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  1. SO it's going to be in the Baker building? How will it have it's entrance on 4th Ave N? Or just a copy/paste error, I can't see the article.
  2. That is some dystopian car hell stuff right there. 2065, You are stuck on the 7th deck overpass overlooking the park, wishing you could lay in the grass and enjoy the sun. That whole intersection is just bad, such massively wasted space.
  3. I think there are plenty of very wide roadways in our cities that we could on grade or even elevated light rail on. Nolensville and 8th come to mind. Right down the turning lane, elevate it and where ever a stop is, increase zoning to high density mixed commercial/residential within a 10 minute walk.
  4. I was thinking the same thing this summer driving to Fall Creek Falls, It's a gigantic road through the middle of nowhere. The upkeep on those roads has to be massive out in the middle of nowhere.
  5. I think I've seen this a lot in Texas right? I swear I read an article about these recently. They seem so wildly unnecessary. They still have stop lights on top, it's like a stacked interstate, lord I hate this.
  6. What in the world, I missed that, what the crap would that even look like?! That is some straight backwards thinking. Put a raised light rail line down the center lane from Harding all the way to downtown and THAT would make way more sense and be a better use of money.
  7. "Choice Lanes" just call them toll roads. Admittedly I skimmed. But I didn't see any mention of public transportation, just more roads and more lanes.
  8. We are pretty bad as a city at addressing and using the river. This could change that for sure.
  9. Based on attendance numbers, and how they've been declining I wonder how big they would want to build the stadium? Seems like smaller with many options would be better.
  10. Big ole chunk of land that looks like it's main feature is a goat & cattle farm.
  11. https://www.nashville.gov/departments/police/get-involved/become-police-officer/pay-scale-and-benefits They get paid crap and are expected to be a cop, a psychiatrist, social worker, etc, etc, etc. Always thought this was a simple explanation.
  12. Employers will need to start paying for parking. My last job downtown did that. What do these residential parking permits cover and who is going to need them?
  13. I thought it got bumped back to committee, because they were adding some crap about parking in residential areas? *admittedly I was following along via people live tweeting the meeting.
  14. I don't get all the hate this is getting. It's has a historic overlay, concerts are still happening, and AJ Capital has a pretty solid track record. Is it because it's "corporate" now?
  15. There's a loop around the entire hill. It has seen better days, I know this summer a wall up top collapsed, I haven't noticed if it's been fixed yet.
  16. Has Pinnacle. But no 505. Early 2010s? Nashville from the North just looks so old.
  17. Let's meet on the Titan's terrace and have lunch. I like it. Definitely the more you hear about it, the flexibility of the place seems to be a major selling point. I have to imagine that's one of the reasons why Cooper is such a fan.
  18. There is a guy handing out flyers against the new music venue on Chestnut Street and he’s doesn’t even care he’s just paid to hand out flyers! Who is even against this arena???
  19. Pretty building. When all of it's trees get big it'll nestled right in there.
  20. I get they are trying to go fast but why in the world would you not just go ahead and make the pedestrian connections to the lower streets now? Smaller sidewalks? No bike lanes? Come on we are better than this!
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