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  1. Us too. Looking forward to a wild ride!
  2. Took a few pics of this recently. 1st one is from ASG weekend and the last one is from Saturday after the Wake Forest/Furman game. My teen son got a job working in the visitors clubhouse at BB&T, so this project is rising right in front of the door he uses to get into the ballpark, so he will have a cool perspective.
  3. Haven’t posted in ages, but need to get back “in the game”. My son got a new job working in the visitors clubhouse at BB&T, and I took this after Fuman lost to Wake Forest on Saturday. Hope it is an acceptable return to a GREAT forum.
  4. If my mother-in-law said one more time that a funnel cake would hit the spot while watching the fireworks... So yeah - more food trucks around the park (in general) would be a bonus. I know there were a few around the time of the grand opening, and we do spy Mr. Softee down there occasionally, but not nearly enough. Also I am unsure of how long the Fuzzy Peach will last in the stadium. I suspect gameday traffic isn't too bad, but when the Knights are out of town or during the off-season, that will be a tough road for sure.
  5. We watched the show from my office, which overlooks the park and the stadium. Has anyone seen (or is anyonw willing to guess) how many people were in the immediate area for the show? The park was packed for sure - but how successful was it? Would love to know...
  6. That is pretty solid! Maybe they can channel that into an expanded space behing the Latta Arcade, unless the new buidling there won't allow for that. Thanks for sharing!
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