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  1. As a 23 y.o. I could care less about the Sneaker world but its a HUGE part of the youth culture, specifically for the African American and Hispanic Millenial and Gen Z groups (4 combined demographics that Orlando has a big # of... believe me I went to public school with them), its ignorant to ignore a gigantic sale/re-sale industry
  2. oh no offense take at all, I agree with you, im very hopeful that by the middle of this decade the whole area gets cleaned out. The crossroad of OBT and Sand Lake got repaved, new fast food and stores are opening.. lets see Im in NextDoor and there was a whole conversation about the motels and how they decrease the quality of the area. People want those cleared out
  3. yeah I can attest, since I literally live across the street from it lmao
  4. speaking of fun spot, whatever happened to the plans for a water park at the idrive location
  5. aren't there houses behind pulse or did I dreamt that?
  6. i was born in '96 so understand 1/2 of this sentence
  7. rent is pretty much scaling up to be the same in those areas lmaoooo apartments on Oakridge are starting to up over $1k.. way over what it should be for that area
  8. I want to know why in the diabolical hell they decided to close down TWO whole lanes right by Universal. Intelligent thinking!!! “Let me close two lanes on a Friday while Horror Nights is happening”
  9. https://www.facebook.com/5779052556/posts/10157776411547557?sfns=mo the comments on Facebook to this article are hilarious
  10. So I had guest speaker Chris Castro [the Director of Sustainability with the City of Orlando] speak at my Environmental Issues class today. Not sure if this is the best thread to place this so sorry in advance, but he spoke about a lot of general things, this is what I could get noted down: There are 1,500 people moving in a week; there are 1 resident to every 255 tourist each year City wants to go beyond and reduce 90% emissions by 2040 ---------- In Orlando, buildings contribute the most to emissions; transportation is only 25% of the overall, ironically. Orlando city has a ~$19 million power bill per year from OUC Projects Goal: they want 100% LED streetlights by 2020 OUC will retrofit 25,000 streetlight to LED; 18,000 have been converted to LED so as of current They are testing smart streetlights that detect various things, only one I could note was gunshot detection (!) New Horizon housing Project : Because of the solar panels on the roof, people who live there are saving $400-600 in utility bills per year Scooters (ala Lime Bikes) and the Virgin train are definetly coming soon (Dyer had reservations about scooters) They want to have 100 chargers, 200 ports for electric vehicles maybe in the next year or two Lymmo buses -all electric buses by 2020 [I may heard wrong but I believe they purchased 8 buses recently and want the whole fleet to run on battery/clean by 2025] The city enacted a mandatory recycling policy where ALL buildings must have recycling bins/program + There are 10+ recycle bins in Lake Eola right now They have a app called ORL Collect APP that tells you what types of specific items/trash are recyclable you can request a composter for FREE: cityoforlando.net/composter Thoughtful wishing: If they move the Executive airport to another place (such as Sandford) the city would want to make it the biggest public park in the country by sqf - bigger than Central Park in NYC but the contract wont end till 2065(I think) so it wont be achievable for now. He also commented about Vertical Medical City being now the tallest building going up, and that height restriction is in due to the airport being close. So taller buildings aren't coming soon
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