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  1. Anyone else notice the Five Points district has been assaulted lately by a bunch of Lockland Springs signs?
  2. This is really concerning to me. If there's difficulty creating new office space, doesn't that choke growth? There desperately needs to be more mixed use developments and like smeagle has been saying, they need to just remove height restriction.
  3. I used to work at the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and that broad MSA definition always bothered me, but I have gotten more used to it. People from all of those counties commute to Nashville for work or are otherwise doing business that serves Nashville.
  4. That is so tempting! I actually regularly volunteer at the library archives between noon and 2 on Saturdays. But 10 is unfortunately way too early for me. I am a Lyft driver and if I don't work 2-3 AM Friday night (Saturday morning) I will be missing out on a lot of money. I usually get home about 3:30 AM. I live in Antioch. Usually when I arrive at the library around noon I am still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Damnit though I really want to make it to one of these meetings though. I wish they were at like 2 pm on Tuesdays. I would make it every day. I understand though that I
  5. About time we get a Jazz club! That is something Nashville has desperately needed. Too much country, not enough alternatives.
  6. Any update on putting sidewalks on 8th ave s? Sidewalks are DESPERATELY needed in the Melrose area. I am a Lyft driver and have heard many complaints about the lack of sidewalks.
  7. Nah, there are two major new multi story honkey tonks in the works plus the new multi story 24 hour restaurant attached to the sobro and I really wish downtown would have some more diversity.
  8. 5-8 years? That's a long time. I think a good place to relocate all of those bars is on South St. It's just outside of The Gulch, is a very wide street that connects 12th and 8th avenues, and all that's there is a few ugly houses and some old low rise commercial buildings. If I was a billionaire I would buy up that whole strip between 8th and 12th and have it redeveloped as a new entertainment district. They could call it South Gulch. Edit: Actually I would just call it "South Street". They could have a big glitzy sign similar to the Printer's Alley sign on both sides of the bloc
  9. Actually this is what I would do. I would alter the pedestrian walkway where it is aligned with the museum, instead of ending at a T intersection with a dead end. The green areas would be replaced with new trees and the black line of course represents getting rid of the roundabout.
  10. I think if that's the plan they should just ditch the roundabout. What's the point of a roundabout if there are only two points of entry to the circle?. They should turn it into a regular street section and incorporate the eastern part of the roundabout into the park.
  11. Well the progress of all of the projects in development is extremely exciting. I think once the Division st connector and Gulch pedestrian bridge are finished we will see a ton of new proposals for SoBro.
  12. There are two Cook Out locations in Nashville as well. The Arby's on West End was replaced with one about a year ago and another opened in East Nashville at the terminus of Trinity Lane. Cheapest fast food you can find and damn good milkshakes. The first time I ever saw one was in Anderson, South Carolina 7 or 8 years ago.
  13. What was torn down on west end just west of 440? I hope it wasnt more historic homes
  14. Maybe some of those bars can move to the retail space at the gulch crossing. I hate to see those places go.
  15. Actually all the way into Salemtown (and down to Lafayette)
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