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  1. Agreed. But I have to think these are going to be pretty affordable. I haven’t seen any pricing or anything though.
  2. Those things are packed in there. But we need more infill developments like this to help with our housing situation. Half acre lot, 16 units.
  3. Say Metro sells the land for $15mil and then it's all affordable housing that seems like a gain for me. Spreading $15mil across the 5700 teachers would net them 2600 bucks before taxes. So around an extra 216 a month. I'm honestly not sure which is better. Depends how big the overall development is to how many teachers you would help? If you are already priced out of Davidson county is less than 200 a month take home going to help? Not to mention if you put it back into the pool, some teachers would get more and some would get less, I would think based on seniority.
  4. PaulChinetti

    Soccer in Nashville

    They are just trying to find anything to stop it really. Construction continues though.
  5. PaulChinetti

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread Interesting data from Portland on their scooter usage. I wonder if Nashville will do anything with all the data they are supposed to be getting.
  6. PaulChinetti

    Soccer in Nashville

    From what I understand I don't think there will be much change if any. It will be like Atlanta United is/does. Nashville SC will be the MLS team and Nashville SC 2 will be the USL team.
  7. "The agreements include the city reimbursing the developers $15.2 million out of $79.5 million they intend to spend on infrastructure work." I think all the headlines keep leaving the second number out. Doesn't sound too bad when you see them together.
  8. Good lord, hopefully someone just placed that there. If not that had to have HURT.
  9. That about fills that little triangle of land out with new development.
  10. PaulChinetti

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread Interesting little read. Definitely talks more about denser areas. But could easily describe suburbs built with no sidewalks or ways for the residents to interact.
  11. Oh yeah there are ways around it. None of them are really desirable and/or known to people who don't make the trip often.
  12. Something is going to have to be done. The easiest to me seems to be a bridge but who knows? Making 2nd two ways could be an option I supposed but there, you would have to redo the bridge there because it's narrow and it's not a proper intersection.
  13. Ha, sorry, blue would be 4th, green is Hart/Houston, the grey is the railroad bridge. So I guess you'd have to make one longer bridge from the edge of 4th/Bento Box all the way over to around where Houston/Hart connect.
  14. I've always thought more along the lines of sinking 4th and the surrounding roads under the tracks. Maybe you would lose the connection of Humphreys street but gain a cross neighborhood connection. It would be quite the span of bridge but that would be cheaper I would think that raising lots of rail lines. I think there would be lots of retaining wails for sure. 4th does rise up a fair amount pretty quickly to cross the tracks, but then on the other side of the tracks the hill does keep going up. So I don't know. Something is going to end up changing just not sure what it will be.
  15. I've heard there is a push from local business folks to get Hart and Houston street reconnected, most likely under a railroad bridge with would replace the crossing on 4th. I'm not sure the likelihood of that but with all the growth in the area and the coming development at the Fairgrounds and what I'm sure will be even more growth around the area following that, something will have to be done.