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  1. I was there last night at the convention center and to echo what went on for the duration of the meeting. It went off with a great speech by the CEO of ESG, and the police chief making a small lecture. When the floor opened up to anyone speaking or making a comment. All of the people trying to make a comment or speech was above the age of 70 and their only concern was the Veterans Memorial and to keep the sanctity of it. There must have been 5-6 presenters all echoing the same part of the memorial. I'm a Veteran myself and I'm all in favor in keeping the memorial and preserving it. I didn't want to hear the same people asking the same thing over and over again. I just got up and left. Again it went well without the people from Westminster speaking.
  2. Here is a live construction webcam for TopGolf Va Beach. It's updated every min on a daily basis. You can also view other webcams of other Top Golf's across the country. You can view some of their completed projects. It's pretty cool ! http://www.workzonecam.com/projects/arcomurray/topgolfvabeach/vabeach
  3. The Peterson group is on a 6 month extension that was voted on back in November of 2014. Financing wasn't the issue. Look at the National Harbor which is a 2 billion development.
  4. I think RVA is going to be the winner for this fight. There are too many legislative roadblocks over in Columbus with the amount of the alcohol that is capped for brewing. I think the finalists have always been RVA & Norfolk. I agree with you completely if do they settle in RVA that they can at least open a satellite brewery over in Norfolk.
  5. Does anyone know what's going in on the ground floor in the former's Guad's space and 1st floor parking garage by DICK's sporting goods???
  6. Love the concept drawings of the homes that are proposed by the Cavalier. It will be a mini East Beach @ the North End !
  7. Since majority of the retail portion is in place for TC. I heard a high end restaurant specializing in Spanish cuisine is suppose be opening right by West Elm ! Has anyone else heard any possible names ?
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