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  1. Lol yeah I think it had more reason back in the day. If I remember correctly tarhoosier had a really good comment awhile back about the history of the company.
  2. Probably Herrin Ice and Coal not wanting their business getting bulldozed.
  3. First, I'm not a police officer so don't hold me to this but... I'm pretty sure they're not allowed to pursue dirt bikes/4 wheelers/etc. UNLESS said person was witnessed or suspected of serious crimes. The bad part is the people on bikes and the like know this and will blatantly ride in front of officers doing wheelies and such. Now the above case the person was suspected of assualt (serious crime) hence the pursuit. But in cases where the people are riding and are not suspected of or are witness to serious crime they may not be able to initiate pursuit. They have to weigh the pursuit vs the risk to the public if they do pursue. TL;DR: I'm not sure how much crack down will happen if it doesn't involve serious crime. See CMPD's Interactive Directive Guide 600-22 Should be first result if you Google "CMPD pursuit policy". I hope this helps anybody with questions.
  4. I couldn't find an art/ mural thread so I guess I'll put it here. Saw these while in the Asian mall today. First entrance from Tryon, in the back, left wall. I'd like to see more murals from a variety of cultures across our city. I thought they were pretty cool, I just wish they were more public.
  5. Now he didn't say what part or how much, but it was some.
  6. Caught some work being done to the old solstice. One of the guys in charge said they are enlarging the window and installing a lintel above the window because surprisingly it had none. I also asked him about the mural and unfortunately he said some of it will be repainted to a more NoDa themed mural. Not sure what that means, but the bright side is he's hiring the Matt duo to paint it. On our morning stroll at work today.
  7. One of the posters recently put up at near Sugar Creek Lynx station.
  8. 5139 Eaton Cir, Charlotte, NC 28208 https://maps.app.goo.gl/hn9JDbbXX3pLsYbU8 I wish they could do it here. I feel it to be a very visible location with easy access to both 85 and 77 via BG. It's a bigger lot allowing for bigger aircraft/ displays, still right by the airport for aircraft that still need to be flown in, and interstates for those to be drove in. But the biggest is visibility. Thousands of people drive right by here leaving the airport every week. It could easily be the first or last touristy thing one could do arriving/ leaving Charlotte. Heck, it's an easier location to get to than the current, somewhat hidden location, that I feel more of us locals could bring our kids. Unfortunately I think there already are plans for this site. Uptown would definitely be cool, but I think would suck from a logistical standpoint.
  9. The view of uptown from the 9th floor of 1000 Baxter earlier this evening. Credit goes to a buddy of mine who took it, I forgot my phone down in the truck. It's gotta be one of the best views in the city.
  10. I talked to Dev in the back, he said they're short staffed right now. 2 people just promoted up and out a couple weeks back which didn't help staffing. I've seen a lot of the normal morning cashiers have been stocking shelves leaving only 2-3 registers running. Got to be one of the busiest Food Kitties around.
  11. Let the BBQ wars begin! Nothing helps creativity like competition. I hope we get more good bbq joints. And let's have variety too, Kansas style, Alabama, Tennessee, eastern NC, Texas (woop, woop!), etc.
  12. We all joke about the power lines in all the photos we take off the new developments. But seriously, this is why power lines need to be buried. Not for aesthetics, but weather. We have way too many weather events through every season not to. You can't tell me that this right here, fixing lines multiple times a year, year after year, with all the overtime and fixins is cheaper than just putting them underground. I also might be a little biased cause I've had little sleep over the last 72 hours and my wife and kids are home still without power. Guess I'll be cranking the generator when I get home in the morning.
  13. What time did you come through there? I did too, we could of past each other.
  14. I thought I saw an available sign, maybe with the repainting of the building my mind made it up. I'll check tomorrow when I go back to work. Or maybe someone up there today can check.
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