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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Florida_Mall
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Orlando started to shed it's tacky/hokey stereotypes in the mid to late 2000's. A few movies, TV shows, and even documentaries, did a decent job casting the area in a straightforward light. Being an optimist I expected this trend to continue, since IRL our city's perception was much better than the caricature the entertainment industry puts out. Since then, garbage like The Florida Project, Hotwives of Orlando, Escape from Tomorrow, this new show, etc, all have gone back to the 1 dimensional writing on CFL and quite frankly it's tiring.
  3. What are the chances that we can tie a new transit system into one of the proposed stops for Virgin that would then connect to all of I-drive??
  4. Some really great points here. So the way I see things now, after reviewing the wealth of information shared on this forum, is that the HSR (aka BrightVirgin or whatever) could do MCO-WDW-DT Tampa and the MCO-MIA route would connect to SunRail thus eliminating the need for an airport extension. This still leaves out I-Drive, the ConCenter, and the soon to be multiple Universal complexes.
  5. We ALL need to email Richard Branson like crazy. Disney being the only attraction to get a stop is sad. They already have a good enough situation with the DME being door to door and even your luggage is taken care of.
  6. Oh gotcha. That sucks so much.
  7. I know there has been talk of the Tampa route stopping at WDW. Does anyone know if they could connect to I-drive as well? Think about all the convention goers who would take the train in addition to Uni and Disney guests. That alone could make this route profitable methinks. Tampa being the terminus would just be a perk. Of course for this to really work there would need to be some sort of (preferably free) I-drive circulator built say from like Sea World to Uni and then of course some Disney Transport tie in as well. 86 the magical express at MCO and maybe put a version of that at the train station at WDW. Thoughts?
  8. Obviously I don't follow the downtown construction like many do on this site so I asked a question about the property and what the plan is still for it. As for the towers there is the one planned at Central Station across form the courthouse adjacent to Sunrail and another one where the big oak tree is on the empty lot near Orange and Livingston. IF all these projects eventually get done this area of Orange (which feels like a dead zone) will be transformed.
  9. I'm so glad they are including a garage in this project, not only for the patrons of future events, but also from an infill standpoint. Everytime I'm either on I-4 east or SunRail I always glance over and my heart hurts looking at one of my favorite DT buildings next to a shabby lot. So does anyone have a timeline on the Sentinel Project (I know they moved last printing press out a few months back) and the Bell South redo? These project will all culminate as a catalyst for this part of Orange. Not to mention if those proposed towers with the weird name gets built.
  10. Typical Miami response. I can't stand how some of my SoFlo friends who went to UCF acted like we we're on par with Gainsville and Tally essentially. I like Miami but until the last few years DT Miami felt like there was only really tall condo towers with self contained gated parking garages, surrounded by electronic stores and Joyerias. Now I know there was more, it just lacked a cohesive feel and left me realizing how good we have it up here. Now the last few years have spelled record improvements and now there is so much more in general which helps tie the downtown (Brickell specifically) together. South Beach is cool but like mentioned above, a tourist trap and not very local.
  11. Ok gotcha. The actual area is surrounded by development meaning lots of people live there and the area is drastically underserved by nicer retail and restaurants so when the plan was first announced I was excited.
  12. I fail to understand how the Flea Market plan is being considered isolated?
  13. So is it really going to be a parking lot? Wasn't the Amway Center designed to not be surrounded by surface lots like the O-rena was? Why even take a small, and allegedly temporary, step backwards?? Garages>>>>Surface Parking
  14. From the not so common knowledge I've heard, its supposed to be a big chunk of the CV itself which would make sense since I don't get the impression that there was enough critical mass to move this project forward without UCF.
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