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  1. Has anyone else’s UP emails started going to spam? I though the board just got super quiet.
  2. The picture is the new buildings. The old buildings even if they are still there have no power.
  3. I’ll believe it when I see it haha
  4. Makes sense, they just started like 2 weeks ago.
  5. Oooo that's cool. I'd like to see some of those on the road! "Tesla may expand and potentially double the size of Gigafactory 1. In June 2015, Tesla announced it exercised its option to buy 1,864 acres (754 hectares) of land adjacent to the original 1,000-acre (400 ha) Gigafactory site. " 1000 acres is quite the chunk of land, with possible expansion around it. Doesn't leave many places to look does it?
  6. Wowza, quite the difference. I mean did they run out of brick for the back? That building got hit hard by the cost cutting bug. Surely developers know people will pay more to live/rent in a building if it looks nice?
  7. How does it take 1 million dollars to figure out it won’t work? Hired a ton of designers and engineers?
  8. It's in such small strips, maybe that's what's confusing me, maybe they had a bunch of leftover they wanted to use.
  9. What is that all over the walls? Never seen that before.
  10. Hope everyone ok! Chestnut Hill is ok.
  11. Ooo, if that gets updated regularly, it would be nice to have that pinned somewhere in the thread to check each week.
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