location for a soccer stadium. Any soccer stadium constructed must be a flex stadium meaning it is flexible and has multiple uses. Think stadiums, high school games, etc. A soccer stadium here would fail for the same reason Cortana failed; it's too far from the disposable income inclined population center.
  3. Louisiana State University

    Finalized Campus Masterplan: Master Plan Report: LSU Now Article:
  4. Roundabouts/Traffic Circles?

    Yeah that fire station hasn't been in use for quite a few years now.
  5. Louisiana State University

    Thank god. Campus needs a fudgeing grocery store. Can't tell you how many times I needed to go to one during class days.
  6. New Hotels

    Really completes that side of the block. Great addition to that area of Downtown. If only we could get some better restaurants and maybe some company's to this end of downtown. Give it some life.
  7. Louisiana State University

    Middleton is pretty rough. It works and gets the job done, but a new library is needed.
  8. Extra-Baton Rouge Development

    This oil recession is hitting BR hard. I mean really really hard. You can tell too. The failing with both Town Center and Juban's Crossing is that they tried to pass themselves off as lifestyle centers but are nothing more than a glorified strip mall. Juban's is a massive waste of space...nothing but an outdoor mall.
  9. Extra-Baton Rouge Development

    Apparently it will be located in the CBD? I'm thinking most of the new development will be within New Orleans...which is good...midtown could be a little more vibrant.
  10. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Holden was great when it came to promoting the city. Broome couldn't even convince a hurricane to come here if she tried.
  11. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Cajun, as he is in most things we discuss here is very correct. Baton Rouge is big enough to attract some mid-level events that could attract tourism and business to the city. We could do this using facilities that currently exist. The key is a big city cheerleader that can inspire and motivate the city to go for stuff, and be willing themselves to dedicate their lives towards promoting the city. Baton Rouge hosted the World Special Olympics back in the 1980s, this past year they were held in Los it was a sizable event (though much larger now than then). The Pan-American Games would be quite the's not currently realistic...but with the right business climate, investment in infrastructure, and a decreased hostility toward to the free market, I believe Baton Rouge could do it. Birmingham is hosting the similarly sized Global Games in 2021. Hell, a better Baton Rouge than the current one could probably even (with the right stuff and leader) host the Youth Olympic Games which is even a little smaller of an event than the previous events. You could host opening ceremonies at LSU, track/field at a renovated Bernie Mack, etc. you'd need some temporary venues constructed, athletes could be housed at the dorms, and we'd need way more hotel rooms, but in 20 years we could probably do it...but only with the right leaders. That's what all this comes down to. From hosting sporting events to attracting businesses, we need better leadership and a citizenry that is more willing to take risks and make big investments in both people and the economy. Under our cities current leadership I see things getting worse, but nothing lasts forever...even nightmares.
  12. Mid City

    I hate that corporate jargon bullcrap. If you're gentrifying just fudgeing say it.
  13. Northern EBR Parish Development

    fudgeing ridiculous.
  14. Gonzales & Ascension Parish

    Win for Ascension Parish. They're about to be Brooklyn to our Manhattan.
  15. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    My money is on Denver, Boston, or NYC. Pittsburgh, Atlanta, or Chicago are my second tier.