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  1. mcn11

    Constitution Green

    The wife and I took our dog there on a Sunday evening and it was insane. There must've been 20 dogs in there. Everyone was talking to each other. It's nice to have a place where people can go and meet their downtown neighbors. It's a great addition to the neighborhood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Agreed. If they put a bike share station there (which I'm sure they will) then that would be much easier. That being said, my wife and I have taken the dog on a walk around lake Lucerne just for a change of scenery. It's crazy how different it is once you go under the 408. Less pedestrian friendly with lots of cars traveling at high speed. Also there were a lot more homeless than in cbd. More camps where people live than just walking around during the day.
  3. I agree. As much hate as 7-11 gets on these forums, I live at 55 West and my wife and I are at the 7-11 downstairs a couple times a week. It's so easy to pick up some eggs, dog food, or toilet paper without walking over to publix. There are multiple 7-11s downtown because people actually use them.
  4. Based on their Instagram posts, it looks like joysticks may be close to finishing the buildout and close to opening. Should be a nice change of pace for downtown bars and could draw a crowd that doesn't normally go out downtown.
  5. mcn11

    Constitution Green

    I may or may not use greenwood urban wetlands as an unofficial dog park.
  6. Yeah that could be a big problem. I walk the dog there almost daily and in order to see the sign, you have to walk to the edge of the sidewalk otherwise you're basically looking straight up at it.
  7. Looks like some of the ground floor retail is filling up. Snap! Downtown is having their grand opening tonight and have three galleries in the building (I'm about to walk over so I'll try to get some pics). I also noticed that urbanista appears to be moving their office into a live work unit from Thornton park (or they are opening another office). There's also a yoga studio that appears to be open already and a sign for a tea/cupcake cafe. Everything but Snap appears to be in a live/work unit.
  8. mcn11

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    I think the final design will have food down seats. FIFA requires an all seat stadium so if they hope to ever have any international matches they'll have to have seats.
  9. mcn11

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    . Black Caldroun brewery is opening up about a block west of the stadium site. It is owned by a member of the ruckus and will become the new tailgate place for the ruckus pregame.
  10. mcn11

    55 West

    55 West seems to be attempting to crack down on this as well. Two summers ago, the pool used to be packed every weekend with lots of people who don't live here and would bring beer pong tables, speakers, etc. last summer, they placed a security guard at the pool entrance that would check to see if you lived there. Residents are only allowed to bring two guests per resident. It really cleaned up the pool area and allowed all the residents to use it rather than ten residents and their 50 guests. I think a lot of the issues with 55 West would be fixed if they just shut down the east entrance that anyone can get into or required key access to use the elevator and get to your floor.
  11. mcn11

    55 West

    I hate that damn door.
  12. mcn11

    55 West

    That's interesting. I live in the building and have not witnessed any police activity or had any problems (with crime, noise, or anything else). I at first thought this may just be a product of the amount of people that live in the building. I mean with 500 or so units this is the largest building downtown and bigger than many Orlando apartment complexes. That being said, these numbers are a little worrisome. But my fiancé and I also love living here so i don't know what to think.
  13. Mcdonalds would also make a ton of money if they stayed open late. I also think a NY style Chinese restaurant that was open until 4 am would make a lot of money. Nothing soaks up alcohol like some general tso chicken. Really I'm just glad to see something going on in that space. Once you get past magnolia, pine basically dies. Anything there will at least bring some life to the street.
  14. Not much - here's the site: https://app.crowdstreet.com/properties/show/100-east-pine-st/ I've always thought this space would be perfect for a chipotle. A chipotle downtown would make bank. If only I could open one myself. This will be nice. In my experience, only about half the cars actually yield to pedestrians. I'd really like to see a pedestrian crossing like what is currently at this site at Central and Eola. So many people cross there as there's no crossing for what seems like a third of a mile. It's also a main entrance to the park and close to the playground and farmers market. Something needs to go there.
  15. I walked by today around 2pm and they are for sure open and were actually doing a pretty solid business for that time of the day. Saw quite a few people walking down the street with coffee and a few people sitting inside.
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