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  1. Mike G

    Soccer in Nashville

    Or you let people into the golf course and high school next to the stadium to tailgate, which is what happens 8 weekends a year in Ann Arbor.
  2. To be fair, West End turning left onto Murphy Rd is awful, especially coming from 440. This will not make things better in the morning when people are coming to the development, but I can't see it change things as much on the way home in the evenings. Having a hotel there may actually spread those 4000 car trips throughout the day, which would likely help with rush hours. I imagine Bowling Ave will get more traffic as people attempt to avoid Murphy/West End.
  3. Mike G

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    Tangentially related: I will miss the West End podium of Carmichael Towers- it definitely grew on me over the years. Now, the interior and the 4 towers, I'm happy to see them go, but the students are going to miss out on some great views from those upper floors.
  4. Mike G

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I think city council enjoys that the state capitol will now have an address of 600 Dr. MLK Jr Blvd. I know I do.
  5. One of the key features the brokers are pushing is the easy access under I-40 to Charlotte via a sidewalk. The sidewalk does exist- but it is only clear from the north end. The south end dumps out into an overgrown mess of a footpath behind the old Lions building the state is selling. I wish the Novatech people had continued the sidewalk along their property and the railroad track- it would improve connectivity in that area (right by my house) a lot!
  6. Mike G

    Soccer in Nashville

    I still don't understand why the 99-year lease on the 10 acres is necessary for this to happen. I'm more ok with the stadium financing, but I'm a little confused about the $13 million/year debt obligation with the city paying $4 mil and the team $9 mil.- I'd rather it be structured so that the team guarantees $9 million, with them making the additional $4 mil if revenue/tax collections/parking surpasses the $9 million.
  7. Mike G

    Nashville, as MLB Expansion Market

    Let the Titans walk when they want a new stadium, frees up space and money.
  8. Travis Electrical is on the south side of that block, separated from this structure by the ally. This was a church, Esperanza de la Vida. The demolition is not ongoing; the site has been this way for a couple months now.
  9. I talked to head brewer at Fat Bottom yesterday, and he seemed to indicate that SpeakEasy was going to expand south from their current location toward the norther border of Fat Bottom. Could be a lot of drink to be had on 44th Ave N.
  10. A civil engineer I talked to in DC this weekend doesn't like bike lanes because they cost the same amount of construct as vehicle travel lanes but do not allow vehicles to travel them. Maybe this is a better solution- I'm sure a "mixed use path" is cheaper than an on-street bike lane, and it won't have to be replaced when the road is. I'm really excited for this and the 5202 Centennial Blvd project- keep bringing in new places!
  11. Mike G

    First Tennessee Ballpark - Complete

    Say what you want about aesthetics, but I like the north face of the stadium, and if the development around the stadium happens, you won't see the rest of it. Also, I don't really see the stadium needing to last longer than 15 years. I think with all the development and growth, somebody will try, and -more importantly- succeed in bringing a major league team to the city.
  12. I like how the two building compliment one another.
  13. According to the article, the company has already moved 1 block north of Charlotte between 27th and 26th.
  14. What areas have this contextual overlay- all neighborhoods?