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  1. Whistle-stop I agree that something more functional would be helpful. Not that I dislike a focus on form, but form should not come over function.
  2. If anyone wants to meet up in March, there is a Project Tuesday networking event on March 10th at Fahrenheit. DJ, Drink specials, food, and of course the amazing view. Event is 6-10 PM. 222 S. Caldwell Street - easiest access is from 3rd street. Valet parking only.
  3. Perhaps it has already been mentioned, but I think the swath of hideous surface-lot parking on that side of Graham gives it a feeling that this is where uptown kind of "ends," even though it doesn't. I think in the coming years we will see more development at these sites and that's what is going to really help connect that portion of Third Ward with the rest of uptown. Ideally, I'd like to see some sort of high-rise across from the new Mint apartments (whether residential or commerical) and an elevated walkway across Graham at that location. I think it would help third ward feel more continuous and help with everyday pedestrian safety as well as help with game-day flow.
  4. All I know is, every time I go in the garage at 715 N. Church, there is a Chupito's car with a huge "C" on the top of it parked there. The location is ideal for pre-and-post game traffic, but they are really going to need massive outdoor space for games, as well as broader appeal for off-season if they want to make it...you know, provided they open in the first place.
  5. I completely don't get this. Someone took the law way too seriously. I doubt the differently-abled were asking for these entrances to be taken away (if I can't get in, you can't either!) but rather just pointing out that they'd like access here, as well.
  6. This is just my opinion, as no one can predict what will happen, but with the number of people moving into Charlotte and the amount of rentals I am doing, the rental market seems to be going strong. That being said, three bedroom condo/townhome units, except in high-rises, haven't seen that much rental demand IN MY EXPERIENCE. Most of my clients in the market for a three bedroom either want the luxury penthouse experience, or they want a single family home. Other brokers may feel differently about the rental prospects of a three bedroom townhome. I will say the layout on the floorplan I saw was very conducive to a roommate situation. However, it's my opinion that a TRUE two bedroom (not bed and tiny office you're calling a bedroom) in uptown or southend will get snapped up more quickly, provided you don't grotesquely overprice.
  7. Taken this afternoon from the clubhouse balcony at Element
  8. I went to a launch party a couple of weeks ago for a new development breaking ground over by Unkown Brewing. Luxury units, 3 bedrooms, start in the high $300ks. yeah. Thats the party I went to. Very cool. I will definitely have clients interested in this when it nears completion.
  9. Also I don't think Vue will convert back to private ownership any time in the foreseeable future. They have about 10 privately owned condos left and I am fairly certain Northwood-Ravin gets first crack at those if the owners decide to sell.
  10. Are you talking about the vacant lots off Smith between 9th and 6th? I think most of that land is going to the new Gateway station. I wish someone would decide they desperately want to buy out one of the the tri-level/midrise complexes and put up another high-rise over in fourth ward - for purely selfish reasons as I live in one of the current developments, want to live in a high-rise, don't want to leave fourth ward, don't want to rent, and am bored of Avenue. Buy me out and put me in a new luxury fourth ward high-rise? YES PLEASE. I do realize I might as well be wishing someone would swap out my dog for a pegasus, but a girl can dream, right? ETA: I have clients who have echoed the sentiment that fourth ward needs a new luxury high rise where you can actually PURCHASE a condo.
  11. Whoever billed Gone Girl as the date movie of the season is an IDIOT. It's basically two hours of "why women are untrustworthy psychos." You know - the perfect atmosphere for developing a bond! SMDH
  12. IMHO that's not the best decision for a place to put another grocery store. It's what - four blocks from the current one? So Fourth Ward gets two groceries and all of the other wards get bupkiss? I say stick it in first or second ward. A lot of development in both. ETA: I live in fourth ward, so it's not like I write this as a bitter resident of one of the other wards.
  13. I'm down for that. I'm not available on the 8th but I can make basically any other day work.
  14. Any plans for an October meetup?
  15. Thanks for this. It was driving me crazy! I love FWBC so much and don't want it to go away. It's been an instant community-builder.
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