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  1. @bigeasy Right there with you.. We live in Ladd Park and this is a terrible location. I am all about what they are offering.. just not in this location.
  2. Hadn't gone into the office in months (north Mt. Juliet area).. and completely forgot about the massive 3.6 million square foot Amazon fulfillment center off Golden Bear Gateway. Hard to get a perspective on the mass of this building but snapped a few (poor quality) shots as I cruised by. Looked like Cooper Steel got this massive contract.
  3. Unless something has changed, I believe that is going to be a Perry's Steakhouse. LINK
  4. Franklin owns the land and I believe a layout has been approved. Seems to be stalled for the moment though. LINK SEMunicipalComplexParkCPTC.pdf
  5. Not sure if this has been posted. franklintn.gov/buildingpermitdashboard
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