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  1. Rebuild, structural issues caused by faulty building (supposedly). Can't wait because across the street kinda sucks as a credit union.
  2. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Little bit better photos of Craighead/ RR/ lumberyard apartments.
  3. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Work going strong at the old corner store, mini brewery right?
  4. 11 HouseBZ

    Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte

    Unless, it's kudzu.
  5. 11 HouseBZ

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Now I have JP theme song blasting in my brain. Lol good stuff.
  6. Is he leaving the solstice mural? A bad rumor I heard a few weeks back.
  7. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte Tech News

    I guess I'm an underperforming user.
  8. 11 HouseBZ

    2019 Predictions

    Being that I don't really have much to offer in the way of development news, I can't make very educated predictions. But I'll give one I feel good about. 1.) KJHBURG hits 40,000 likes. Let's make this happen people.
  9. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte Tech News

    I switched just in time!
  10. 11 HouseBZ

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Don't pity them if they're prepared. I'd have a lawn chair an a couple cans of my favorite beer in a yeti cooler ready for my daily wait to leave the garage. That or I'd just take the train. I like beer though.
  11. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    That same turkey was twerking yesterday if anybody else caught that while watching the news.
  12. 11 HouseBZ

    Pedestrian Shaming in Charlotte

    I'm in agreement with most of what you and Sgt and others are saying above except this. Pedestrians, though being the major underdog in our built environment, still have the personal responsibility to themselves and others to follow the law and general safe practices. Pedestrians are not infallible except in cases of suicide. I've personally seen many cases of other reasons. A mentally incapable person (dementia, handicapped, or others who don't know to not dart), drunk, but the most common "I forgot to look". The last becoming far more common since the advancement of cell phones. My point of all this is not to say cars are only right, because again, I agree with most of the above and change is needed. Pedestrians and bicyclist need higher pecking order to establish change in our built environment and people's mentality toward the beloved car. But I can't blame every driver always anymore than I can blame a train driver who hits a person crossing tracks not at a crosswalk, a bus driver hitting a car that darts out in front of them, or a trolley hitting a jaywalker. I don't have the answers but blaming only vehicles when we're all imperfect isn't the answer.
  13. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    We saved one of the signs tarhoosier, though from the 35th street side.
  14. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Lol I smelt it, but I definitely didn't deal it. My co-workers and I had a good laugh at the absurdity of almost stepping in human poop.
  15. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Oh and if any of you are thinking of illegally going into the back of the 36th street building through the window propped open by that no parking sign. Watch out for draws. "What draws?" you say? The ones covered in fecal matter. Those ones. I almost stepped on them. From what I could determine is, someone had to crap so bad that they ran to this secluded spot to do so. But the time they made it there, the deed was done and was now running down their leg. So they ditched them in the middle of the path to that window and went on their merry way. Gross story? Yes. Now y'all know how I almost stepped in poop today.