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  1. 2 hours ago, Nash_12South said:

    I get the dislike of tall and skinnies, especially when they don't fit the existing massing of houses in old neighborhoods. But I have changed my original dismissive attitude about them. It occurred to me several years ago, while I stared at a new one in 12South, I lived for nearly 11 years in a tall and skinny in Bellevue. It was a condo. It was 22' wide and attached to 5 others. Other than a lot of stairs (it had five levels) it wasn't bad. I didn't find a lot higher percentage of friendly neighbors in 12South than I had in Bellevue. Every house on my block has a porch and not too many ever use them. Again, I totally get the dislike of tall and not too wide houses.

    I don't mind the aesthetic it's a style, styles come and go. Hell I live in one. 

    I like the look of these 2 but just no porch to speak of. Compared to these two with porches on sidewalk level. 

    Both tall skinnies, just different relationships with the sidewalk and road.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 10.55.04 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 10.55.44 AM.png

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  2. 50 minutes ago, markhollin said:

    Greystone Road Townhomes (3 stories, 8 units)Greystone Townhomes, Nov 25, 2021.jpeg

    I think I commented this somewhere else but I can’t remember. So…

    I finally figured out my problem with some tall skinnies. It’s that most of them have no connection to the street. They have a little square patio in front of the door and that’s it. Nowhere for the residents to sit and interact with their neighbors or neighborhood.

    Our house has a porch and we sit out there all the time and talk with everyone walking by and it connects you to the people on your street and who use your street. 

    Get off my lawn rant over, other than that I like them, haha. 


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  3. 21 minutes ago, Nathan_in_DC said:

    In London, in some of the busier pedestrian neighborhoods, they have started doing some traffic integration measures instead of just traffic calming. I believe it's in Kensington where they have completely removed curbs and only placed minimal street markings on a few roads...and vehicle/pedestrian incidents have gone down drastically. Drivers are forced to pay attention to what's around them, because there are pedestrians and cyclists sharing the street. And likewise, pedestrians are forced to pay attention to what's happening around them as well. People tend to walk where sidewalks once were, and cars stick to the marked driving area, but the separation isn't a hard curb (kerb, I guess in this situation), rather it's planters, bike racks, street lights, and other interspersed physical barriers. 

    Reminds me of the old videos you see of all the pedestrians and horse drawn carriages intermingling and everyone is getting along and pay attention.

    Here it is


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  4. I think a train/monorail/light rail from the airport to say the convention center or even to somewhere around the titans stadium  would be a monumental hit. 

    The convention center, airport, and Titans could fund it and any other businesses that wanted it, I imagine hotels would love it too. 


    Talk about density right were that ended, it would be all skyscrapers and then from there it could continue wherever. 

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  5. 17 minutes ago, BnaBreaker said:

    Would that neighborhood be considered WeHo?  And if not, what is it?  It has always seemed to me like it has the potential to be the next Germantown, which is to say, an older more traditionally urban neighborhood that can offer a mixture of the old and new.  

    Chestnut Hill. 4th Ave is usually thought of as the divider line. 

    oh sorry someone replied 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Bos2Nash said:

    Additional information from the article....

    • Provisions include operators must provide a seat for every passenger and passengers would be required to be seated when the vehicle is in motion.

    Be seated while in motion? What is even the point then? Also what?

    Has anyone on the council ever been on one of these things???

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