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  1. Terrible photo quality, but managed to get this of a Camaro ZL1 1LE who happened to get on 85 next to me in Gaston. First one I've seen. It was funny to see a "plain" 5.0 mustang begin to tailgate him not even realizing that this wasn't just the average Camaro in front of him. Mr ZL1 wasn't even phased.
  2. 11 HouseBZ

    UP Forum Meetups

    Sorry, I missed this as well. When I got off this morning, I had to drop by my mom's to put together her new recliner before continuing on with more errands. Ain't no rest for the wicked.
  3. My favorite quote from that article, "Steering in the old sedan could be best described as “immediately vague.”"
  4. Unfortunately we did it to ourselves.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't CHA/Inlivian own Edwin towers? If "affordable housing in uptown" is their claim, why aren't they developing an entire block that houses only one building? Tear down that eye sore rather than Hall.
  6. Here's a photo of part of the collapse in the building fronting 36th. I took this almost 2 years ago when touring the mill.
  7. Not to mention the Food Lion Auto Fair showing off that culture. I grew up going to it. This isn't very expensive (yes but not by supercar standards) or really that rare, but it was cool seeing my first AEV Prospector XL in Charlotte. I guess my speed is a little different than others... P.S. Though I'm not a Ford guy, that new Bronco, right?! Can't wait to see my first here in the QC.
  8. Lord, this comment was "this" close to making me spit my coffee this morning. Thanks for the laugh. 2 days straight at work, I needed this. Lol
  9. I'm twist turned around, is it the 2 story or the one story knife place?
  10. Yeah, not even just for homeless too. I'd of liked a cheaper option like this when I was young and single. In other words what you said lol.
  11. McCreesh and Moore Place apts are like this, though they are more targeted to helping those affected by homelessness and drug abuse.
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