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  1. Pretty cool. Also, wowza, big intersections like that are so much wasted space.
  2. Yeah I am confused why this was rejected? Because there was too much difference in the grading between the north and south side of the building?
  3. Looking like the start of the new Wedgewood Ave connection.
  4. An interesting thought I just had, I wonder what it cost to build that today, versus what it cost to build it when it was built.
  5. Yeah there is not accounting for style, some of the tall skinnies I love, some are horrendous. I can't say that WeHo or Chestnut Hill have much of an overall style though. Maybe 25, 50, 100 years ago they did, I think the interstate and various other projects really took care of that though. The few old houses that remain a pretty nice, but to base an entire neighborhood overlay on them would be pretty tough I think. This old beauty is on 2nd Ave S right down from Chestnut St. and a block from the above picture. I mean if all tall skinnies looked like this, the stigma they have would be non-existent, haha. Versus directly across the street.
  6. Here are two houses that are used in the actual overlay document as I think a bad example but can't find the doc currently). Character/style/size etc. What do you do? Developers aren't going to make to small 1-2 bedroom cottages that are in the 1000-1500 square foot range because they can build much larger houses and sell them for way more. Should a house like the size on the right be kept because of history even though it's so close to the core? Should the house on the left be the new norm because it's what people want? It's only one house so are you increasing density? Well sure because it's been an empty lot since at least 2007. I don't really have a point, I just live in this neighborhood and definitely don't have the answers, but I'm sure like people have said you have to find the happy middle ground.
  7. They rip it up when done? Why not just leave it?
  8. I'm sure developers can still apply for variances though right? It's not like Nashville is big on rejecting many things developers ask for.
  9. I imagine they will install a flood wall or something like downtown was going to do but quickly forgot about after the last flood. Which then will make the flooding worse everywhere else.
  10. From Brandsford back to Nolensville it’s bounded by the Fairgrounds on the left and Coke’s super tall rail tracks on the right. Something has to be done. Game days that is gonna be one busy road!
  11. I was driving on Craighead yesterday and that road has negative sidewalks, I haven't seen any plans for it, it'll be interesting what they do to activate that street and make it more pedestrian friendly.
  12. Is that 805 Lea between Batman and Pinnacle? That building is either tall and looming or short and squat depending which side you look at it from haha.
  13. I was down there this weekend, I was impressed with the amount of bollards they had installed already. I was also overwhelmed by the amount of people down there, wowza, sitting in your house for a year really opens your eyes to how busy it gets down there.
  14. Probably a lot more mixed use, store/shop/etc on the ground floor, live up top.
  15. Nashville. One thing that I notice in these too is the density that we lost as the years progressed. In the older images it seems like there are building everywhere!
  16. Good lord those interstates destroyed half the city!
  17. https://twitter.com/jbouie/status/1397542517755846661 I like this. People live here!
  18. Speaking of things in that parking lot. Looks like Clawson's Pub & Deli didn't get their lease renewed which sucks! https://www.instagram.com/p/CPV_JgTB2C_/
  19. https://twitter.com/NashvilleSC/status/139700725866440704 pretty awesome!
  20. That is interesting, the finishes could make or break this one.
  21. Just thinking about my property, pushing it back 18 feet would be where I would want to actually build something like that haha. I'm not trying to lose my entire backyard.
  22. The 18 foot set back unless you make a garage kinda defeats the purpose to me. So you have to build a garage that you might not even want just so you can put a single room above it?
  23. , not that I think they would have it.
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