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  1. UL568, your passion for this is palpable. I dig it. But you attack and name call a lot. At times you read way further into another person's comments than they may mean. For instance when I was advocating for the occasional positive story, you interpreted it as spreading disinformation and thinking people dying wasn't serious. I have no hard feelings for you, you're passionate for this. How you offer information is just as important as the information given. Might I suggest that you leave the insults behind. I guarantee you that whatever you're trying to say will have much further reach. KJHburg was not wrong when quoting stats. You and others correctly made sure to point out the difference in the timelines of those states, weeks vs months vs years and how the lockdown changed it for the better. But your responses differ in that a lot of the times you're attacking the person as well. Now point is not argue anyones point over the other. My point is how we argue those points. We all complain about the Twitter, Facebook, observer comment sections of the world. I don't want this forum to become those places. By all means argue your points, but we're all adults here, leave the name calling on the schoolyard.
  2. For anybody that rides a bike, moped or motorcycle. Wear your helmet. Always.
  3. The overwhelming majority of the content posted on the thread is about the facts of the virus, what's current and correcting falsehoods. I personally enjoy the occasional positive annotation. It's the reminder to continue doing right.
  4. Again, agreed. Yes, I agree with the statistics and facts. They're very grim. I am only debating whether it's acceptable to post positive/survival stories. That's it.
  5. I don't think posting a survival story lessens the severity of what we're dealing with. For me it reminds me of who we are fighting for. They lived because some people, somewhere did right.
  6. I agree with everything you're saying here. I'm still confused as to why we can't share the survival stories though. These stories to me mean we are doing some good and are going to get beer.
  7. How did this person survive? What preexisting conditions did they have? What treatment did they use? What is their race, gender, etc? There's tons of information to gain from these survivors. I don't get why people's positive stories can't be told because some people try to use it for their narrative. The deniers are not the majority. These stories are usually tied to proper adherence to WHO and CDC recommendations. They need to be told. If not all you have are the deniers twisted version.
  8. I personally like hearing the survival stories of those that are especially susceptible to this virus. I don't think being positive equates to ignoring reality. We all know this is killing thousands daily, which is incredibly sad. Especially when the stories are close to home. But it's very heart warming to hear the "against all odds" stories of survival of those that are expected to die. Their stories kinda need to be told. We can learn a lot that might help countless others. Be kind and stay positive.
  9. Me: "No dummy, it's... oh yeah, whelp ....uhh looks to be so. Dang."
  10. Dairy Queen on Wilkinson Queen Park Hutchison shopping center on Graham Herring Ice and Coal on 36th Park n Shop on Wilkinson Lupie's Cafe Liberty East on Independence Penguin Diamond Coffee Cup Lance Carowinds These are the first of the top of my head/ stomach. There's more obviously.
  11. Not sure of the accuracy of this, a coworkers wife is a local nurse and said that people coming in with symptoms but not severe enough to be hospitalized are being sent home without testing and told to quarantine for 14 days. If true it might affect confirmed case numbers. And if true is this just a local policy or statewide? Anybody heard anything about this?
  12. I get those points, my focus is more in the smaller world issues and personal opinions. I said "could be wrong" mainly because I'm referring mainly to opinions in general that I haven't looked into and or can't verify a position. It wasn't for A2's comments in particular. As far as how to deal with the bigger issues you've brought up, I don't know. That's bigger than me to figure out. I would just like to help keep this forum civil. Disagreed, defend your position, challenge others on theirs. But we can do it as adults. Now back to topic, I really hope everybody is making it through this alright.
  13. Everybody has probably seen the satellite photos of China's reduction in pollution. I'm curious to see more world pollution levels but especially here.
  14. Not being holier than anyone. I didn't want to exclude myself from needing correction from incorrect opinions I've had. If someone post something you feel is wrong, respond to it with civility. Tell them they are wrong, back it up with facts like many are doing. But understand, if someone has an incorrect opinion, how best do you feel it is to convince them otherwise? Being rude? Civility no longer has place just because someone could be wrong? This to me seems to be the real problem. Many people have become my way, wrong or right, or the highway. Having civil conversation is how you get productive results. Insulting someone or trying to slam them for a wrong or differing view is childish and should be left for Instagram.
  15. And as I said, respond to it, please do so. But insults can be left out. I didn't agree with hardly any of what was posted, but don't feel the need to insult. What I didn't agree with was ignored.
  16. Guys, this is a forum that is better known for civilized conversation over other forums. By insulting someone over different views degrades that notion. "Ten attaboys can be erased by one screw up". If you disagree with a post, state why you disagree. If it bothers you, ignore it. Simple. Seriously, just be nice. I need that reminder sometimes.
  17. My wife has tasked me with finally organizing the garage. So next week I'll be building some shelves around my work bench. This past week I hung some hanging shelves (pictured) and then a ceiling fan in the living room (pictured). I also got my yard in order and hopefully will figure out how to make Bermuda grass look good (lots of doubts). I also might be monstaliner-ing my truck in a couple weeks. Just gotta fit this in between days that I'm working. The deck looks great NikolaTesla!
  18. If a bunch of Nazi's couldn't kill him, you think Covid19 could? Pssssh, this is one bad mama-jama. You sure his name wasn't Chuck Norris?
  19. Keep the positivity coming. I stay up top date on the virus daily but am trying to limit how much each day. My job is especially high in anxiety right now, so I really need the positive relief. Don't forget Matthew 6:25-34. It's been my mainstay here recently. Verse 34 "So never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties. Each day has enough of its own troubles." Cheers
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