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  1. JoshuaDrown

    UP Forum Meetups

    I am definitely interested in seeing the new Common Market space... I mean, I’ll get there sooner or later, but sooner is good!
  2. JoshuaDrown

    Carolina Panthers

    This thing is BIG! It is significantly larger when seen with actual eyes than it appears in this picture.
  3. JoshuaDrown

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I’m a big fan of what’s been done at Area 15... curious if anyone has been to the 15th Street Market yet, seems like a great little addition to the neighborhood?
  4. JoshuaDrown

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Don’t you just love optimistic construction delivery dates? This sign was still up on the property the last time I biked by... “Arriving Late 2017”.
  5. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Most of us have been critical of the Gold Line, rightfully I think... vehicles, travel times, stop locations, etc. I am, however, very optimistic about Phase 2. There are actually people that live off the Phase 2 stops, and the connectivity provided between Johnson C Smith, Smallwood, Wesley Heights, Johnson & Wales, Third and Fourth Wards, and through to the edge of Midwood will be excellent. Many neighborhoods that feel just a bit disconnected become connected. I am very excited. Oh, and the modern vehicles...
  6. JoshuaDrown

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    The Community Matters Cafe under construction at 821 W 1st will employ students from the Charlotte Rescue Mission’s substance abuse recovery programs. That is a great project.
  7. JoshuaDrown

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Isn’t the 1st St and Cedar St project part of Johnson & Wales continued development in Third Ward (it’s not on the development map)? I remember having that conversation with a neighbor that lives over there, but I also had margaritas and beers...
  8. JoshuaDrown

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    It’s not a “sensitivity about words”... it’s a desire for decency. People can disagree vehemently, but not insult, and the conversations have the potential for learning, and the sharing of perspective and knowledge. There is a crucial moment in dialogue where one can choose to add to the conversation, or one can choose to detract and devolve into insults and name-calling. Nothing gets accomplished with the second, but the first holds the potential for great growth and progress.
  9. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    Goodness I love Portlanders... and props to Willamette Week for owning that and publishing that piece, written in that way. I wonder if we would have that kind of self-awareness from our local media?
  10. JoshuaDrown

    MLS in Charlotte?

    The attendance for last night’s MLS All-Star game in Atlanta was 72,317, the second-largest attendance ever of any All-Star Game across all North American sport leagues. By all accounts Atlanta put on one heck of a party. It was an entertaining match too, which is sometimes hard for in-season All-Star games.
  11. JoshuaDrown

    MLS in Charlotte?

    I hope you are right... In our conversations last year, concerning the Smith bid, I heard from very good sources that MLS leadership spoke openly of needing/wanting a natural rival for Atlanta in the Southeast. That was before Nashville got awarded a franchise. Just a few years ago there were no MLS teams in the Southeast, now effectively there is Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and Nashville. I think a Tepper led group would be extremely attractive to MLS, and get Charlotte back on the short list with Detroit, Sacramento, San Antonio, and Phoenix, but there is little doubt that Nashville has now made Charlotte’s chances smaller than it otherwise would have been.
  12. JoshuaDrown

    MLS in Charlotte?

    More MLS talk from Tepper... this guy is focused and calculated. He hasn’t done that many interviews/press conferences and this is the third time he’s has mentioned MLS.
  13. JoshuaDrown

    Carolina Panthers

    I like everything I read about Tepper’s ownership and strategy. As a Charlotte transplant, and lifelong fan of another team (thankfully in the AFC), I have been unable to truly get behind the Panthers. I always want them to do well, because I want the best for Charlotte, but there hasn’t been much true bonding with franchise. Something feels different now, like I’m part of a rebirth... and maybe it’s because I feel so optimistic about what Tepper’s ownership can do for Charlotte. And the MLS talk just gets my heart a flutter.
  14. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

  15. JoshuaDrown

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Curious if any of our more connected members know more about the future plans for 2116 Hawkins St, other than it being part of the Asana Partners collection of properties in the Design District? I went by yesterday and almost all the tenants are out, and the inside is in various stages of gutting and reframing. I love love love this building, and see huge potential.