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  1. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    This morning, it looks like Charlotte is sleeping...
  2. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Romare Bearden was active all day... lots of families, children, and pets. It was great to see.
  3. Even though there are only 12 or so active dates a year at BoA Stadium, I feel like that potential residential and retail fronting Mint becomes significantly less interesting if we find out the stadium is going away... the stadium is the only thing making that part of Mint interesting. Though this is a bad analogy, the empty stadium functions almost like public art, it is something interesting to look at, or like a church, where people come to on a pilgrimage. Wouldn’t the retail be on a significantly worse island without the stadium? I suppose in time the BoA site would provide an impressive blank canvas...
  4. Question, purely for our speculation... I was wondering how the remaining development on this site will be affected by the Panther’s stadium relocation uncertainties? I imagine the development facing Mint St would look far different if it wasn’t abutting an NFL stadium. This has to be hurting or at least causing pause for any plans for those remaining spots, no? *Picture is from this weekend
  5. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I'll just leave this here:
  6. Sports in Charlotte

    Of note, Atlanta wasn’t even really on the MLS expansion radar until Arthur Blank included them in the plans for Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a setup specifically for soccer (at 42,500 they wrecked MLS attendance records, and had 67,000 there in the playoffs this year). I suppose it is feasible that something like that could happen with the Panthers new ownership situation and stadium talk. Heck, when you are paying $2B, what’s an extra $150M for a soccer club that’ll play in the same stadium?
  7. Sports in Charlotte

    That is insightful, and goodness... it shows the dominance of football in the U.S. I do, however, think splitting up a poll like that into single Favorite Sports Property is flawed when looking at sports trends, like the emergence of soccer. As mentioned above, baseball really is MLB, so those who just love baseball aren’t torn between leagues when answering the question. Soccer fans are torn, nearly all of us MLS fans also have a favorite European club, and we probably have been following the Euro club for far longer than our MLS club... there is currently top level soccer in 18 U.S. cities, and only 10 of those cities have had a club for 20 years. I am just a huge sports fan, but am a walking example of the trends from the Gallup poll... as I’ve gotten older I watch less and less baseball and basketball, but more and more soccer. Football has stayed consistent. Football and soccer are the only sports I regularly watch when my favorite team isn’t playing (unless there is money on the game... then I’d even watch curling).
  8. MLS in Charlotte?

    Goodness, that brings back great memories... growing up in Kansas City, we went to KC Comets games when they played in the Major Indoor Soccer League. They’d pull in 14,000 plus in attendance, it was awesome.
  9. Sports in Charlotte

    This is the latest I had read about the Rays, the city intends to keep them, and has acquired the land for a downtown stadium. Funding to build it is next, and more complicated step. Oakland also needs a new stadium, to make staying there viable, but they have also identified a site. MLB will expand, but the team in the East will most likely be in Montreal... the options for MLB in Charlotte just aren’t very good for the foreseeable future.
  10. Sports in Charlotte

    Definitely agree, both football and basketball are so popular at both the pro and college level. Baseball and even to a greater degree, soccer, are likely represented in this poll by their professional leagues. The trends for soccer are fascinating, if we cherrypick the 18-54 range, soccer is the favorite sport to watch for 21% of Americans, compared to 13% for baseball and 23% for basketball. I personally think soccer is the sport to invest in, and it will be the second most popular sport in the U.S. in 10-years or so. I’m not equating that directly to revenue from a local team (or specifically a team in MLS), since many of those soccer fans will be fans of a European club, or fans of a National team. Either way, Charlotte is likely 3rd or 4th down the list for MLB expansion... and who knows where on the MLS list now that Nashville grabbed the spot that was coming to the Southeast, so unless something changes, we have a while to figure this out.
  11. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Clearly this issue has level headed people losing some clarity. Throwing a bike into a parking lot doesn't teach the person who left it there a lesson, they are long gone. Throwing a bike into a parking lot doesn't teach the bike share company a lesson, they blame it on the rider. Throwing a bike into a parking lot doesn't teach the bike a lesson, its not sentient. Throwing a bike into a parking lot only hurts sustainability efforts, and it harms transit options for Charlotteans that desperately need affordable first mile/last mile mobility solutions. Throwing a bike into a parking lot is lashing out in all the wrong ways. "What would I have done?" On my walk to my office and back home today, a rough circle of Poplar to Bearden, Church to MLK, Tryon to Trade... I came across 5 bikes that I adjusted positioning for, and six that were down and I sat back up. All told I added maybe an extra 45-seconds to my commute, but my hope... my hope is that I'm a small part of the solution.
  12. Sports in Charlotte

    Lots of conversation going on in the Panther’s stadium thread that includes musings about sites for MLB... so I wanted to throw this out. Should we even be pursuing MLB, as its popularity is plummeting nationwide? It will be taken over by Soccer soon, as soccer has already passed baseball in every age group except 55+. Soccer is even likely to pass basketball in the next 10 years, having already caught it in 34 and under and only 2% behind in 35-54. I think, as Charlotte continues to grow, that we can support the new Big 4: NFL, NBA, MLS, and MLB... but we should seriously consider prioritizing soccer over baseball, especially if we are trying to be more of an international or multicultural city. *Statistics from a Gallup poll.
  13. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I certainly understand your frustration, I am a huge fan of dockless bike share and the parking of some of these bikes really gets under my skin, but as one fellow urbanist to another, I would politely ask you to rethink your urge to throw the bike off the sidewalk. When confronted with frustration, we have a moment to decide whether we will be part of the problem or part of the solution. I agree with Kate Cavazza, bike program manager for Sustain Charlotte, in a Creative Loafing article on this topic, "I would say, for other bike advocates, if you see a bike that's down, pick it up, move it over," she said. "It doesn't take that much effort. If you have a problem with it, move it three feet to the left.”
  14. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Interesting Sports Illustrated article on the next MLB expansion to 32 teams... but the two new clubs being in Montreal and Portland. This is the third time I’ve read that Portland is inevitable and most baseball writers think Montreal will be next.
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Yeah, a lot of people worked really hard, over many years, to get this project approved, planned, funded, and built. Efficient or no, at this point I am proud of the city for for getting it done, and will be happy to make it part of my transportation patchwork.