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  1. Her affair that wouldn't have knocked her out of office if she was a man. I think her administration and the current one are so bad at messaging it was doomed as soon as soon as the anti-folks started going. I requested a yard sign for literally months and NEVER got one, ever, even after multiply requests. Then post election there was a story of a room full of yard signs that never went out because of ineptitude.
  2. Personally I'd like to see a hub somewhere in SoBro, maybe even Pie Town. Then put a leg down Lafayette, it is the least build up and could end at the Airport, who it seems would be totally willing to throw in some money. Then from there radiate out. North on 8th next. Then over to Gallatin somehow. Once those 3 are in, that covers a nice portion of your people that where interested the first time around.
  3. Definitely matches that white roof look of the track and of the expo buildings. I wonder if the other new buildings will mimic that warehouse look. It would make the entire Fairgrounds quite cohesive.
  4. Yeah I like it, more of a field house look that fits into the neighborhood instead of some crazy futuristic design that would stand out like a sore thumb. This will just nestle into the surroundings. I have to hope the field will be below grade like the Titans stadium.
  5. AMP was too small, the most recent plan was too big. Regardless of plan, until you can convince the outer ring of Davidson County voters to vote for anything then it will fail. Considering every county mayor surrounding Davidson supported this, what is it going to take to convince those voters? Because I have zero idea. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/05/03/interactive-map-see-how-nashville-tn-transit-vote-lost-election-results/573756002/ Joelton precinct 1178 against 145 for. I mean... how are you going to convince at least 40% of those people to change their votes?
  6. @MLBrumby you should draw that out on a map real quick, I'm having trouble visualizing it. Especially the bridges.
  7. Correct. Fair Park is the bottom of this image, with the dog park being more the bottom left corner. Not quite the same angle but you get the idea.
  8. A lot of WeHo is already turning into larger complexes, if you drive around over there it's an interesting and large neighborhood. Look at the strip of condos right outside of the Fairgrounds on Wedgewood, they are just like row houses. Things can always be rezoned.
  9. I thought that, but I didn't think that would count as "tourism".
  10. Bless him, I talked with him during the big council votes. He just doesn't have any trust in the government. MLS and the City have followed the laws, just like y'all did when you passed the referendum. It works both ways bud.
  11. What is going on in Montgomery county?? Lots of visits to Austin Peay???
  12. I wonder where the naming rights will end up. Amazon Field at The Fairgrounds HCA Park at The Fairgrounds
  13. “Not appropriate” “discouraged” Why not just say “Not Allowed”.
  14. Has he been doing the amount research, community input like the last plan or is he going to crib most of the current plan. Did he think there was too much research with the last plan? Maybe he can get buy-in from the outer portions of the county because of his focus on “neighborhoods” (still don’t know what that means), because if the red ring around downtown doesn’t vote for it it’s not gonna happen again.
  15. I don't feel like re-litigating it but I'm not saying they played the only part. The administration's lack of communication probably did more to amplify the AFP message more than anything. But to not blame them at all is also false.
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