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  1. Regardless of overlay can’t you go in and still request a variance?
  2. They always label it as some vast conspiracy theory. You just missed the meetings or didn't go because they are beyond mundane and take forever. Nobody is out to get you, you live within a half mile of a super busy and booming downtown. Why do people think they got theirs, so nobody else can have it, that mindset irritates me so much.
  3. If they close any of those lanes, I will just set up a daily email to all council members complaining. That would be beyond a cluster, woof.
  4. The farm over on TSU's campus to Acme on Broadway 5.9 miles, 4 miles if you stay off the interstate. The Nashville SC stadium to Acme on Broadway is 3.2 miles. It didn't seem that much farther, but it's not much of a straight shot and there isn't an ideal way to get over there. I think most of that land is in the flood plain too, while not a big deal, but I would think would add a huge cost to the construction. At this point, the pie in the sky idea would be to convince Icahn to become a majority owner, build it on PSC, and work out something with the city/state to get pro
  5. yeah I think those places will for sure do parking or let different groups do the same. I imagine a lot of people will also be ride sharing, so that needs to be sorted, where and how it will be done so it doesn't cause a traffic jam. I've always thought sidewalks improvements were on the table but it's hard to tell with Covid what has happened to initial plans ya know.
  6. There will have to be some serious work done to the infrastructure around the stadium to get people in and out and I worry that it's not being done at all. The only road work that seems to be ongoing is the bridge connecting Wedgewood to Craighead. Hopefully the team understands what is coming and are preparing for it. I could see them (HOPEFULLY) doing some smaller, welcome to the stadium parties/concerts before the season starts to start working out flow and all of that. I wasn't able to go to the Titans game this weekend but from what I heard the concessions where even mor
  7. I mean, none of these seem to be vehicles, so are we saying that Broadway needs to be regulated more and not the vehicles? Are bars getting cited when their drunken customers are fighting? Is the city going after vehicles because that’s what was in the news?
  8. Just treat them like bars. Have to have a bartender and if someone is over served, they have the same penalty as a bar.
  9. That was the first thing I thought when I read that part. Like a few public ones with videos, versus cops dealing with people on the sidewalks every single weekend. What % of "incidents" are we talking about here.
  10. A couple favorites in my neighborhood. Removed a sidewalk that was already there and put this. And the ever safe crossing over the railroad tracks. Where everything ends.
  11. I was thinking that the other day @andywildmanI could see the state stepping in as some of the roads that these are operating on are state roads, and saying nope this is our domain and we aren't doing a thing. They also love meddling in city business so it's a good possibility!
  12. As in they work and live there, woof, hopefully not. I'm not sure a big empty metal distribution center has quite the same staying power compared to a big ole brick building. They seem way easier to tear down and replace.
  13. So they are just going to be parked everywhere then? "in operation" Fine the operators with unruly and overly drunk passengers, don't punish everyone for the lowest common denominator, silly.
  14. They added that additional office space on the corner a few years back. So they seem like they are fine with making changes.
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