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  1. lit

    History of Charlotte

    Somewhat related, the Charlotte Theater and Smart Shop shown here is the space now occupied by Hooters. photo source: stolen from Tilt’s Facebook
  2. lit

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Thanks RDF. I remember hearing from some guy at a bar that the reason Amos’ closed was the lack of parking but now they’re re-opening in-part because of new parking options unfolding but I cannot confirm source because it was some guy at a bar.
  3. lit

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Maybe the parking will be available after-hours for the local bars and restaurants?
  4. lit

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    The best time to find a few scooters to ride around would be early in the morning. Bird Scooters all shut down for charging at 9pm (unfortunately they’re not 24/7). Chargers have to capture them, charge them, and release them all at “nests” (usually in groups of 3) between 4am and 7am. If you don’t release one by 7am, you don’t get paid same-day for that Bird and the bounty will go down so chargers are extra motivated to release by 7am. Bird also encourages riders to wear helmets and offers free helmets (you cover shipping costs) but you’re supposed to be 18+ with a valid drivers license. source: I am a Bird charger
  5. Cars and Coffee is tomorrow (got rained-out last week)
  6. lit

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Was the train ever too crowded to maneuver your bike on/off?
  7. Anyone have any news on Mattie's Diner? Last I heard (over a year ago) it was supposed to be moving to Brightwalk. It's mentioned as "coming soon" on the website for CAMP North End too.
  8. lit


    I think I'd rather have the monorail and/or the pond back
  9. lit

    Carowinds Thst parking lot is already the hottest place on the planet, now they’ve added fire!?!
  10. lit

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    This is fantastic news. I only got to ride one once and it was an absolute blast, but I had a really hard time finding one. With more becoming available, using one for actual transportation (rather than just for fun) will be a lot more feasible.
  11. lit

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    And it’s also interesting that two scooters were hit. How the hell does that happen? Maybe they were waiting at a stoplight and just got plowed? Or maybe the car ran a light?
  12. lit

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t scooters under 50cc operate under the same rules as bicycles?
  13. lit

    Charlotte Bike Sharing I guess they have regular joes charging the scooters overnight and dropping them off in the morning for people to use? That’s pretty cool.
  14. Dang. Still, maybe this will help Charlotte become more bike friendly?
  15. lit

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I posted this in the “Charlotte trying to be bike friendly” thread in the Coffee House but I thought I’d share it here too. “STARTING TODAY, YOU AND YOUR BIKE RIDE FREE!” I can already see people trying to wrangle rent-a-bikes into crowded trains so they can save a buck. edit: only lasts a week