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  1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it?

    i do believe there is too much of glasswashing, especially in superskyscrapers nowadays
  2. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    THANK YOU! wrong spot, bad design it took me 20 MINUTES to turn at the SandLake to Universal BLD intersection yesterday because of that traffic. and that the backside of iDrive. imagine if this hotel was added in??
  3. kinda sad it will block the famous view of suntrust and Plaza
  4. Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    thought i was watching Parks & Recs. for a moment
  5. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I agree the mall has become much better, but the immediate area (at least for now, until the 2-mile radius of the area is deeply redeveloped)does not need anymore residential buildings..at all. I live and work legit across the mall and the traffic that forms on OBT and SandLake whether its the weekend, 5pm after work traffic on weekdays, or Winter time, is horrendous. Also, considering that the surrounding residential areas (Lancaster, Winegard, Morning Dr.) are of lower income, it will be a bit of a hurdle to price an apartment unit for $1000+/month when a 1960s old complex across the street is in the $500-900 range. But feel free to correct me, I tend to be biased with stuff like this
  6. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    on Disney? omg lmao
  7. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    ..the what
  8. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    I had Jury Duty on Monday and got this view on the 19th floor of the courthouse. The last two are from driving on Orange.
  9. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Can't see much, but a quick snap of JY and SandLake construction. They have cleared a lot of tree on the other side
  10. Lucerne Promenade [Proposed]

    This is exciting, downtown is changing for the better once more
  11. Other Metro Area Projects

    Aldis is 'successful' (specifically to middle and lower class income people) because it is cheaper food but with great taste. We know that the cheaper a food product is, the worse in quality it goes, but Aldis retracts from that formula. Also, the store layout cuts off the excess crap that Walmart (which ridiculously has gone up in price), for example, makes you have an idea of what they do and don't sell. I go to the one on Sand Lake Rd. by SkyLake and it's always packed after 3pm with people doing blown out grocery shopping
  12. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    thank god, this intersection has become a mess with the population boom, and the lights always turn red so fast
  13. New Orlando Flag

    issa no for me
  14. Other Metro Area Projects

    yeah, Thanksgiving of 2078 lmao
  15. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    what does that mean in laymans terms?