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  1. Is that the alcoholic root beer? If so, I recently had some while visiting family in Akron, Ohio. It was on tap at a really cool bottle shop called Portage Lakes Brewing Company. I'm not sure about down here besides what Jayvee said. If not, I might be thinking of something completely different.
  2. I took these a few months back but figured I'd share them now since it's easier to attach photos (yes I'm one of those that's not good at interneting). They're by no means professional, but they give an okay behind the scenes feel of the old Ford plant and boiler house. I love these old warehouses and hope they can be saved after Rite Aid moves out. One of the old maintenance men promised the guys I work with a tour of the tunnels that run throughout the property under the warehouses. I'll try to take a few photos of those as well if and when we cash in on his promise. Hope y'all enjoy.
  3. ^plus Three Spirits Brewery in the area, unless this is the brewery being talked about. They've recently released their new tap handles.
  4. While I'm not involved with the local craft scene (unless you count drinking), I did get to tour yesterday unofficially. The guy from the first link is right, this place is HUGE. While talking with the owners, they said this gives them plenty of room to grow and that they wouldn't even be using all of the new place initially. The "3" floors you see in the 2nd link (pic with the circles in concrete which were the bases for the old vinegar tanks) are going to be removed because 1) the wood planks are badly decomposed in places from the decades of vinegar production and 2) it will give them the room for the tall fermentation tanks that will line the walls. The owner said it would give them 20 plus unimpeded feet to work with. A few aspects of the building I hope they retain or don't cover up are the huge wooden beams/columns and roof members. They just don't build them like that anymore. The other thing was the floors. Part of the warehouse has old brick cobble stone floors. It was worn or damaged in some parts of the building but would look amazing if they repaired it. Either way there'll be lots of work to be done for sure to make the building their own. One question though about permitting/planning. I talked to the owner and he said they've been in permitting or planning since November. Does it normally take this long? Or is it because the building is changing uses ie. vinegar to roofing to brewery? Or possibly the permitting/planning dept is just understaffed and behind? Forgive my ignorance on this topic. I'm just excited for this new spot to be open now. It's going to be amazing!
  5. Haha no classified info, just the why I got to ride. I was trying to play it safe, but I guess it came out sounding kinda dumb. My adrenaline was still pumping after riding it a few times.
  6. ^I would if I didn't have to go back to work. You won't be disappointed, this coaster is legit.
  7. I can't yet say why, when or how, but Fury 325 is... just wow. Carowinds is definitely moving in the right direction putting in ish like this. Wow.
  8. ^I swear, y'all are some stone cold development ninjas to find the rumors and predict this almost to a T. I'll never doubt y'all again. Respect. I'm incredibly excited for this, though I have a question about its impact. I believe a few months back it was discussed about the possibility of a Publix getting built across uptown on the Skyhouse site. With Whole Foods confirmed and Crescent kind of beating them to the punch, would the rumored Publix be delayed/postponed/canceled? Does this store have the power to dissuade other grocers in uptown for the moment or awhile? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm not that knowledgeable in development planning. P.S. Feel free to move to the appropriate thread if this is too off topic.
  9. Yeah I definitely see your point, combining would save money. A quick side note, they are combining CMPD, CFD, the county's MEDIC dispatch services in a new 3-4 story building to be built behind the new CFD HQ. Thereby streamlining the 911 call system. The building looks OK I guess for a government building, but I heard at least the building site plan is being redone to bring the building forward to the street pushing the parking to the sides/backside.
  10. They (CMPD) wouldn't fit in the CFD HQ because CFD is already combining 4 of it's divisions under one roof or at least the same area. Parking would be too tight with the amount of cop cars going in and out of a normal precinct, especially since that's one of the busiest ones. It'd be too expensive for the city to build a parking garage to accommodate this, plus the lack of room on site.
  11. I believe certain departments of the city of Charlotte ride for free. They show their city ID's as a pass if checked.
