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  1. I don't mind the aesthetic it's a style, styles come and go. Hell I live in one. I like the look of these 2 but just no porch to speak of. Compared to these two with porches on sidewalk level. Both tall skinnies, just different relationships with the sidewalk and road.
  2. I think I commented this somewhere else but I can’t remember. So… I finally figured out my problem with some tall skinnies. It’s that most of them have no connection to the street. They have a little square patio in front of the door and that’s it. Nowhere for the residents to sit and interact with their neighbors or neighborhood. Our house has a porch and we sit out there all the time and talk with everyone walking by and it connects you to the people on your street and who use your street. Get off my lawn rant over, other than that I like them, haha. — !MANDATE PORCHES! —
  3. Reminds me of the old videos you see of all the pedestrians and horse drawn carriages intermingling and everyone is getting along and pay attention. Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO_1AdYRGW8
  4. I think a train/monorail/light rail from the airport to say the convention center or even to somewhere around the titans stadium would be a monumental hit. The convention center, airport, and Titans could fund it and any other businesses that wanted it, I imagine hotels would love it too. Talk about density right were that ended, it would be all skyscrapers and then from there it could continue wherever.
  5. I definitely fall on anything mass transit or personal transit related. Adding more lanes/roads or anything downtown isn't the answer in my eyes. I'd love to see more road diets actually, making everything more pedestrian friendly, including walking, biking, and scooting, lanes. For now that would also include loading/unloading areas for ride share. All in all trying to remove cars from the equation as much as possible.
  6. The Hart Nashville is also opening soon. The corners of 3rd Ave S and Hart St. I believe they are in soft open phase! https://instagram.com/thehartnashville?utm_medium=copy_link https://thehartrestaurant.com/
  7. Ahead of schedule and naming rights. I don't know if those 2 things would be fireworks worthy would they?
  8. Nice, I know they've been flying on it. I hope the ahead of schedule means all the infrastructure around the stadium too. I also doubly hope they do some cold opening events before they just jump right into the season, to figure out the flow around the stadium, where ride share drop off is going to be, where paid parking is going to be, how people in cars will queue up and about a billion other things that happen during a game day. Just thinking of things, stream of conscience.
  9. I always figured Trevecca would buy that and use it for student housing.
  10. Nashville looking quite good today.
  11. Oh yeah me either. I am a human and enjoy reading your human words. All while living in the human city of Nashville!
  12. Is anyone else getting this all the time when they access the site on mobile?
  13. Whoa, what is with that HVAC setup? There are also a lot of smaller units on the roof of the shorter building too.
  14. Isn’t this going to be a Wedgwood and not Walsh?
  15. It faces the commercial building mostly. I wonder if they will have it on all the time or not? It’s pretty bright to just have on all the time.
  16. The guitar at the Nashville Warehouse Company was on last night!
  17. Chestnut Hill. 4th Ave is usually thought of as the divider line. oh sorry someone replied
  18. I have a friend that works for them, and as soon as they opened that downtown office, they were already bursting at the seams. I imagine they will just keep snapping up space where and when they can. Worldwide they have 275,000! I knew they were big but damn. A quick search didn't show me how many are in Nashville though.
  19. Be seated while in motion? What is even the point then? Also what? Has anyone on the council ever been on one of these things???
  20. They really did, they were a free Nashville commercial the entire game it was awesome. I also love when we play at home and I can't make the game, I always hear us score before I see it, pretty great.
  21. CSX is a constant problem in South Nashville. Nobody seems to want to do anything about it, or cares to… As the area continues to get built up with larger and larger projects maybe the city/state will start to care.
  22. This is a constant struggle for them, not to mention wildly not safe. Colby Sledge has been working on it for as long as I can remember.
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