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  1. this forum looks to be dead but in the hopes that there are still people that come here, i ran across this tidbit today. Station a threat?
  2. Wow, nice to meet you too. I'm sorry to be so late in my reply to your post, things are hectic here in the Bucket and I'm too busy trying to make my neighborhood a livable place (setting up neighborhood watch, going to zoning hearings etc). I'm a Pawtucket resident and have owned a home here for almost 5 years now. As for the state of the train station I'm actually not happy at all nor have I walked away from the issue, its something that my wife and I discuss with our neighbors on an almost daily basis. You see if the train station were to actually come back to life it would have a direct impact on our neighborhood (Pleasant View) and go a long way towards dragging it back from the urban blight it now finds itself sinking deeper into. I have given PADS, the Pawtucket Foundation and anyone else who might help in this situation my full support so who are you to be telling me what I do and do not care about? I care about it very much and have put my money where my mouth is by living here day to day. I try and attend every meeting that has to do with the preservation of the station. What did I do to you? sheesh.
  3. You couldn't possibly have expected them to care or try and preserve anything.. I mean come on.. don't forget what we are dealing with here. The only reason that building is standing at all is because we all pulled together. If it was up to the developer it would be a parking lot ala PAVE-alino.
  4. Trains Long Gone But CVS Pulling in at Depo Site - Pawtucket Times "Finally, the work has begun," said Ike Seelbinder of SMPO Properties, Inc. a Memphis, Tenn.-based development group. "As Mayor Moreau has promised to the city, he has delivered CVS to Central Falls." what a crock of crape. I think that they will let the train station rot then tear it down. Pawtucket's just going to end up a blighted eyesore like Central Falls.
  5. Train Station Agreement between the City of Pawtucket and SMPO has been announced The Agreement
  6. I wonder if this is a bad thing? Does this mean that Central Falls will be able to give the thumbs down to a train stop? Seems like they don't really care...
  7. Guess I'm not part of the "nervous around poor folk" crowd then... I will be using this train stop all the time for my commute to Boston and back. and isn't the train station what will help to make this area alot better in the long run? For sure not the cvs. When people look back on our culture hundreds of years from now its going to be the historical, functional buildings like the train station that they remember.. not these friggin big box mall landfill hellholes that make everything look cheap (yeah, I'm talking about this cvs as well). I still don't trust these developers OR Central Falls to have any vision.. we'll see.
  8. Moreau's administration criticized Pawtucket for stalling a viable project for a "pie in the sky." man I hate that shi-tbag!
  9. Hey Herb, I have a question for you.. Other than have sandwiches named after you, what is it that you actually do? I actually don't know what an Economic & Cultural Affairs Officer does.. Are you basically a PR person for Pawtucket?
  10. Compromise on depot in works - Pawtucket Times
  11. Providence Journal Court Battle Over Train Station Is On Hold "Moses has contended that hopes for restoring the station to its former role as a train station are probably unfounded."
  12. Depot Court Hearing Put Off - Pawtucket Times Demolition jeopardizes federal cash for depot - Pawtucket Times
  13. Its official. Central Falls mayor a jackass. This story is so full of holes and its slanted against the so called "crusaders" that want to restore the building. C.F. mayor: Can't restore train station
  14. Hey Racepicks! Welcome to the forum, glad to have another voice heard. I also reside and own a house here and I pay my taxes to the city as well.. I know exactly what your saying about the Barton St. Association too. I'm hoping that all this attention will at least open lines of communication between everyone. Now... I'm thinking about starting a Boycott CVS myspace page.. anyone think this is a good idea? contributions?
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