  12. Was talking to a friend in the beer business last week and he told me that the Hoppy Holidays is the result of a screw up. Hop Drop was accidentally mix with a batch of something else, I believe coco loco or ramble (don't hold me to that for I was 3 pints deep). And so as not to waste product... Hoppy Holidays! Good thing is that if it does well, ^and seems to be from those lucky enough to get hands on it, I heard they know exactly how much of each were mixed so they can reproduce it and do it again next year. I might be able to get some next week from said friend. But if not, cheers.
  13. I think this is scrap yard or right behind the scrap yard 1 block north of Matheson especially since the addressed street is E 31st. Lockwood doesn't start til 10 blocks south on the other side of Tryon. ^But as stated above(rjp212) this would be amazing for this area. Bring on the revitalization!
  14. ^ Agreed. I used to part time a job with a company who used to have the contract to "fix" up the place. Whoever the management is of the buildings, they're not really willling to let their current cash flow go. So many contractors before us would only piece meal the problems they found. We constantly had to fix their trashy work. The guy I worked for lost the contract because we were too expensive( we were actually fixing everything from complete floors replaced, 20' sections of walls replaced, reroofing, etc which means spending money that they didn't want to or at times couldn't pay). I really don't know how they are allowed to stay open. For instance just about all the apts west of Remus are infested with fleas, cats, and roaches. Border line third world. I literally stepped mid thigh through a floor because it was so rotten, and that was an apt we were not suppose to work on to so they could put it up for rent. This kind of ish happened regularly and they'd just want us to patch over it to cover it up. I guess out of sight, out of mind. Either way, I don't think it'll be developed anytime soon. Business is too lucrative, especially with a month and a half waiting list. Really wish they'd just bulldoze the place.
  15. I also had the opportunity to eat at Draught the other day for lunch. I had the duck au jus which was on point. It washed down nicely with 2 Birdsong Browns. My only, but very minor, complaint is that there was a fairly weak local representation on the beer list. This, I'm sure will be fixed in time so I'll pipe down about it. But bottom line, I liked the feel of the joint and will definitely be back.
  16. Just heard the other day (second hand, take it for what it's worth) that the last tenant (one of the many pallet companies) in the blue Hercules building on the left side of Graham going north has to be out by Friday. They said the owner changed their plan for it. Instead of tearing it down for new apartments, they're going to renovate the existing structure for apartments. Can't say that I'm too attached to this particular building so I wasn't disappointed when they were planning on tearing it down. The only buildings I would like for them to spare is the original Ford (1667 Statesville Rd currently building #2 of Rite Aid) and the pump house with accompanying water tower. I would just hope they reuse some of the brick and large diameter lumber from these buildings for whatever new developement to give it character and a nod toward the sites substantial influence in our history.
  17. Last week as I drove by OMB's new location I noticed they were clearing out a lot of the under brush on the Tryon side of their property while leaving a good bit of the tall trees. Wasn't it mentioned that they were going to have a beer garden/patio area? Is this to be the location of said beer garden? If so, I feel this to be a huge upgrade from their previous outdoor patio. Very chill spot to enjoy a brew or two under the trees.
  18. I have to agree that it will take time for Lockwood to ditch the bad image. Every violent crime in that area continues that stigma. But as one who sees some of the worst of the neighborhood, it is encouraging to see people look past that image and still invest in the area such as renovating houses. And I must add that Lockwood has one of the best views of Uptown. It's also nice to see some city investment with the new CFD headquarters. Rumor has it CFD is going to occupy two nearby warehouses with their logistics division. You can find these on the left after Armour Dr driving north on Graham. Police already occupy the warehouse with the Chevy smokestack with a random assortment of vehicles. These are all located between the new CFD headquarters and the blue Hercules building that was mentioned above. As far as the Catalina bungalows in Tryon Hills mentioned above, the last of them were razed as of two months ago. Dille Hay courts on the other side of 28th are still going strong and are fully occupied. A curfew was implemented a while back and has helped stem some of the problems from there at least. I was told the reason for the disconnected street grid in druid and Tryon Hills was to discourage drug dealing by limiting the ingress and egress. Therefore making it easier for CMPD to catch dealers. All in all I'm hopeful for the entire "North End" area, even though it's hard to see some of the changes working. There is a lot of potential for change though... P.S. I'd like to say hello to everyone, I'm new to Urban Planet.
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