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  1. Isn’t this literally Five Below’s model lol People on nextdoor are missing Publix on that Skyview Plaza like crazy. Hopefully this is a good replacement
  2. Looks like it!!! What’s an Orlando building without popsicle sticks somewhere
  3. No way this is real pleaseeee my emotions are going all over the place with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYFUxdvyz2w
  4. “$1,200 a month for a studio” LMAO I can literally rent or buy a house and pay that amount as rent/mortgage. And it’s not even a regular studio, it’s a college dorm style living. That’s what’s killing me $1200 for what will probably be gypsum board floors and walls is literally ridiculous. Some of my friends and cousins have had to leave their apartments because they got laid off and can’t pay $900 rents even with unemployment money and stored savings. Therefore, is there even a market for this right now? I'm just so over the whole “overpaying for mediocre housing” that has become so prevalent in Florida lately
  5. 7 days of sale left at the JCPenney. Most of the store is empty
  6. Welp the Bed Bath Beyond by the plaza next to the Florida Mall is closing
  7. a lot of apartment complexes are labeling themselves as millennia area and then people find out too late that its not thats an interesting location for this to go in. Also on the west of that parcel, all of those buildings got demolished the past month or so but i have no idea what will go in place
  8. Just a simple pic from creative village
  9. gotcha.. thanks guys. It would be cool to at least save the newsroom into whatever will be built in the future. as for the brownfield i hope thats cleaned up in the near future... we dont want more delays in advancing downtown
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