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  1. 11 HouseBZ

    Villa Heights Projects

    Saw fencing, guys staking and marking, and equipment digging on the lot at the corner of Jordan and Davidson (not Chadbourne). It was a really busy day Friday at work so I didn't get photos. Not much to see yet but I'll get one Wednesday when I get back to work.
  2. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    It works on phone (at least a Samsung s7). 3 dots >settings >site settings>JavaScript>disable
  3. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Gotcha, I guess I mean I like the cross. Good work though.
  4. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I would keep the St. Andrews cross in the design from the city flag. I do like the crown incorporated from the government flag.
  5. 11 HouseBZ

    Unified Development Ordinance

    Can I get a AMEN! Preach!
  6. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    I hope they are so we can have more direct info. My info was filtered twice through imperfect human brains.
  7. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Also, mind you that these were foremen for the bridge not the Station House project. So yeah. Hope it happens!
  8. 11 HouseBZ

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    So, I didn't mention it last week because I honestly thought it had already been discussed back in the thread. Buuuuut, on a particular day at work a week or two ago, we were surveying the progress of the bridge/ north side of Raleigh st. We noticed some of the foremen under the bridge talking. After getting into conversation about the bridge we asked if they knew anything about the Station House project. Here's the piece of info they gave us: they told us that the people that own station house also own the warehouse building across from it, roughly 601 Sugar Creek. The foreman said that they were going to develop a market just like you described. Take it for what it is, hearsay, but to hear someone talk about the exact thing I just heard about not too long ago was to me, peculiar. Edit: oh and they said the other warehouse was going to be developed similar to Station House
  9. 11 HouseBZ

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I have some friends in the northern towns, who normally would take 77, that divert to the wider, flowing 85 via Bruton/ 485 because of traffic and capacity on 77. How much of that 40,000 is diverted 77 southbound traffic? Granted, they may just be a few of the outliers because of the side of 77 they live on in the northern territories. Who knows?
  10. 11 HouseBZ

    History of Charlotte

    Yoo, check out that skyline! Or lack there of!
  11. 11 HouseBZ

    :::Sidewalk Widths

    Here you go, this tread should catch you up to where the city is right now.
  12. 11 HouseBZ

    :::Sidewalk Widths

    Someone with more knowledge can correct me if wrong, but this is one of the issues to be fixed with UDO. This is also a big issue not just in uptown and the inner hoods. The middle to outer hoods have incredibly narrow sidewalks as well. A 3ft sidewalk is treacherous next to a busy road with only a curb between you and a 4000lb car while pushing a stroller with your wife in front of you, because of course she can't walk beside you. Oh, and another couple is walking your way, with two big dogs. Wider sidewalks should be done or corrected for every new development.
  13. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I think it's worth it, at minimum and lives lost aside, that some don't have to see the leftovers of what happens when a train hits someone. I'm sure you're joking, I get it, but I find the smell of carnage more annoying than a horn. It's the city so there will be noise.
  14. 11 HouseBZ

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Can confirm this, will be much better when they finish the whole Sugar Creek debacle.
  15. 11 HouseBZ

    Charlotte area population statistics

    Not sure about schools in particular, but can concur that affluent areas of town are some of the higher overdose areas in our city. The highest and lowest income areas the worst for drugs. You can definitely tell when a "bad" batch of heroin hits the street. I'm sure it's similar when it filters into the schools.