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  1. Yeah, we are becoming a constantly distracted society... distracted pedestrians mostly just hurt themselves, it’s distracted drivers that hurt hurt and kill others.
  2. Do we know if Blacow Burger is still coming to Dimensional Place? I randomly drove by their spot in Fort Mill, so I stopped in for a burger, which was excellent. I keep expecting something to be happening in Dimensional’s retail spaces, but never see anything.
  3. As an Uptown resident, it’s been interesting to watch my own habits change as South End emerges. I only walk Uptown TO things... I walk to my office, I walk to dinner, I walk to the library; all great assets to have in my neighborhood. But when I want to go FOR a walk, I head to South End by the fastest possible route and then enjoy the walk. I still walk TO things in South End, but I do it with way more joy because of the scale and the experience. Camden is such a great road and I hope we preserve as much of that experience as possible in the surrounding area, but each high-rise erodes just a bit of it. I imagine as the price of the South End lots and land rise, then the only suitable product for a new buyer will be mid and high-rise. Urban density is one of the few tools we have left for saving our planet, so I’m always going to be on board with these developments (especially ones like this that develop a parking lot); but goodness, we need to keep as many of the warehouses and industrial buildings as possible for adaptive reuse until density gets to the point that even they will need to go... and we are nowhere near that point.
  4. There is sooo much juicy goodness in that piece, but this is why Charlotte WILL get MLS: “The country’s 23rd-largest media market fills the 630-mile wide hole between Washington and Atlanta, and Charlotte anchors a metro area of more than 2.5 million people. Glick said there are 26 Fortune 1000 companies within the potential club’s catchment area, with more on the way, and that the organization’s research indicates full season ticket commitments will be “in the high 20,000s, maybe in the 30,000s.” Sponsorship revenue will be “in the top quartile [of MLS] based on our initial conversations, at least,” he added. Charlotte’s other asset is Tepper himself. MLS likes billionaires, and Tepper is one almost 12 times over. He’s the 118th wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes, and now is the richest individual owner in the NFL (trailing Paul Allen’s estate) and likely would be in MLS (trailing CFG/Abu Dhabi). Heft like that is hard to ignore.” For those who don’t know who Tom Glick is: “And if claiming he was serious wasn’t enough to convince you he was serious, then the summer 2018 hiring of Tom Glick should have sent a message. If the Panthers’ president’s name sounds familiar to soccer fans, it’s because he’s the same Tom Glick who ran Derby County for four years and then spent another six with Manchester City and City Football Group. He helped launch New York City FC in 2015. You probably don’t hire someone like Glick if the NFL is all you care about.”
  5. From a great Sports Illustrated piece that dropped yesterday: “David is a highly-engaged and committed owner in the NFL, and he is excited about soccer,” Glick told SI.com. “He’s convinced and sees that MLS is not only needed here, but the market is ready for it and it’ll be highly successful.” “So pencil in Charlotte for a visit to NYC in mid-July. Garber said there was “no timetable set” for team 30, and there likely will be owners who believe it’s in the league’s interest to stand pat and let a bidding war develop. But Charlotte’s upcoming meeting suggests Tepper is eager to move quicker. With a stadium already in place, he theoretically could have a team on the field by 2021, Glick confirmed. Either way, Tepper’s apparent determination adds an intriguing wrinkle to the expansion race. If Sacramento or St. Louis falter or delay, Charlotte is there. Meanwhile, other 30th-team hopefuls like Las Vegas or Phoenix now have catching-up to do.” https://www.si.com/soccer/2019/06/26/mls-expansion-charlotte-panthers-david-tepper-st-louis-sacramento
  6. Testing some color last night... she’s a beaut, both day and night.
  7. A really nice showing at the Gold Cup matches yesterday... it had me envisioning MLS and a city united behind its own club. It was loud and raucous and full of energy when Mexico was playing Martinique. Announced attendance was 59,283.
  8. Just a bit of what’s for sale in Dilworth and Myers Park this morning... We do, however, have many terrific neighborhoods that represent great value, and you should be able to find a great home in a community that you enjoy.
  9. I didn’t quite get the desired angle... but you can see Jeni’s little red sign. Had a really nice Sunday at NoDa Company Store, Bold Missy, Jeni’s, and Idlewild.
  10. Yesterday... walking up Morehead St from Dilworth to South End to Uptown.
  11. I’d say MLS already follows the baseball model. Very few games are national, there are featured matchups on ESPN, Fox, TSN, and Univision every weekend, but the bulk of the matches are served up on local and regional sports channels, and carried nationwide via ESPN+. I watch the league every weekend and just open up ESPN+ and pick the match I want to watch.
  12. The roof top of Garrison at Graham sure has one stellar view of the skyline.
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