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  1. W7edwin

    Other Metro Area Projects

    does anyone have the plans of what the SandLake/John Young Parkway exchange will look like once done?
  2. W7edwin

    THE Orlando Photo Thread

    this side of the skyline is gonna be so different when everything is done.. a renaissance
  3. W7edwin

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    agree! universal studios has really transformed their land with that density and Orlando Regional is like its own place .. truly interesting
  4. W7edwin

    Creative Village

    a bit faint in these pics but visibility from I-4 is starting to show!
  5. W7edwin

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    I love how Orlando has 3 distinct mini-skylines (Orlando Regional/SoDo aka this picture, , I-Drive, Florida Hospital by the Science Museum ).. other cities wish they could have that!
  6. W7edwin

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    BLOOP! Only tea was spilled here!
  7. W7edwin

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    does anyone know what the big under construction building is? its by North Orange and Princeton St.
  8. Ecco on Orange update from today
  9. passed by it on I-4 and on ground floor and later on W South St. and lord this is gonna be a grand building...wish they made it to 30 floors tough
  10. W7edwin

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    the base makes it too clunky.. looks like three Playstation 2's sitting on top of a VCR
  11. W7edwin

    Puerto Rican Exodus to Orlando.

    "Official" death count from Hurricane Maria: ~4600, but the number could still be off http://time.com/5294533/puerto-rico-death-count-high/
  12. i just decided to minor in Urban Planning, and if all goes well, i hope to have the power to design/mandate something of respect in that corner bc yall deserve it