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  1. Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    I’m a big fan of our ever-changing skyline, and I’ve been wondering if we will see the building from TradeMark... with Ascent and Museum Tower in the way. Probably will depend on the floor, but it’s peeking out now from the high floors. Selfishly, I’m hoping to see the top from my balcony, but will have to wait to see how that angle works out as she continues to rise.
  2. Good New Restaurants

    Went to Haymaker, in Third Ward, last night. The space is gorgeous, doesn’t seat a lot, but the openness, ceiling height, and giant glass looking out to Romare Bearden work perfectly. The food and service were spectacular, we were all over the menu: celery soup, crispy pork belly, roasted carrots, Mac n Cheese, steak and a delicious pan seared trout. All were perfectly proportioned and beautifully plated. Cocktails were creative and tasty.
  3. Sports in Charlotte

    Ahh, I see. I am certainly glad to have a match for the International Champions Cup back in Charlotte, but what this situation drove home for me, is just another data point that Charlotte has fallen behind Nashville (at least in the soccer landscape)... we get to be their backup in 2018 after we lost out to them on being a host city in 2017. Put that together with not being considered to be a World Cup host city... it gives me the feeling that CLT is the fifth most desirable city in the SE for these types of events, after Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, and Nashville. I hope we pack BoA and get some momentum back... Dortmund and Liverpool will be a perfect matchup, I know I’ll be there.
  4. Sports in Charlotte

    Not sure I understand what you are inferring... what turn of events?
  5. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Opening Day... always makes me happy to walk to baseball.
  6. Good New Restaurants

    I’m really excited about this, it fills in a nice niche Uptown... the sit down breakfast/brunch spot that isn’t a diner (RedEye Diner), not a bar or pub (Dandelion, The Daily, Murphy’s, Ink N Ivy), not a market (Rhino Market), not specifically Southern (Mert’s Heart an Soul), and not the more upscale brunch type (Halcyon, 5 Church, The Asbury). Geesh, now that I’m thinking about it, there is about any type of breakfast spot one would like.
  7. Sports in Charlotte

    First off, I have no issue with city officials doing what they feel is in their best interest. Negotiations with large International organizations like FIFA or the IOC are complicated and difficult at best, and impossible at worst. But to say that residents and officials in cities that did not share the point of view of Chicago, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Vancouver “should be relieved” is laughable. After the Olympics, the World Cup is the premier sporting event in the World... but where the Olympics puts tremendous strain on one city/region, the World Cup is spread out over many cities. The U.S./Canada/Mexico bid for 2026 will be in a new and expanded 48-nation format, more countries and more games, the largest and most spectacular World Cup in history, but we will need no new infrastructure, no new stadiums... in short, we are ready. After the politics of negotiations with FIFA wears off, some cities and their residents will be left with the kinds of memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Memories of sheer athleticism, memories of strength and balance and skill. They will have seen citizens of so many different countries coming together in respect and sportsmanship; they will have seen the ecstatic joy of victory or the disappointment of defeat. These cities and their residents will forever be a part of what we are at our best, what we are when we put aside conflict and sociopolitical agendas. Sixteen cities will get the honor of being host cities, the honor of opening their doors to the world and welcoming visitors with kindness and hospitality. Charlotte hoped to be one of those cities, and many Charlotteans hoped we would be one of those cities. I do not feel relieved.
  8. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    One of the most interesting parts of being a real estate agent is getting to hear people vocalizing their first or initial perceptions of Charlotte as they are either relocating or contemplating relocation. My unofficial observation is that one of the city’s biggest challenges is that the city often flies under the radar. Many people just don’t know much, if anything, about Charlotte. Charlotte doesn’t resonate as a food city, doesn’t resonate as a music city, doesn’t resonate as a destination city, there aren’t mountains and there isn’t an ocean (although both are close, which I constantly remind people of). Charlotte doesn’t resonate for the arts or for higher education. Hilariously, Charlotte doesn’t resonate as a major sports city with no MLB, NHL, MLS... And I probably don’t have to remind anyone here about how many people from other parts of the country don’t realize that the “Carolina” Panthers play in Charlotte. The positive, for those of us that live here and love the city, is that all of those things ARE here, but the culture behind them is still evolving, still a bit adolescent. Charlotte boomed with the banks and has a robust economy, and all the people that call this city home, whether natives or transplants, are bringing new and fresh ideas, invigorating neighborhoods, and creating culture. People that visit Charlotte really like Charlotte. We have a beautiful city that shows extremely well. Clearly we don’t have a problem getting people to move here. The challenge is that perception is trailing behind reality.
  9. Sports in Charlotte

    It’s just a little sad to be eclipsed so quickly by Nashville on the soccer front... they were hardly on the radar prior to their very successful MLS bid, and now they are the clear #2 in the non-Florida Southeast.
  10. Sports in Charlotte

    Atlanta is no surprise, they are pulling over 70,000 per game for Atlanta United matches... shattering attendance records along the way. It now seems Charlotte has officially been passed over by Nashville, at least as far as being on the U.S. Soccer map.
  11. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Really great shot, but that vehicle... Goodness I look forward to the day when a modern streetcar moves through that space.
  12. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I hear you, conflict isn’t generally the best way to change societal behavior. However, I don’t think the pedestrian standing in front of the 6,000 lb metal and steel combustion engine vehicle is a particularly threatening bully. The stakes are much higher for the pedestrians and cyclists in our urban environment. As a pedestrian in Charlotte, I feel my safety threatened about once a week or so, most often from the driver taking the left turn across traffic with no regard for the people already in the crosswalk... for some reason College St is the worst Uptown, so many times I’ve had speeding drivers get within a foot or so of hitting me well after the crossing signal has changed. The people pulled out into the crosswalks, forcing us into travel lanes are rarely going to see “their sick mama”; we can see what they are doing, they are on their phones more often than not, endangering everyone around them. As a cyclist, it’s monumentally worse, as some drivers make a game out of how close they can get to us, or how uncomfortable they can make us. Charlotte is a nightmare, I’ve been forced off the road and over my handlebars seemingly about once a year here, and I’m more of a weekend/recreational biker, I can’t imagine what the experience is like for the commuter. My perception is that the drivers in this city (perhaps in the South as a whole) are still learning how to share the road, many of them have spent their whole lives in suburban car-centric environments... a couple seconds of being uncomfortable in a crosswalk, as a pedestrian gets possessive of his or her crossing space isn’t going to hurt them, but their lack of awareness for the pedestrian or cyclist could (and unfortunately some times does) kill us. I have a colleague who will spend the rest of his life in a motorized wheelchair because he was hit Uptown, seeing him is a frequent reminder that we are not safe walking and riding on the street. The people in the 6,000 lb cars have a huge responsibility not to put the rest of us in danger.
  13. Ascent Uptown - 33 stories (3rd and Poplar)

    No filter on these shots... the sunset was playing tricks with color as it went down. Ascent was grey and charcoal.
  14. Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    The crew was working hard last night, still lots of activity after the sun set.
  15. Good New Restaurants

    Haymaker, at the bottom of Ascent, is coming along nicely. Gotta be getting close to the opening