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  1. That sand lake/ turkey road intersection is the worst way... probably in the entire region. glad they're doing something
  2. kind of off topic but I love how shady the programming of this forum is "1 year later..."
  3. Around 4pm today Getting a bit hard to tell what’s going on but a lot of digging has been done the past week
  4. link: Anticipated ‘car-free’ development moves forward | CNU
  5. Yep I started an internship in February so I've been discovering the eateries around here thanks to my coworkers lol. I tried the Super Rico Colombian Bistro on W Central Blvd and already tried Tacos El Rancho on n Orange its hard for me to try new things cz im indecisive so I chose the chicken gyro to call it safe so I was surprised at how good it was
  6. went yesterday with some co-workers, i tried the gyro with chicken and side of fries.. and it was pretty good
  7. 3 long trucks brought a huge red crane this morning from i4
  8. Just a snapshot from Wednesday the last two pics are from this morning x
  9. ok i tought i was the only one who thought 7eleven prices for some items are ridiculous during my Valencia College days [2014-17] all i ate was their pizza and icee but that's not conventional for families, who even if they live in $300k houses in suburbia [and can technically afford those $20 jugs lol], that does not give the commercial field [retail? not sure what right word to use] a reason to upcharge necessary foods like... milk + bread
  10. if these 3 job prospects happen at all [especially al at the same time by miracle], Orlando and Orange County NEED to double down on organizing zoning and transportation. I don't know how much our layout can handle another population boom. We feel crowded as it is. I4 is basically done and its still getting traffic in many spots it used to get congested in. and a lot of these suburban sprawls are designed horribly where a having a car is life or death and the only "retail" nearby is a 7eleven that charges $20 for a gallon of milk. not sure if im thinking of these things the wrong way, j
  11. I saw an article where Facebook and Microsoft will ask their employers to come back to the office soon ahh here it is https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/26/22352742/facebook-uber-microsoft-twitter-apple-covid-19-offices-reopening
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