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  1. Tiger King because y'all and some friends of ours recommending it. What. The. Hell.
  2. Correct, there are probably a dozen or so OD's every week and in every part of Charlotte. It's too common place to make the news, especially these days.
  3. Finished Hunters on Prime last week. My wife's choice for this week for us is Self Made. My current game, I'm replaying The Last of Us: Remastered for obvious reasons. Current house project, spraying the heck out of all the weeds in my yard (just got a letter from my HOA). If I get another letter I'm reporting them for not following the new stay at home order. They definitely aren't essential. Oh and I'm catching up on reruns of Wild'n'Out, The Office, Fresh Prince and of Price is Right when at work.
  4. In all seriousness, please remember to take care of your mental health too. Take a break from these reports and news articles. Don't bury your head in the sand, stay current at least once or twice a day. But we need down time from all the anxiety related to covid19. It can take a toll on your overall health. So get back into your hobbies, catch up on your exercise, or read a book. Find healthy ways to unwind and reduce stress. Stay healthy/ get better, cheers.
  5. Both are needed. For instance, when firemen and paramedics respond to possible covid19 patients, the regular surgical masks go on the patient to help stop particulates. The first responders will wear the N95's for their protection. This may not be the case once they reach the hospital but it is on the prehospital side. Like you said, the N95 masks are needed more, but there still is a big need for the regular masks. PSA: Please, please, please don't hoard the N95 masks. They currently are being rationed by health care facilities and first responder agencies because of supply. Please follow CDC regulations on exposure risk, they will work if we follow them.
  6. Half joking, are you white? The last 5-10 years I've been "randomly" selected probably half of the time. But I'm also brown (light skin black) and tall. Lol hope they were as nice as your flight crew. P.S. This is not a politicized race comment, I purely want to know. Personally I think my height is the reason. Or because I volunteered to test each TSA checkpoint 10 years ago and they still have a photo of me as one to aggravate and harass. (I got fake contraband through 3 out of 5 gates, so that they failed).
  7. Southern cursing at its finest. This just got real. Jokes aside, the effects on people's lives are real. Is there a bit of hysteria making it worst? I think so. I think it's testing everybody's nerves trying to find the balance between a bandaid and World War Z. Let's all just wash our hands and have a beer. And yes, my month of no beer ended yesterday after getting home from the grocery store. Our normal weekly trip turned into a nightmare of battling soccer moms for strawberries (lady, do you really need 5 boxes?).
  8. I'm pretty sure most places have understaffed janitorial crews (person) for what you're asking. They hit as much as they can that offers the most bang for buck. So pretty much what people see. I think what might help the issue you've brought up the most is people just washing their dick grabbers when they leave the restroom.
  9. This happens a lot. I get the benefits of cans, but the pricing, specifically on 16oz cans, confuses the heck out of me. While there isn't a huge difference in total ounces (8), the price is. $12 at my local Teeter, I've noticed, is on the low end for 4 packs. They've creeped up to $16-17 at times! It can't be that canning is that much more expensive because 6 pack cans cost the same as the bottles. Convenience? I don't buy it. Literally. Maybe I'm just irritable because my wife and I are on a self imposed month of no drinking. Feeling good but I want a beer.
  10. A coworker asked somebody in the know who stated apartments and retail. I have no facts or other details. That was many months ago.
