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  1. I like it, Richy! I think it's a cool, modern building.
  2. Just stopping in, hoped to see some new Louisiana photos. If anyone has any, post 'em up! I can't since I don't live there anymore but I'm feeling a little homesick.
  3. DMRyan, thanks for posting this stuff! I love Des Moines and seeing new things being built, especially in the downtown area. But the repurposing of older buildings gets an A+ from me, as I hate to see old buildings crumble as I saw so often back in my hometown! Is the Bridge District the area of the East Village by the pagoda on the riverfront? I love that area.
  4. I live about 700 miles away now so I'm out of the loop. I'd love to see people posting on any new developments here. Anyone still around here??
  5. Just thought I'd add this thread for Des Moines metro developments. As time allows, I'll try to add things to this thread. Please, add if you have anything. For now, I just wanted to create the thread to get it started. I currently reside in Ames, having moved here from Louisiana last year, and am moving to the Des Moines area within the next year.
  6. Thanks for making this post! I was instrumental in getting the Iowa subforum added because there wasn't one and I recently moved to Iowa from Louisiana, where I used to be the most active poster in my city's subforum. I've since gotten away from here, but I just thought about it and decided to pop in and see if anything had been posted here. Sioux City is one area of Iowa that I've yet to make it to but this is impressive. I didn't know they had a Hard Rock Casino there! And the art center is very cool looking.
  7. I love it! Great shot of New Orleans.
  8. This is a work in progress, but here is my rough draft. I still have a lot to add to make this rendering complete. This is a fantasy piece, just something I designed that I'd love to see on our skyline.
  9. Shreveport from Bossier City around sunset.
  10. One of my favorite views of the SBC area from I-20 looking toward Shreveport... and a shot of the new East Bank District in downtown Bossier. Sorry for the crappy photos, I had to take them really quickly.
  11. If we ever get a Dave & Buster's, here's a design I came up with...
  12. Catfish


  13. Catfish


    From the album: 1

  14. And here's an aloft hotel I designed and placed on a couple of empty downtown lots not far from the convention center and a block from Larry Flynt's club.
  15. Another image of it... this time placed into an image of downtown Shreveport... I think it would look good on Commerce Street by the riverfront.
  16. Richy, I've since made some changes to my mixed-use building concept... here's the latest design. I even gave it a name and made a logo for it.
  17. Thanks Richy. Uptown in Shreveport is a small area south of the South Highlands area, just a couple miles down Line Avenue from downtown. There's a small, old indoor mall there called Pierremont Mall, and across the street is a shopping area called Uptown Center. I'd like to see something like that either downtown or uptown. Would be nice!
  18. Another of my creations. This hotel would be located right behind the Hilton at the convention center, with views of downtown and Cross Bayou.
  19. Concept image for imaginary project
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