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  1. That's the bug-a-boo: Did they? Where? When? They did some studies, cool, taking that as a mandate is passive-aggressive governance by a group of people who talk about "conversation" and "community" all the live long day. I worry this kind of thing may contribute to a backlash, and I'm already skeptical if the city's insistence on an "equity lens" is going to be unhelpful. There's research that the general public doesn't respond well to that kind of framing; an economic development and fairness argument is less righteous, but more effective. My own, admittedly anecdotal, experience ali
  2. I am a bit surprised it passed. It raises the question: what won't? It is interesting enough to merit a BLOG post IMO; I've downloaded and read through all the letters, etc... I'm an unapologetic YIMBY, yet feel if I was on the PC I might have voted "no". This site really raises the question what all those "plans" are worth, and why we have all these meetings which we ask people to sit through if, then, 'meh, whatever, sure'.
  3. There is a change which is either very recent or still in the pipes to remove the 4-with-bonus and make it simple-4. I though that was part of the same revision as the ground floor residential. The PCs comment was that nobody used the 4-with-bonus as it was too complicated for too little. https://www.grandrapidsmi.gov/files/assets/public/meetings/city-commission/2021-01-12/2021-01-12-proposed-zoning-tex-amendments.pdf Aside#1: I have no idea why "ADU requirements vs construction costs" is a bullet point on slide 4. Aside#2: Frustrating and ironic that this can pop-up and be approve
  4. The old YMCA / Geek Group site (900 Leonard St. NW) https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/mixed-use-project-planned-at-former-ymca-on-grand-rapids-west-side-calls-for-119-apartments 119 units:: 40 studios ($930/mo), 50 single bedroom ($1,170/mo), 20 two bedroom ($1,500/mo) Four stories Ground floor commercial space. Developer will pay for adjacent bus stop shelter, provide tenants with WAVE cards, and parking is with a shared-use agreement with the church next door.
  5. I read it as "just get moving". BTW, DGRI meetings are streamed. I'd imagine the big challenge is financing, anything there at scale is going to be million$. But this really makes sense; Grand Rapids doesn't want infill development, so density can't increase in the neighborhoods, and these are the last big spaces. I do hope they manage to "GO BIG", and don't surrender the potential of that space for less than a whole lot.
  6. Does the change do that? I read it as allowing ground floor residential on the side and rear of the building; the front (20ft) remains commercial except by Special Land Use. Practically speaking I suspect that will prevent a most strange ground floor residential. Then Planning Commission can still say "no" to ground floor residential facing 28th St, for example. It is always confusing when The Planners use the word "can", because that can mean By-Right or by SLU.
  7. I doubt it applies to Fulton Place; 20ft of the ground floor facing an arterial does not qualify. Not sure how much of the vacant ground floor is left over after that. Gateway @ Belknap I believe just signed an office user for the ground floor; there was a SLU to permit office use filed. """Turkelson said allowing first-floor residential units in these areas will increase the amount of floor space available for housing in the city by 50%.""" ... 50% of what? I do not understand that number. Anyway, it seems like a very solid idea. I look forward to the construction of some
  8. The consensus of the meetings I've say in (or Zoom'd in) recently have been that development has not generally followed the plan. Density has crept south and west of where it hoped it would center; mostly on Lafayette. Other than GVSU the only development on Lafayette has been the Bazanni building so far. The most recent proposed apartment building across from Coit School follows the pattern of density growing outside of the planned pattern. Disclaimer: I'm not saying any of that is a problem.
  9. I'd definitely Ok with a taco shop in Midtown! Sure beats a car wash. There is a proposal to remove the first-floor retail requirement. But as to why Planners come up with this stuff? Without ludicrously complex Zoning nonsense they'd be unemployed? Cynical maybe, yet, honestly, I no longer believe they provide much of any value.
  10. It seems small for a laundromat on a valuable corner lot. That would be great! First, anything that reduces the number of curb cuts at that terrible intersection. Also, it can't be worse than the low sprawly-style stuff that exists at that intersection today. I haven't seen any news though.
  11. Same. Think: Tap room in the front, laundry in the back. Try our Tumble Dry Stout! It seems like a good location for a laundromat, it is next to a lot of housing. Laundromats are under appreciated neighborhood assets. Would not be surprised if this business is temporary.
  12. That's not only possible, it is the plan. The scooters are being being phased it, and features/constraints will be added incrementally. Downtown, they will be geo-fenced out of pedestrian only area, sign-out will be geo-fenced to designated parking areas
  13. Yes, they can be used up to College Ave. I've ridden one from downtown to College & Shirley St, through Belknap; as well as having seen numerous of them in Belknap. Agree, yes. They are entirely entitled to use parking spaces in parking lots.
  14. Yes. https://www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/grand-rapids/city-of-grand-rapids-businesses-adjust-for-cold-weather
  15. GVSU has a alternative payment as part of a CBA (Community Benefits Agreement) for their facilities in Belknap, it is roughly equivalent I believe to what they would pay in property taxes.
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