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  1. You know what?!! I give up posting here! It all just seems like you worship RDF or Jayvee. And whenever anyone else posts something, you all think it's never true because RDF or Jayvee hasn't posted it. I work for American, okay? I think I'm more in know than a majority of you. I see why people left urbanplanet and I'm going to be one of them.
  2. I can't mention the specifics, mainly because there's not many to mention, but AA was looking at all options for offices around CLT (there was job posting for Office development for CLT, it was posted in the Airport thread) in the airport, Uptown, University etc. Eventually, as far as I know, AA pulled the plug on office expansion here.
  3. Don't ask me why they did, but supposedly, through the grapevine, American was looking at vacant and new build offices in CLT couple months back. Now, I don't know if this is true or not but it's certainly interesting to think if AA had leased Tryon Place. Back to Duke Energy, it seems that with their continued coal ash and solar issues, does it really make sense to lease a brand new office building when their existing building would probably undercut the lease price by a wide-margin?
  4. Wait, surely the orientation of 300ST is all wrong in that video?
  5. Still not as bad as Barcelona. Sheesh! Limbless beggars, people walking around outside patios begging, getting angry when you don't give them money.
  6. What about a private-public partnership? I don't know, maybe have a developer pay 10% of the costs, the state 10%, the city 30% and federal 50%?
  7. Yes, thank you. I know that. What I meant was are they just demolishing the buildings and sitting on the land or going to demolish the buildings and start construction when permits are issued?
  8. I just can't wait to hear the specs now! Will construction of the site begin or are they just demolishing the buildings and then waiting?
  9. I would also guess AvidExchange. Not too happy about their involvement with CLT and the Music Factory.
  10. Adding 3 acres of park will not change our ranking, it will keep it status-quo. Marshall park is what 5.something acres; removing an over 5 acre park and replacing it with a 1.6-2 acre park will obviously push our ranking down.
  11. Has the ink dried on that lease? Or did HB2 stop it in it's track?
  12. Thank you, I've read/heard most of that but hadn't seen the actual document! I'll skim over that when I've got nothing to do!
  13. I'm not sure how accurate and old this is, but this is/was the Master Plan for the Airport. It looks accurate and up-to-date but I'll try to find out if this is the actual Master Plan for CLT. The main features of the plan (as shown by the letters) are: A) Taxiway around 36C/18C to the new runway B) The new 12,500ft runway, tentatively called 1R/19L C) The new control tower D) New terminal, supposedly international (!!!!) E) Concourse B & C expansion F) New Concourse A Annex This plan makes my mouth drool, the prospect of an international terminal (which would be built around 2030) is so exciting!
  14. Nope, the existing bridge cant support the weight of the streetcar vehicles, thats why it is being replaced. I think the cost of replacing Hawthorne bridge is why Phase 2 doesn't go beyond Sunnyside.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's the original plan to construct a streetcar line to the airport.
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