  11. Let me try, but it's not exact because of forgotten history. Tl;dr This too fudging long research essay I wrote basically says that I don't know and involves entirely too much conjecture for my theory. First link, page 129, paragraph 2: It briefly describes Samuel McCombs finding gold on his property in 1825 and the first to mine in Mecklenburg starting in 1826. It later states (2nd sentence), he operated for "several years, and then disposed of it to a mining company". The "why" Mr McCombs sold is found in the following sentence. "Gold mining machinery was scarce and ineffective, and as a consequence, the development of the industry was slow." Now we're brought to the question of the "who" he sold it to. This book, the pdf and the next link go on further to describe how in 1830, Chevalier Rivafanoli came to Charlotte on behalf of a/ the London mining company. He brought with him knowledge and skill of the industry, along with many experienced and skilled foriegn miners. He started skilled mining operations at the Rudisill mine under a lease from Bissel and Baker. On page 8, first sentence from the continuing paragraph, it states that a newspaper reporter visited the "St. Catherine" mine which was then managed by Rivafanoli. This answers the "who" Mr. McCombs sold to. The 2nd link further confirms this on page 80, paragraph 2 describing a Professor Renwick of Columbia College writing a report on the visit of the mining operations of Rivafanoli in 1832. This included the "St. Catherine" mine. Now all this to say I can't really answer your question of why it changed to "St Catherine". Though it does answer about when, sometime between opening (1826) and take over of a/ the London mining company (1830/1831). Leaning more towards when Rivafanoli took over managing. Although, all this research led me to a theory. Many pieces of this theory I can't confirm because a lot of news articles and books aren't available on the internet or are hidden behind paywalls. My Theory: It involves 3 things, religion, mining practices and miner rituals. To start we begin with the religion of Rivafanoli and his "foreign" workers. Rivafanoli is Italian and was educated in Germany. From this I make the assumption that he's Catholic. Italy is the obvious, but nothing states what part of Germany he was educated in. But the pdf references a funny story of his love for German sauerkraut (page 17, ref note 15). Sauerkraut mainly being of southern German dishes and that region mainly following of the catholic faith leads me to his assumed faith. His workers though were mostly of Cornish descent making them most likely Methodist or of the church of England (pdf page 17, ref note 10). That being said, it would make both parties believers in saints. This is important. Mining practices of St Catherine. The pdf describes what being near the mine would of been like. It described seeing a Chilean mill being used at St Catherine mine (page 8, paragraph 2 and picture). The 2nd link confirms this in Professor Renwicks report describing St Catherine using the "Mexican method", basically milling the ore with a big stone. Finally miner rituals and the completed theory. Before going a few hundred feet below ground, what do you think those religious miners did? You prayed. Mining was/ is a dangerous profession and probably why later 80% were slaves before the Civil War. And if you're catholic or Anglican? You prayed to a saint for their protection. Which saint though? As you look around at the buildings surrounding the entrance of the mine, what do you see? The central focus of everything is the Chilean stone, milling all the ore your bring up, the source of your livelihood. And who is the saint of all those who work with wheels (millers in the case of this mine)? St Catherine. Professor @tarhoosier, grade my work. I've spent entirely too much time on this. But thanks for the assignment, I enjoyed the research. https://books.google.com/books?id=z3IlAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA129&lpg=PA129&dq=mccombs+st+Catherine+mine+Charlotte&source=bl&ots=A72mD9IZRp&sig=ACfU3U2LuYbAmCWHsq8SaR-whtnXaUDeDw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjGrtzRpInoAhUCEawKHe3CA-sQ6AEwBnoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=mccombs st Catherine mine Charlotte&f=false RudisillSROctober2017-EASedit-2-1.pdf https://books.google.com/books?id=CcwM-BIS2bsC&pg=RA1-PA79&lpg=RA1-PA79&dq=mccombs+st+Catherine+mine+Charlotte&source=bl&ots=HWqsjuYHca&sig=ACfU3U0pvC4fzydwGXkT5vLB9expGG8BBg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjanqa9p4noAhXYFjQIHQrvBGU4ChDoATABegQIBBAB#v=onepage&q=mccombs st Catherine mine Charlotte&f=false
  12. This is good news for the neighborhood. For the whole city really. https://www.wcnc.com/mobile/article/news/crime/arrest-made-in-murder-of-brooks-sandwich-house-co-owner/275-77feece9-e253-49c2-ae52-63bf49fe6f27
  13. Isn't there a park being built 2 blocks further past Dimensional? Or did I get flipped-turned upside down?
  14. I wouldn't call it growth opposition per say, like in Lake Wylie. Someone in the article said they weren't trying to stop the growth but be smarter in how they are taking on the growth. Making sure infrastructure and the school system keep up with the growth. I am more supportive of this approach vs just trying to halt any and all growth indefinitely. Stagnation is not a goal to shoot for.
  15. Lol "Freddy Mercury symbol" then I clicked the images tab. I have seen the mustache imagery done before, that was what I was looking for. Just happened to see the one with crown.
  16. Found this through a quick Google search at this site: https://nickbuddesign.com/readyfreddie. A slight alteration by them of their design would fit your team name choice.
  17. Completely agree about needing more parks, but First Ward is only a block and a half out of frame. Maybe whomever develops this can include a small linear greenway/ park leading to First Wards? Kinda like 300 S. Tryon.
  18. I'm officially ready for summer, I'm done with this crap.
  19. You might of seen me then, I was the idiot in the black truck who accidentally drove into the bus arrivals area to get my wife. Yeah... whoops!
  20. I want in on that Waffle House plan. I still remember the smell of the first one I went to, syrup and cigarettes. Might as well get rich off of what I love.
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