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  1. I never realized that, that part of the street wasn't 2nd Ave S right there.
  2. I've lost track of that bill that O'Connell and Sledge put forward to change the pricing and length of time that sidewalks and roads could be blocked. Not sure if it ever was voted on and passed?
  3. All these great explanations and diagrams make me realize I have no idea about the roads around the airport.
  4. For the life of me I do not understand the point of this, can someone enlighten me??
  5. Maybe they are keeping it to make themselves standout? I wonder if there is brick under that facade, haha.
  6. No I agree with you on that. I'm saying IF it was to be done, I'd prefer it underground. I don't hate all parking it has it's place. I would like it to be done smarter and in collaboration across multiple projects. Not the 4 levels of parking for 3 levels of residences.
  7. It's right across the street from the tallest building on the road. Hopefully with the new parking requirements (or lack there of) they can make something work. Need more underground parking along that street.
  8. Single story!? How does something without at least 2 floors of residences get approved along that section of 12 South?
  9. I don’t want more parking at all. I’d prefer less for every project.
  10. Why in the world you not do less parking if you removed two floors (which in itself is ridiculous)!?
  11. Hmm the info I see doesn’t say how much parking. Is it egregious or something?
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