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  1. Not in Monroe North. But, still, very cool.
  2. The McKay tower, as I understand it, was initially built to be expanded, heightened. That was pretty common in that area to build a base with the capacity of adding a tower. Many buildings of that era - including Union Station in Chicago as a good example - where built that way, sometimes the tower came, sometimes it did not (Union Station being a not example); depending on the economic tides. Agree. It is obvious there is a problem. In addition to there inability in the last couple years to do much of anything; and the disaster that was Housing NOW.
  3. That's NOBL, but not Monroe North. I own property on Bradford and am excited to see that project moving forward.
  4. Makes sense, there is a kubby/nook on the east end of the building that must be a pain to service. I wondered from the jump it was meant to partitioned as a conference room, etc... This will be a nice new bit of variety in Midtown.
  5. Clearwater is most definitely in Creston. Unless Monroe North and Creston overlap, as Monroe North does with Belknap/NOBL. There will be some presentations and conversation about the Hill at NOBL's upcoming annual meeting (November 12th).
  6. They've stated they intend to stain and seal the concrete of the upper floors; it is in the plan. The first tier was pretreated and sealed.
  7. Lantern, just off the DASH North is open until 10PM. AFAIK it was the first downtown coffee shop to actually have coffee shop hours. http://lanterncoffee.com/
  8. And there is a full Walgreens at Michigan & Fuller; that is 3.5 pharmacies on the corridor. The RAPD#19 and RAPID#13 run past the Michigan & Fuller Walgreens. It seems to me the pharmacy need is well satisfied; as a pharmacy user in that area I don't see a problem. Ditto. This is a huge addition of variety to the district.
  9. PREACH! Grand Rapids has bus lanes the same way we have form-based non-exclusive zoning: sorta, kind, maybe, not really. Grand Rapid's motto should be changed to: "A great city, despite half-assing every damn thing!"
  10. That is the new direction; that was stated at the last MobileGR meeting. If there is development or other work expected the intersection might as well be asphalt for when it gets torn up. I do not believe anyone expects this to be a "permanent" reconfiguration as it is not really compliant with either the Michigan St. Corridor plan or the Vital Streets overlay. It is an interim/incremental improvement.
  11. 'Traffic' improvements for Michigan St planned in Fall 2020 & Spring 2021. https://on.wmmi.net/2k84YyY
  12. This! If we took safety seriously Level 2 wouldn't even be a thing. This is Distracted Driving Enablement.
  13. This! There is a pedestrian & transit oriented road diet planned for Michigan east of College. We'll have to see how ambitious that is.
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