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  1. Have they already built stuff in the neighborhood? Or are they just banking?
  2. Educating kids helps everyone not just those with kids.
  3. I hope it sets aside money for checking that the trees survive more than 6 months.
  4. If we could just plop that down right now, oh my.
  5. They definitely have their problems of inclusion. When I was at UT there was a pretty strong black greek scene. Though it's not like UT is a big old diverse place, it was pretty shocking going from Clarksville to Knoxville for me.
  6. Very nice, my chapter at UT is starting the process on a new house, and working with the school and getting a small glimpse into the master plan is interesting.
  7. Y'all got any of the football? Just a little hit
  8. There could be zoning where non-profit status is guaranteed in percentages, zoning can do all kinds of things. Though not sure what the benefit would be other than, giving us more developments to talk about, but look at Lexington, KY, all the horse farms have had an effect on how the city has developed.
  9. https://www.nba.com/article/2020/07/31/tnt-nba-restart-doubleheader-audience Looking like a 1.4mil before covid. So about the same for the NBA, maybe more.
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2020/08/03/summers-most-watched-network-is-fox-news-channel/#7cee3e4f101a Well we know which shows @JoeyX has been watching. Seems like PLENTY of people are watching these so called "ingrates". ANYWAYS. The article above about the triple A team and how and MLB team can't be in the same city seem like a pretty large barrier to getting an MLB team here. Maybe the MLB team can convince Vandy baseball to buy First Tennessee Park and play there, and the triple A team can move on down the road.
  11. They don’t even pay property tax? That’s a hell of a deal.
  12. It does look like everything is a bit thick, all the vertical columns look out of proportion.
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