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  1. 204North has closed (again) temporarily, according to their social media posts.
  2. I always liked Fitzgerald’s, but I’m a Pittsburgh fan. It was great when it was Buckhead too. Nice central location, decent late-night crowd. It will be missed.
  3. The plot thickens... now Fox and Hound (Pineville) has a sign on the door that says “IF YOUR ONLY FORM OF ID IS A SOUTH CAROLINA IDENTIFICATION CARD, WE CANNOT SERVE YOU”
  4. I work 7pm-7am so it’s usually either bar food or fast food. I also eat a lot of QT sandwiches.
  5. Applebee’s has already been closing early. Fox and Hound (old Bailey’s) has been staying open late. I go there sometimes on my 11pm lunch break because there’s literally no place else to sit down and eat.
  6. Lost Gold of WW2, reruns of American Pickers
  7. They caught up with Green Shirt guy. He wasn’t arrested THAT night but some people found out who he was, and he wasn’t an out-of-town agitator.
  8. Might have to start a new thread: Former Charlotte Pipe / New Stadium Site edit: there is one...
  9. lit

    The Good News Report

    The new 7-11 on Independence is awesome. They always have funky music jamming and the people inside are friendly. The food smells/looks good although I haven’t tried it yet. I like to grab a 18-pack on my way home in the mornings. I’d rather stop there than go to Walmart and walk a mile (after a 12-hour shift on my feet) to save a couple bucks.
  10. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but besides traffic being “lighter”, people have been much better-behaved. Yesterday afternoon, rush hour, I cruised 60mph on 77s from Brookshire to the State Line in my Miata and nobody tried to run me over. Normally I have to go 75 just to not get tailgated. It’s like everyone suddenly isn’t in a hurry to be somewhere.
  11. We went on a tour once when my mom worked in that building, some kind of bring-your-child-to-work day. There was a huge table on the top floor that was supposedly lowered in with a helicopter. We also found a large remote control under one end of the giant table so we, being dumb kids, started mashing all the buttons. The window shades all started opening and closing and that ended our tour.
  12. I’m also from upstate PA. My dad got laid off in the 80’s and came down here to work in a machine shop, actually lived in the Comfort Inn in front of Carowinds for about a year while we were trying to sell the house up there and figuring out what to do. We all moved down and settled here just in time for Hugo, been living in the same neighborhood ever since.
  13. It was a nightclub (the Steeple) before they tore down the front half and made it PR. Ashes to ashes, I guess.
  14. I love Copperhead Strike, but the Gliders are my favorite ride in the park. I’m glad they brought them back as the Mountain Gliders, but I’m torn because I used to get a lot more rides in when they were tucked away in Peanuts Land.
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