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  1. Now if we can get an EV truck with decent range and functionality. Not the cyber truck, I'm looking at you Rivian.
  2. So, um. How much is she selling them for?
  3. Am I the only one that sees 2 H's? Oddly I have to focus to see the T's. I guess my brain is a little backwards.
  4. Our only "complaint" was maybe wait times when ordering at the counter. I figure they'll find a way to speed up the ordering process. The screens above the counter were off, so maybe putting the menu up there for people still in line? And definitely printing out a few dozen menus to put in people's hands while waiting in line.
  5. Had lunch at Lulu's Maryland Chicken and Seafood today with the family including my bro-n-law from Maryland. Hands down one of the best new restaurants I've had in a minute. Bro-n-law said their crab cake was *the* best he's had since moving down here and better than most he's had back home. Though I'm not well acquainted with good crab cake (was raised eating cheap store bought, heavily breaded ones), I was thoroughly impressed. Everything that was fried and battered wasn't too heavy on batter and oddly wasn't too greasy. I recommend the cabbage and seafood mac for sides. I normally would of had collards but they serve theirs with vinegar, of which I skipped on. Just not my preference. Oh and grab a piece of cornbread for dessert, made fresh daily. Pro tips: The owner told us to eat the seafood with the "special sauce" and the chicken with "mumbo sauce". Do what he says. The platters are very generous, so I recommend splitting between yourself and a friend. If you have kids that have kid tastes, they do have a chicken tenders meal with curly fries. Conclusion: Great place by good people making delicious food.
  6. Here's the link to the story. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/whats-in-store/article238655608.html
  7. I mean, Brooks does a lot with very little space (or did, I'm still really sad). So I'm sure with a few modifications like you've mentioned and more it could work for something. That is, if you were rich. If I swing the hammer, could you pay off my mortgage? If you were rich?
  8. So it's official? https://www.charlotteagenda.com/191545/longtime-family-run-herrin-ice-begins-a-new-chapter-as-its-noda-property-will-be-turned-into-apartments/
  9. Harris Teeter always has collards, even off season. But usually you have to hit a couple to get enough. Our fail safe is always food lion though.
  10. It already is and will remain to be about 1/5th right? Or did I do the math wrong? Either way, Mecklenburg 1/5th of entire state GDP? That's huge!
  11. Core drilling at Herrin Ice today. Sorry no photos, I wasn't expecting it so I didn't have my cellphone ready.
  12. Love it, here's to hoping it doesn't get the VE treatment. Cough Mercury!
  13. I had a unique vantage this evening. They ain't much, but here they are.
  14. Correct, but the 1958 is the one I was referring to. There are only 4 decommissioned firehouses that are still standing. Of those 4, 2 are former Firehouse No. 2's. Rarely anywhere in the states, much less Charlotte, do you get to see the progression of the American fire service like this. From horse drawn fire apparatus to modern 2000 gpm engine companies, these firehouses had to accommodate different needs. In Charlotte you can see that in a half a mile. Maybe this doesn't matter to most people. Or maybe I'm just partial.
  15. Please don't tear down the firehouse.
  16. I really hope they don't go "Charlotte SC" purely because it would further the misunderstanding that people think Charlotte is in South Carolina. Our education system is failing us. :[
  17. Well shucks, I guess I live in LoSo. There goes the neighborhood.
  18. I turned off java script and read it. Basically it's gonna be a coffee shop with on site roasting. Aren't we kinda tapped out in this area for coffee? Surrounding this block you have Starbucks, Common Market, Zada's, Okra, Dunkin', Nova and Undercurrent Coffee. Not to mention the many others nearby. Is this peak millenial?
  19. Nice! I was really hoping somebody got a photo of the sunset this evening. From Brevard/Davidson it looked as if uptown was on fire. I got some pretty terrible shots from the Matheson bridge. My photos are doodoo, I know. But I was being irresponsible to get these. They in no way do the sunset justice either. It was gorgeous.
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