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  1. Get an Air Fryer Oven, it’ll change your life!
  2. I always liked that building. Hopefully they can save it and repurpose it somehow!
  3. There are plans out there somewhere to extend Harris along the creek behind the Honda dealership all the way to Village Lake. There will just be one interchange for Harris, Margaret Wallace, and Village Lake. This, of course, will destroy at least half of the Shopping Center across from Village Lake.
  4. I like to think of what’s going on now with bike/ped/scooter changes as the wave of the future, probably the same way pedestrian and horse people felt when we redesigned all of the streets 100 years ago to accommodate automobiles.
  5. Someone dropped this on my seat at the Matthews Alive Car Show
  6. Since the storm was at night, there wasn’t much to see. We sat up and listened to the wind howling over the sound of the radio broadcast. They kept reminding people not to go outside during the eye of the storm and a few stations actually went down during the worst part of the storm. When we emerged the next day it was pure insanity. Up on Independence, there was a gas station beside what is now Papa Johns that had its cover blown out into the road completely blocking the Eastbound side. There were a dozen trees down in our yard and school was canceled for 2 weeks, but most of us kids didn’t mind. We just met up every day and made sweet forts all over the neighborhood. Chainsaws were singing a song pretty much everywhere you went, all day every day. A few of our neighbors actually got injured in the cleanup efforts. A guy 2 houses down from us had a tree laying over on his roof so he walked up the trunk and started cutting. Once he had cut the top off, the trunk stood back up and catapulted him ragdoll-style down an embankment.
  7. Copperhead Stride is closed. On Sunday, somebody injured their thumb pretty badly. Reports vary greatly. Most people are saying “kEeP yOuR HanDs aNd FeEt InSiDe ThE VEhIcLe” but some of the lady’s friends came to her defense and said her hands were where they were supposed to be and that the seat in front of her broke and severed her thumb. https://www.wcnc.com/article/news/local/copperhead-strike-ride-currently-closed-at-carowinds-after-injury/275-d80d0d30-6b05-464b-9d03-5bc2bd050f3a
  8. I vote for a cable-car/gondola style ride. The future is now!
  9. There are a few more clues. The old bridge at I-77 near Wilkinson still exists. I saw some pics online a few years ago and haven’t been able to unsee them. Every time I’m over that way, that one bridge catches my eye. This is the site where I saw the pics: http://www.gribblenation.org/2016/08/independence-boulevard-charlottes-first.html?m=1
  10. That’s good... and bad. Independence needs more gas stations since we lost 4(?) up near Idlewild in the expressway conversion, but WTF are we doing here? Do we really need more cars pulling out and crossing 4 lanes of 60+ mph traffic to get to Albemarle Rd? That Walmart entrance is bonkers!
  11. Its going to be near the inside Carolina Harbor entrance, next to Copperhead Strike
  12. My biggest concern about them charging fares for the streetcar is that nobody will use it for short trips. To go a couple of blocks, it will just make more sense to walk, bike, or scoot. Another concern i have is the amount of scooter accidents we’ll see when there are two sets of rails up/down Trade Street. They’re banned on the sidewalk between Church and College (nobody seems to know/care) and given their tiny wheel size and experience level (or lack thereof) of average riders, it seems like a recipe for disaster. I wouldn’t be surprised to see bicycle riders going over the bars. ARE THERE ANY PLANS TO ADD BIKE LANES TO TRADE ST?
  13. $4 night at Tilt, lots of entertainment!
  14. Meanwhile... at 129 W Trade...
  15. I used to think this was a bad location when Bentley’s (or whatever it was before L&C) closed, but now that we have the Ballpark and all of the apartments around RB Park, it isn’t that out-of-the-way. I wonder what it’ll become next.
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