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  1. People were parked on the tracks last night so the Gold Line operators just laid on the horn. This went on for a few minutes. The cops had to go into Hooters and get the guy IMG_3367.MOV
  2. It looks like they fixed the YELLOW Bojangles.
  3. I used to ride a Ruckus on McAlpine and never got booted. I ride an old Mountain Bike down and back up McAlpine pretty often too. I would expect to pedal it the whole way down but probably use assist or all-motor coming back up (up-hill). It's not as easy as it used to be.
  4. I was thinking about getting a Super73 to mess around with on the weekends. I never thought about the battery thing. Maybe wear one of those over-the-shoulder fanny packs like the youngsters do.
  5. I’m not sure where to put this, but it seems TR Lawing has sold the Tryon House Apartments to some investors?
  6. You are right. We need to get this info out there before people try to call it “SoNoDa” or something stupid like that.
  7. Blue Line is operating on Sunday Schedule seven days a week until further notice, according to their Twitter
  8. How about the light poles on Independence near Briar Creek? It seems like there’s always one or two of those snapped off. Hell, someone crashed into the front of the old Merchandise Mart (now The Park Expo and Conference Center) not too long ago. I’ve also noticed a lot of cars failing to slow down in time at the Eastway exit lately.
  9. From what I understand, B&M Hyper and Giga Coasters can’t operate if it’s under 40 degrees outside.
  10. It looks like they’re building an Arby’s where the old Hooters was, between Sharon Amity and Idlewild.
  11. Charlotte Checkers are now aligned with the Florida Panthers, not the Carolina Hurricanes...
  12. Dababy was performing on the MTV VMA’s and the BofA tower was in the background
  13. We dropped into Bargarita the other night and there was a 20 minute wait (expected). My g/f and I both ordered THE BIG ONE which is one of their BARgarittos and it was delicious. My brother and his wife showed up , they tried a few different tacos and they were all good. I “tested out” a few margaritas as well. The Strawberry Jalapeño was my favorite. 90% of the people working there I recognized from Tilt/204. It was nice to see them all getting back to work. I will definitely be going again this weekend
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