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  1. W7edwin

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I agree, I work at the Wyndham and I dont dare to go that far at Chelonia lol
  2. W7edwin

    Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    I believe so. I also remember a lot of people here debating about the height difference between this and the parking garage, and whether this was even worthy of being built in that plot
  3. W7edwin

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    just watch this idea flop too. I think someone put voodoo on that land cz woo child.. just make this parcel into a cardboard house subdivision since no one knows how to develop this land lmao at this point I just roll my eyes anytime I see anything related to this land
  4. W7edwin

    Radisson Blu | Mixed Use Hotel/Res./Comm [Proposed]

    me looking at this bland ass proposal... like lord these designers never went to design school or summthing?? they need spice in their life
  5. W7edwin

    UCF News

    misused money for a building that only about 8% of the student body will use, a hotel is magically being built, and still no money for more parking garages or put cameras in the existing ones
  6. mini update.. starting floor 2 pics rom January 6
  7. W7edwin

    E. Colonial between 436 and Primrose

    lmao same, I was at the hospital visiting a family member when I saw it last night but with no volume I tought they were finally bulldozing it
  8. closer look my mom calls this "popsicle sticks construction". In puerto rico everything from the walls to the ceiling is pure concrete. 13 years living here and I'm still not over the fact that so many buildings are basically made of cardboard foam and popsicle sticks.. especially in such a high-risk hurricane region.
  9. W7edwin

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    super random, but I just went on my first road trip last wekk, stepping to another state out of FL for the first time and had the time to visit Chattanooga and Nashville and I'm in love with TN now . Merry Xmax to yall as well !
  10. W7edwin

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    that hotel/suite on I-Drive by Artegon Mall is almost done
  11. pics are from October but still wanted to share