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  1. Once again, we see that Shreveport is the laughing stock of the state. Two much smaller metro areas recently saw the start-up of Uber in their areas: Texarkana AR/TX and Monroe-West Monroe. Shreveport has just under 200,000 people. Even Bossier City on its own is larger than Texarkana and Monroe. The Shreveport-Bossier metro area has over 400,000 people. Yet here we are in Shreveport-Bossier with no ride-sharing companies operating here. What a joke we've become. I hate to say it, but things like this, which may seem really small to some people - but aren't to me - make me wish I lived almost anywhere else but here. Local taxi companies think it will cut into their business. I don't know about anyone else here, but while I would consider an Uber ride, I never have and hopefully never will ride in any of the nasty things they call taxis here. That's not lost taxi business because of Uber, it's lost taxi business because I've seen our local taxis and... no thank you!
  2. Citymarket Place

    Concept image for imaginary project
  3. Shreveport-Bossier City Photo of the Day

    Okay, here's something I've been working on. It's a "W" hotel on the Shreveport riverfront between the aquarium and the bridge. In reality, this will never happen... but in my mind, it's as good as done! Mixing AutoCAD and Photoshop, this is what I came up with:
  4. FYI the mayor did respond to my email yesterday morning and seemed very happy and thankful for my email to her. She is facing some major challenges in her term as mayor, and she knows it. She spoke to me candidly, off the record, and shared some information that I won't repeat but tells me of greater challenges that she faces on a daily basis involving Shreveport politics. I believe what she says to be true, and I know politics in Shreveport are backward. She just confirmed that for me in her email, and I would not want to be in her position. Years ago, after I first got married, I lived in Shreveport and I wanted to be the youngest mayor of Shreveport ever. I wanted to run for, and win, that position and run that city how I believed at the time it should be run. But I was a kid in my early-mid 20s and I was clearly very naive. I didn't realize that the career politicians, and people (men AND women) who have money and too much power, are actually the ones who run things in that city, just like in our national government. I do hope Shreveport gets its act together before it kills another positive project of this magnitude, IF another ever comes our way. If the city is seen as anti-outsider, it will never happen again. A large firm from Birmingham, unfortunately, just got a taste of what Shreveport politics are like, and so did Tom Benson. That's not a good image to portray to people who could help the city grow. Just my 2 cents!!
  5. Louisiana | Photo of the Day

    Here's something I just threw together for us all. I tried to use the most flattering photos I could find of each city; I hope I didn't disappoint with any of them.
  6. Hey, it can't hurt for them to hear from the pro-arena/development crowd! That's what made me write to Mayor Tyler. Man, this thing was impressively designed, too...
  7. Here's the text of an email I sent to Mayor Tyler this morning:
  8. People in Shreveport just don't get it. This was literally our chance to change some things. First, it would change the face of a really blighted, unused portion of our downtown, adding to the convention center area, and creating a village. The renderings, albeit very early renderings, were extremely impressive. I know most of those were taken off similar projects around the country, but they did create some renderings specifically for that project and they blew my mind. I wish we could salvage this project. Maybe Corporate Realty out of Birmingham could pony up an additional $30 million for the arena. I mean, it would help them and then they would own it and could market it how they see fit. But I suppose only time will tell, however I'm very afraid that this might be the end of the road. And you're right about something else... you can NOT sit around and fight crime and fix streets all the while not TRYING to lure business to your city. Are they kidding? New Orleans is a PRIME example in this state. Crappy roads and FAR, FAR higher crime than Shreveport that even spills over into their biggest tourist attractions from time to time. But people still like what they have to offer and they still go there! What is so different about Shreveport? Absolutely nothing with the exception that we still need to build things for people to come see. And yes, people will travel from Lafayette and even some will travel from New Orleans, to see the minor league Pel's games. I promise you that. But they may not get the chance now... Pensacola is closer to New Orleans than we are (which I only recently learned) and if something doesn't get changed really fast, they will be home to the Pelicans G-league team. The aquarium is a great start. To have a re-done Sci-Port and an aquarium right across from one another, and two casinos within very easy walking distance, and (potentially) a mixed-use development with an arena to watch some NBA minor league basketball within a very short drive. That would be an excellent opportunity for the trolley service that runs during special occasions. I could see them making that drive, between the riverfront and the Cross Bayou area, a regular run for a trolley service, if everything worked out that way. And apparently people in Shreveport don't understand brownfields and such, where you can get grants to clean up contaminated sites. This being because everyone is now saying (their new argument) that the site is contaminated due to General Scrap being located there currently. Here's a definition for ya, Shreveporters, if any of you happen to find your way over here to UP (below). Brownfields are cleaned up all the time to make way for new developments. Some don't realize that where Margaritaville's impressive hotel sits, used to be a landfill. Now look at it. That's just one good, local example of what CAN be done. Sorry for this long post. lol I get carried away at times, especially when I'm passionate about what it is I'm talking about. Listen, we don't have all the answers, but those opposed to the project believe they do. I'm just a guy who is passionate about my hometown (even though I'm from Bossier, it's all one city to me most of the time anyway) and want to see it succeed! Who wants to be further embarrassed by watching their hometown fail again and again and again!? Not this guy. brown·field /ˈbrounˌfēld/ adjective 1. (of an urban site for potential building development) having had previous development on it. noun 1. a former industrial or commercial site where future use is affected by real or perceived environmental contamination.
  9. Well, it looks like Shreveport screwed up another potentially positive thing for the city in the $150+ million sports and mixed-use project. I know a lot of people were against it, citing bad roads and crime as their reason for being opposed, knowing full well that $30 million is not going to fix the crime rate. Anyone who thinks otherwise is extremely naïve. This was to come from bond money, which the city would pay back over a number of years. This wasn’t $30 million out of the city’s budget, this was money the city didn’t even have yet. But people in Shreveport can be very, very ignorant. The other thing I noted from the article in The Times is that 25 people spoke IN FAVOR of the project and only 14 spoke AGAINST it. Now, that doesn’t sound to me like the city was listening to the people, if the people who were against it were that much in the minority at the meeting. It sounds like they listened to the minority of the people at the meeting rather than the majority. It was nice knowing you, Shreveport, but you’re letting the small town mentality take you down. As if you couldn’t tell, I was in favor of this project; and as a person who hates basketball, I still would have attended games just to help it succeed. Hopefully Mayor Tyler can come up with another way to make this happen. If not, the team will have to go to Pensacola, I suppose. And Shreveport misses out on an opportunity to develop the Cross Bayou area of downtown with a partner willing to put up over $100 million of their own money.
  10. Shreveport-Bossier City Photo of the Day

    Here is my image. It's the latest building I've designed... another mixed-use concept. Higher end downtown or uptown apartments with a Walmart Neighborhood Market, Subway, Chipotle and a nail salon since those seem to exist in every shopping center ever built.
  11. Shreveport-Bossier City Photo of the Day

    Sorry for the last 2 posts, I messed up.