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  1. lit

    History of Charlotte

    We should start re-taking identical shots of some of these old photos with existing landmarks (like the Ivey’s Building) today so people can re-re-take them 100 years from now, just in case the old existing landmarks don’t make it. #showerthoughts
  2. Looking forward to this as well. Duckpin bowling is awesome.
  3. I love beer and I’m glad the Midwood Cleaners building is going to be reused, but I’m more excited for another breakfast spot!
  4. lit

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I wonder how long it’ll take for commuters to move even farther East after it opens. If the expressway gets extended to the County line, Marshville or Pageland may have a comparable drive-time to Indian Land. Time to invest!
  5. Looks like the Diner is no longer on their website. I wonder what happened and where will it end up?
  6. lit

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Wait, they demo’d the existing brick buildings to build a new Beer Garden? I find it hard to believe they couldn’t have incorporated those into their plan somehow, especially if they’re building a Beer Garden. Were they in that bad of shape?
  7. lit

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    The email we received from BIRD asked us to keep the Birds all safe until Sunday, but I’m wondering if it’ll get pushed back another day or two since the storm is taking its sweet ass time getting here.
  8. Show me SURFACE PARKING!!!
  9. lit


    This is correct. Corkscrew is almost identical to our Cyclone. I visited CP this year and Maverick was by far the most popular ride besides Steel Vengeance. Also, I can’t wait for the Woodstock Gliders to come back. It’s my favorite ride in the park. I rode the Lake Erie Eagles at CP at least a dozen times the weekend I was up there.
  10. lit

    History of Charlotte

    Somewhat related, the Charlotte Theater and Smart Shop shown here is the space now occupied by Hooters. photo source: stolen from Tilt’s Facebook
  11. lit

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Thanks RDF. I remember hearing from some guy at a bar that the reason Amos’ closed was the lack of parking but now they’re re-opening in-part because of new parking options unfolding but I cannot confirm source because it was some guy at a bar.
  12. lit

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Maybe the parking will be available after-hours for the local bars and restaurants?
  13. lit

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    The best time to find a few scooters to ride around would be early in the morning. Bird Scooters all shut down for charging at 9pm (unfortunately they’re not 24/7). Chargers have to capture them, charge them, and release them all at “nests” (usually in groups of 3) between 4am and 7am. If you don’t release one by 7am, you don’t get paid same-day for that Bird and the bounty will go down so chargers are extra motivated to release by 7am. Bird also encourages riders to wear helmets and offers free helmets (you cover shipping costs) but you’re supposed to be 18+ with a valid drivers license. source: I am a Bird charger
  14. Cars and Coffee is tomorrow (got rained-out last week)
  15. lit

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Was the train ever too crowded to maneuver your bike on/off?