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  1. We all joke about the power lines in all the photos we take off the new developments. But seriously, this is why power lines need to be buried. Not for aesthetics, but weather. We have way too many weather events through every season not to. You can't tell me that this right here, fixing lines multiple times a year, year after year, with all the overtime and fixins is cheaper than just putting them underground. I also might be a little biased cause I've had little sleep over the last 72 hours and my wife and kids are home still without power. Guess I'll be cranking the generator when I get home in the morning.
  2. What time did you come through there? I did too, we could of past each other.
  3. I thought I saw an available sign, maybe with the repainting of the building my mind made it up. I'll check tomorrow when I go back to work. Or maybe someone up there today can check.
  4. What about the recently vacated art academy on 36th? Hear me out. Relatively similar in size based on my highly accurate mobile version of Google maps observations. But seriously there's plenty of parking in the tiny lot behind it, on the street and at the public use parking deck at the novel apartments. Plus the obvious, the light rail. This, I think, would make a great location because it'd help wrap the stroll district around towards the new retail at the light rail station. Plus Amelie's would be on the BLE in the heart of NoDa. I'm sure this would never happen because if a multitude of reasons but what do y'all think?
  5. Cough... or a park that can be converted to a huge tailgate spot.
  6. Part of that history to the Civil War is the site of the cemetery is, or is near the location of the Civil War era Salisbury Confederate Prison. Many, many people died at that prison, as high as 25% of all prisoners sent there! Either way it lead to the start of the cemetery. Good reads for anybody. https://northcarolinahistory.org/encyclopedia/salisbury-prison-civil-war/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salisbury_National_Cemetery
  7. Wow, I truly had no idea we had this in Mecklenburg much less even in NC. Thanks KJ, this is a really cool find. From the satellite image does it look like to anyone else like they are expanding?
  8. From a quick search on the webs show that a good percentage are domestic or the victims knew their killers. Unfortunately the police can't do much for those. But the drug, robbery, violent crime related ones they can, they are just really short staffed. Not as many people want to be police officers anymore. Edit: Here's the first quarter link from CMPD. This was released April 3rd so it's already out of date. https://charlottenc.gov/CMPD/Safety/Pages/CrimeStats.aspx
  9. Is that their only breakfast item and it's only available at 11? I'm with RDF, that's lunchtime (dinnertime for you hardcore southerners) cause I'm eating my breakfast 6 hours earlier.
  10. From the largest Coca- Cola bottler in the USA. Elevation: 105ft. Skyline looking thicc. They had a family that we were invited to. View of their operations
  11. So I got to talk to a contractor in UCity the other day, and he mentioned that he was about to start (June/ July) construction on the apartments off of Matheson next to the creek. The entrance is to come in right behind the trucking company beside the gas station. He did say the portion of the greenway trail will not be built as part of his project but space will be left for completion at a later date. Are these the sme apartments we've already seen renderings for?
  12. My first time going over Sugar Creek. Finally.
  13. It's never a good moniker if you have to explain what it means via another huge sign right next it. 0:23 in the video. Lol
  14. ^Yooo this is hilarious. The most famous non- famous person in NC getting her own beer. Her face and John Hancock is in every building over 2 stories in NC. Good for her.
  15. I just want the rest of the block around Amelie's to finally get built on. That gravel lot needs to go.
  16. I'm in the unpopular "keep the current stadium" camp. Instead of building a new stadium let's build a entertainment area similar to the ole cowboys, but right beside the current stadium. While a new parking deck is not smiled upon, let the Panthers build one, collect like other stadiums do, and surround it with bars and whatnot. Shift some of the parking to their own facilities. But if not I'll keep doing the Mint St. Stroll/ Tailgate.
  17. I'm down, I drank a lot of Hi-C from those. Hell yeah!
  18. It's gonna look similar in layout to 42. The renderings I saw were general layout and not architectural(?). I think they break ground this summer.
  19. From what I understand it might not be a question of pocket depth but the cost of lost business for a shut down and rebuild. We're talking about Food Lion's #1 or 2 store in Charlotte. They're in a pretty big supermarket desert of Charlotte, only competition is the Giant Penny, Compare, and Waynes. Those 3 are ok for most canned and sealed foods so they're more discount grocer than anything. Plus the lot for FL is too small, a rebuild of the store does nothing to help that. I did talk to some of the staff awhile back and they said that the old BiLo/ Harvey's store was considered at one point for a FL relocation candidate. The lot is bigger and the loading dock alley is bigger. But they stated that they'd move too far from the center of their base of customers. When a new NoDa/ North End grocery store gets built it needs to be more towards Tryon. For now though the old Food Kitty serves most of my needs just fine.
  20. At least it was one of their old buses, he might of actually did them a favor lol. I'd try to cash out with insurance for a new one.
  21. What's even better about that video is you get a twofer, Dimensional and Railyard.
  22. Dang, that was a few years ago when I got to do that. Unfortunately I no longer work near there. But I will say it is one of my favorite views if uptown. Maybe gman from Greenville can get a photo with his drone from up there next time he's in town.
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