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  1. lit


    Remember when the park had water EVERYWHERE?
  2. lit

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    Would lowering the speed limit inside the beltway to 15mph or 20mph be that unreasonable? Most people probably choose to ride on the sidewalk because they don’t want to get run over by a car
  3. lit

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    I went to get a burrito on Monday at Moe’s at the corner of Carmel and 51... CLOSED!!! Mondays will never be the same.
  4. lit


    Maverick at Cedar Point also still draws a good crowd. It’s a double-launch coaster and I thought it was fun as hell. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to get a Gold Pass for just Carowinds or get the Platinum Pass and do both again for 2019.
  5. lit

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Sorry, headline sucked me in: “A key city bridge closed for streetcar construction. Now, it won’t reopen on time.” Read more here:
  6. lit

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Charlotte Observer is now reporting the Hawthorne bridge won’t be open before the August 2020 deadline...
  7. I remember going there to see Tiesto. My friend’s car got broken into but we were so f’d up, we didn’t even care. Also, didn’t they have a weird bathroom setup?
  8. lit

    Independence Corridor

    “Come on y’all, let’s hop a train to the Checkers game!” - future me
  9. It’d be cool to have a line that runs the whole way around 485 someday.
  10. lit

    Pedestrian Shaming in Charlotte

    I hate how car-centric everything in Charlotte is, and I’m a “car guy”. I worked at NAPA on Independence for a while and I used to watch people with backpacks and baby strollers climb over the wall every morning to get to the express bus stop on the inbound side. I can imagine the Facebook comments if someone (and/or their baby) was struck and killed there... “why were they climbing over that wall” “why didn’t they walk down to the bridge at Conference, it’s only .5 miles away”
  11. lit

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    There is a version of this at Poplar Tent and Odell School Rd, seems to work well
  12. lit

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Librettos is closing. How about adding a Little Caesar’s? PIZZA PIZZA!!!
  13. lit

    Independence Corridor

    I was hoping to win that $1.5B Mega jackpot so I could buy the Varnadore building and turn it into my own personal condo tower. I bet the skyline/sunset views look pretty sweet from up there.
  14. lit

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Regarding the stoplights being too close, same thing happens to me every day at Idlewild/Rama and Monroe Rd coming from Independence every day. I just lean on the console so I can barely see the bottom bulb until it lights up green.
  15. lit

    History of Charlotte

    We should start re-taking identical shots of some of these old photos with existing landmarks (like the Ivey’s Building) today so people can re-re-take them 100 years from now, just in case the old existing landmarks don’t make it. #showerthoughts