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  1. The latest article In the Post says there will be two residential buildings in the first phase. One 5 stories and the other 9 stories. Where will the 9-story apartment building be located?
  2. Does anyone know anything about the two single story buildings that have just been demolished at the corner of 9th and Monroe? One used to be a day care and the other housed JUMP and Streetworks, two community service organizations. Both buildings were likely damaged in the tornado.
  3. This is probably posted on the wrong topic, but demo has started on the old warehouse on second between Monroe and Taylor. Apparently a solid brick wall separated the two large metal warehouses on the property. It’s going to look really empty without that structure there. Looking forward to the apartments, the office space, and especially the beer hall. I wonder if Bearded Iris might move in.
  4. I am glad to see the Werthan property fully developed. My only concern is where will the future tenants of the bow truss building and the new 6th and Taylor building park? While I appreciate the density in our neighborhood, I am currently lucky to park a block from my house. An extra hundred cars a day might put me a half mile up the road! I also wonder if the houses on Hume will lose their downtown views...
  5. I was afraid of that 6 years ago when I moved into the neighborhood too. While you are correct, it sometimes smells bad here, it's really only about once every 2-3 weeks that I smell the water treatment plant and I'm out walking in the neighborhood every day. I don't enjoy the smell but it's not like it covers the neighborhood, just an unpleasant whiff every now and then! I never smell the snuff factory unless I'm over on 10th or Harrison right next to it. Doesn't seem odd to me at all that hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested here. It's the best neighborhood in Nashville as f
  6. Are there any renderings for this project out there? I remember the developer saying that these would be the nicest looking townhouses in Germantown (although I think it is technically Salemtown)
  7. There is a for sale sign that just went up on the lot over the last day or so. I don’t have a great feeling about that.
  8. Billboard on Rosa Parks announcing a Scouts Barber Shop in Germantown. The photo on Scout’s website looks like it’s going to be in the old brick building on the corner of 5th and Buchanan. It’s about time our neighborhood got a place for men to get our hairs cut!
  9. Hey guys, does anyone have info on the property in Germantown at 1313 5th Avenue North? It sold recently and all of the trees have been removed. I suspect a townhouse development may be planned for the property. I have been waiting patiently for one of you to mention it here;)
  10. There are erosion barriers lining the parking lot behind the historic houses at the corner of Taylor and 6th Ave. North. It looks like the mixed use project proposed for that corner may be getting underway. I think this is the link to the docket that was posted on this site in April of this year. http://www.nashville.gov/Portals/0/SiteContent/MHZC/docs/2014%20Meetings/04%20April%2016/SR%206th%20and%20Taylor%20COMPLETE.pdf
  11. As a resident of Germantown, I'm happy to see the stadium built in the area, but I'm not at all disappointed that there is another purely residential buffer between my neighborhood and the baseball stadium. I'm also not at all worried that there will be adequate stadium related amenities to enhance the game day experience. There are currently 5-6 existing restaurants and at least a half a dozen more bar/restaurants announced or under construction in Germantown alone. The "ballpark neighborhood" needs a community to support it 365 days a year, not just on the 80 or so game days. It needs to be
  12. Looking forward to the new commercial space on 5th and Monroe. As much as I like to eat out at restaurants in the neighborhood, I am eager to see some other retail options besides restaurants opening up around here. Anything that can help me avoid getting into my car and driving to another neighborhood or...god forbid to the mall.
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