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  1. I tried to look at ePermits and couldn't find anything, but I didn't know if I was doing it wrong. At one point in the past 12 months, there were a bunch of yellow flags in the block and a half area marked B1, B2, A3, etc, but they have been gone for a while now. I figured whatever would be done would not happen until the got the last house on the street; perhaps I was wrong. If it's cottages or apartments, I would not want to live off Georgia until Eliot Electrical left their property- the line workers all tear down the street at 6 am, then leave in the very old diesel pole trucks, which are not quiet nor clean.
  2. On Wednesday, there were about 40 people in yellow safety vests and hard hats at 44th and Delaware, at the site of Catalyst Design Group's project on the development map. They wee wrapping up as I drove by; I think there were Piedmont Natural Gas and Messer Construction caps among the group.
  3. I think the shadows could be really cool with the shadows as the day passes, so I'm excited to see the final product. Perhaps we'll get more digital signage on the garage? Seems like it will be very large
  4. Last year Westside Rentals (920 & 934 44th Ave N) was purchased by Sunbelt Rentals. They are now moving. IMG_6342.HEIC
  5. Anecdotally, an STR a couple blocks from me now has a "For Rent" sign out; I'd be cool if the Nations had fewer STRs.
  6. While walking the dog this morning, a man who was stocking the shelves at Turnip Truck said they hoped to be open next week. He said their East Nashville location is getting slammed with customers.
  7. Pearl-Cohn has a pool; Whites Creek had a pool that's been filled in and is some weird sun-room type building. I've only ever been there for track meets when it's freezing cold, so I can't tell you what they do with it during the school day.
  8. Was there talk of a roundabout? This past summer I believe NES put markings on the ground for what I thought might be new poles, but (obviously) nothing has happened.
  9. Did the issue with the clause about the 10 acres reverting back to Metro if NSC didn't play for 24 months already get resolved? I seemed to recall the was causing NSC some issues with financing. If it's not been figured out, seems like that must be another lever of influence Cooper is using.
  10. Which is why you don't need to give those companies incentives to move to a place they want to be.
  11. I'm not sure how the location of the power source matters- typical power plants supply power to customers miles and miles away, which would count toward one's carbon footprint. Even though you aren't producing the carbon dioxide at your home, it's still "your" carbon. Of course, if you have natural gas, you are producing the CO2 at your location, but that's another thing. I'm not sure where if was, but at one point I lived in a place where the utility had "green energy blocks." You would pay an additional $4/month and "get" 500 KWh of power produced through solar or wind or whatever. Did I actually get *those* KWh? No, but I subsidized the utility to buy that energy from the producer. The grid was still 99% charged with the energy produced at the nuclear reactor or the coal-fired plant, so that's where I got "my" energy, but those purchases shifted, however slightly, the makeup of the energy portfolio.
  12. Not sure why the 2 light color panels have the thick side to the left and the thin side right, while the two darker sets are opposite. I hate the gaps between the colors- but maybe it'll be fine with all the panels in there.
  13. Right around there there's new houses going in (blue circles), but most excitingly the site circled in red has been getting cleaned up. I live just west of the train tracks and I have students who live off of 40th, so I hope it turns out well for their families.
  14. I can't remember where, but I read about the trend of stairs to nowhere. The Graduate at least has couches on stairs to nowhere.
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