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  1. I have a friend that works for them, and as soon as they opened that downtown office, they were already bursting at the seams. I imagine they will just keep snapping up space where and when they can. Worldwide they have 275,000! I knew they were big but damn. A quick search didn't show me how many are in Nashville though.
  2. Be seated while in motion? What is even the point then? Also what? Has anyone on the council ever been on one of these things???
  3. They really did, they were a free Nashville commercial the entire game it was awesome. I also love when we play at home and I can't make the game, I always hear us score before I see it, pretty great.
  4. CSX is a constant problem in South Nashville. Nobody seems to want to do anything about it, or cares to… As the area continues to get built up with larger and larger projects maybe the city/state will start to care.
  5. This is a constant struggle for them, not to mention wildly not safe. Colby Sledge has been working on it for as long as I can remember.
  6. What is this thing? What an odd roof.
  7. There have been fights in stadiums since the dawn of time. This is nothing new. At all.
  8. Read the comments on the Tennesseean to see how much people care. This is going to take a miracle to pass. It would be nice to see some investment though.
  9. Is that big flat windowless facade because more than likely something will get built right next to it? Like what Cambria looked like when it was built.
  10. A monorail from the airport to downtown would be so popular and also amazing. Raise it up and right down the middle of the interstate. Elevated would be so cool looking.
  11. Yeah that's for drones and such. Ha, trying to look for what the limit would be and found a thread on here from 2013. https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/116033-faa-height-restrictions/
  12. I thought the whole FAA thing was more of a suggestion than a rule. If a plane plane is that low over downtown, surely there are larger problems with it than worrying about one tall building, no?
  13. I've always heard of all of these plans to use the CSX rails, are those rails even in places where people live and want to go? Like if you could hand wave away all cargo traffic and make it commuter rails, would those rails actually be in good places for stations and such??
  14. That's fair. I have also noticed that after everything opened back up from the initial wave of Covid people have gone nuts when going out. Like inhibitions to the wind, party like the world is ending.
  15. Your family goes to the street with the highest concentration of bars in the city and they don't expect it to be wild?
  16. https://www.nashvillescene.com/music/nashvillecream/cannery-row-venues-to-relocate/article_1ca217a2-21e6-11ec-b560-abe33e0cae16.html Noooooooo. Like the article says, that is going to be a hard one to replicate. This one hurts, hopefully they can find a new place and start replicating the magic somehow. Another place that I thought for sure owned their building but alas did not.
  17. Continuous Sidewalks. These are excellent. "It feels like the people walking are in control, and the drivers are a guest in their environment."
  18. Fill all that space up around the tracks in the gulch!
  19. Regardless of overlay can’t you go in and still request a variance?
  20. They always label it as some vast conspiracy theory. You just missed the meetings or didn't go because they are beyond mundane and take forever. Nobody is out to get you, you live within a half mile of a super busy and booming downtown. Why do people think they got theirs, so nobody else can have it, that mindset irritates me so much.
  21. If they close any of those lanes, I will just set up a daily email to all council members complaining. That would be beyond a cluster, woof.
  22. The farm over on TSU's campus to Acme on Broadway 5.9 miles, 4 miles if you stay off the interstate. The Nashville SC stadium to Acme on Broadway is 3.2 miles. It didn't seem that much farther, but it's not much of a straight shot and there isn't an ideal way to get over there. I think most of that land is in the flood plain too, while not a big deal, but I would think would add a huge cost to the construction. At this point, the pie in the sky idea would be to convince Icahn to become a majority owner, build it on PSC, and work out something with the city/state to get pro
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