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  1. JoshuaDrown

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Tepper’s comments are huge... he’s only had a few press conferences and has mentioned MLS twice, this is not accidental or frivolous. He’s a calculated businessman and knows that more dates for his stadium means higher profits. I think this points to a shared stadium, either renovated BoA or something new (but that something new might not come for a while). MLS prefers smaller soccer specific stadiums, but Atlanta and Seattle do the shared stadiums very well, and also lead the league in attendance. Atlanta United was filling up Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium while they waited for Mercedes-Benz Stadium to be finished. MLS loves rich investors, and by my crude research and calculations, Tepper’s roughly $11B net-worth might be the 2nd or 3rd highest net-worth in the NFL and MLS, with Paul Allen the wealthiest owner in both leagues. MLS owners net-worth: NFL owners net-worth:
  2. JoshuaDrown

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    The Design Center, from this morning’s jog:
  3. JoshuaDrown

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    The Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream spot is coming along at the Design Center. I’m excited to see how they incorporate the old Phat Burrito facade into the Flower Child buildout and whatever else Asana has planned for this site.
  4. JoshuaDrown

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    A couple from yesterday morning...
  5. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Greenway Trails

    Now we just have to get Brandywine to Tyvola done...
  6. JoshuaDrown

    MLS in Charlotte?

    With the NFL season getting closer, I was working my way through the various coverage of David Tepper’s press conferences to date... trying to get a feel for him, if you will. What caught my attention was this innocuous quote at his introductory press conference: “I’m trying to determine the development I want to have in the community development areas of the community,” says Tepper. “It might make it more difficult to have minority partners, you know, if you want to do, for instance, an MLS team, or something like that, which might make some sense if you are in fact in Charlotte, or you do other things.” I was then listening to the excellent R&D in the QC podcast, by Charlotte City Commissioners Tariq Bokhari and Larken Egleston, on their recent trip to Mercedes Benz Stadium in ATL, and they talked openly with other commissioners (James Mitchell and Julie Eiselt, if my memory is correct) about the next version of our NFL stadium being designed to include a soccer setup and an MLS club. They all seemed excited about the potential of 17+ more dates at the stadium with the idea of maximizing an asset. MLS still has two more expansion teams to announce, and they are not in a rush to announce them... this is perhaps the most optimistic I have been about Charlotte realistically being in the conversation for one of those spots. The Marcus Smith bid didn’t seem to check off enough boxes for Charlotte or for MLS. A David Tepper owned club, with the backing and support of City Council, and playing in a new or renovated BoA Stadium just might.
  7. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Charlotte hasn’t preserved a ton of old buildings, but we have saved many of our old churches. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission says that this is one of the oldest Gothic Revival Style buildings in Mecklenburg County. The Charlotte Colored Presbyterian Church bought this lot at E 7th St and N College St for $900 on February 20, 1873. The First United Presbyterian Church was built in 1894 and still looks beautiful today. Alphabetical Order/surveys&r1stunitedpres.htm
  8. JoshuaDrown

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    This is the building on the far left-hand side of the rendering, which has a more modern feel and different treatment than the rest of the structure (I think).
  9. JoshuaDrown

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Took a walk up to the Parkwood Station yesterday... I’m so excited about Tompkins Hall. They were hard at work, on a holiday no less. Getting some grey paint on the light rail side, but it is a bit darker than it came off in the photo below.
  10. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    It was 2 in the Omni’s elevator, but their lobby is up... so I think it’s the 3rd off the ground.
  11. JoshuaDrown

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    The Camden Grandview Townhomes are coming along nicely.
  12. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Watched some soccer at Coin Bar at the Omni Hotel... definitely feels urban. Nice renovation of the space..
  13. For a building that seemingly covers an entire block, there is a decent amount of variation going on along the facade.
  14. JoshuaDrown

    CATS Long Term Transit Plan - Silver, Red, Airport Lines

    I hear you, @cjd5050 about a certain level of intolerance towards those not living in the inner core neighborhoods, but @dubone is correct from a transit planning perspective. We do not have the budget to build transit in whimsy, it has to be done with intentionality... and hard decisions have to be made about the routes, the corridors, the residents, the economic and political climate, future development, and density. Neither the Gold Line or the Blue line go through the more "suburban 'urban' neighborhoods" of Myers Park and South Park that you mention. The Silver Line, however, will service so many neighborhoods in great need... with residents that have far fewer choices in residence and transit than our neighbors that would utilize the Red Line. The true intolerance, a grand societal intolerance, is to minimize the struggle of those at, near, or below the poverty line... people with tenuous job opportunities, fewer options for getting to work, and a massive under supply of affordable housing. Many of our North Mecklenburg neighbors have choice... they chose to live in an area with a challenging commute. Being tax payers like the rest of us, we certainly should plan for transit solutions for them, but it must fit within the greater plan of providing the most service to the most people, and preferably to the people with the greatest need. I hope the Big Bang gets built, I hope the Red Line gets built, but if we have to make hard choices, I choose the Silver Line.
  15. JoshuaDrown

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Graham St Pub & Patio has a pretty stellar view of the skyline from its rooftop bar.